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Conversations with Katrina Kraven

Katrina Kraven was introduced to the porn public simultaneously with the debut of Kylie Ireland’s show on KSEX.

Several weeks later we caught up with Kraven during an Evolutionerotica shoot. She’s repped by

Gene: Kylie Ireland’s always saying nice things about you. Are you a protege of hers?

KK: I stayed at her place for awhile in L.A. before I got my own place. She’s been very helpful in getting me started. I’ve been working in the business about seven months, now. It’s always an experience. It’s been pretty exciting.

Gene: Seven months in, who have you enjoyed working with.

KK: I love Benjamin Bratt who I’m working with today. I love Holly Hollywood.

Gene: She is a sweetheart.

KK: Not only that, she’s so into it and not many girls you find are. And she’s really cool. I love her. There’s nobody I really dislike. The majority I enjoy.

Gene: So what is it about certain guys. You mentioned Ben Bratt. What’s about him that you like?

KK: Honestly, it’s the chemistry between two people. If two people are there mentally. It’s just like in regular life.

Gene: I remember one girl telling me years ago in an interview that this one guy made her laugh a lot and it opened up her sphincter.

KK: That’s perfect. If you’re comfortable with the person and being naked and having sex with them, it’s a lot easier.

Gene: How do you like the business so far.

KK: When I first started I was so excited. I loved it. My first scene I was like, yeah, this is it for me. And I still like it, but it’s, ah…

Gene: A job.

KK: It’s definitely a job but it’s still enjoyable. Some days are on and you love it. Like any other job.

Gene: How did you get your start in the business.

KK: I was working at the Hustler store in San Diego. I applied and eventually became the manager there after a couple of months. Kylie Ireland’s ex husband, Nick, introduced me to her and it had the domino effect. I just kind of took it from there.

Gene: A lot of girls in the business got their start working in an adult store.

KK: It makes sense.

Gene: Were you always a porn fan?

KK: Yeah, I’ve watched porn forever. Definitely.

Gene: Develop any fan favorites?

KK: I’ve always like Belladonna. She doesn’t look like everybody else. She doesn’t do a scene like everybody else…

Gene: I notice you’ve got a tattoo or two.

KK: A couple, yeah.

Gene: So what’s the story behind all of that stuff.

KK: The most interesting thing is, there’s really no story.

Gene: Nothing to the extent that you were a former biker girl or anything like that?

KK: No, nothing like that. It was just some artwork that I liked and I had it done.

Gene: Maybe it’s just me, but have you been told that you bear a resemblance to Vandalia, particularly with the tattoos and the black hair.

KK: No, I’ve never even heard of her. Now I’ve been told that I resemble Belladonna. Ironically, enough. But I’d like to see a picture of her [Vandalia].

Gene: What kind of kid were you like growing up.

KK: I was bad! Just rebellious. Pretty mischievous. But I was pretty good in school.

Gene: Did you have career objectives that porn got in the way of?

KK: I’ve been to college. I’ve had four different majors. Halfway through I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

Gene: Give me some of them. Maybe I majored in them, too.

KK: I started with an English major.

Gene: That’s the one I finished with. Now asking me what I’m doing with it.

KK: Interviewing porn people. LOL And I’ve done interior design, Liberal Arts and human services.

Gene: Please define that one. Is it like Human Resources.

KK: Yeah, sort of.

Gene: Now a smartass could say, Human Services, you were studying to be a waitress.

KK: Right. No. But you could go into so many different avenues with it- social worker; drug & alcohol, rehabilitation.

Gene: And you just couldn’t settle into one of those.

KK: Yeah. But it was exciting.

Gene: A degree in English could have veered you into writing or teaching. Is that something you might have wanted?

KK: I was always good at that in high school than I got to college. After one year of it I didn’t want to do it anymore.

Gene: When was the first time you lost your virginity.

KK: At 15. He was a virgin, too. He was 17. We just really wanted to do it. He was a boyfriend, but not after that he wasn’t.

Gene: What did he do just take the money and run.

KK: We both did it a couple of times then, thanks, see ya.

Gene: So it satisfied the mutual curiosity.

KK: Yeah.

Gene: What was the first time like?

KK: It was ridiculous. He didn’t know what he was doing. Neither did I. It’s the same ol’ story you hear.

Gene: Set the place. In a car, in a house?

KK: In a house. In his bed. His dad was in the other room.

Gene: Which makes it interesting.

KK: Extra romantic.

Gene: How about sex in unusual places.

KK: I don’t think any more unique that anyone else has had. Never like on a roof top or anything like that.

Gene: Which is the preferred spot of 99 out of a 100 people surveyed. Porn scenarios usually have you doing it on a stairwell or some place similar.

KK: I’m sure there have been times I’ve been on a stairwell and everywhere else.

Gene: Obviously you do anal.

KK: Yes.

Gene: What are your thoughts on that. What was it like the first time you tried it.

KK: It was alright. I was with an ex-boyfriend. I did it for a few times then it becomes kind of second nature.

Gene: What are some of your sexual turn ons.

KK: The way a person smells has to do with my level of excitement.

Gene: So, in other words, if someone smells like the inside of a Russian horse doctor’s valise, that might not do it for you.

KK: Right! And Frenchmen. They need to do a little upkeep. I love them, but…

Gene: Do you have a website.

KK: I don’t have any content on it yet. But I have the name . I’m computer illiterate but I’m doing my best.



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