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Kylie Ireland was a guest on Ginger Lynn’s show Monday night on KSEX. Ginger and Kylie were too busy during the show acting out a mock porno script so we figured to grab Kylie after the show for an interview. It was a pleasure.

Gene: Tell me about which seems to be the thing you’re working on these days.

KI: That’s my main focus. I’ve had my website since 1996. So I was one of the first girls to get it going. It’s been through a lot of changes.

Gene: You actually own your own name.

KI: Of course I do! I went through the whole fiasco in the beginning. Remember Dirty Magazine? They actually owned my name and Nina Hartley’s and Jenna’s and Ron Jeremy’s.

Gene: Gee, wasn’t that Yoram?

KI: LOL. Yes. And Everybody else was, like, we’re going to sue him. I just walked in and said you wanna give me my name back? ‘Okay.’ And so I’ve had it ever since then. My site is my main income, now. It’s my main thing. I still do movies. I do one every two or three months when the right script strikes me. So I’m not retired or anything.

Gene: The impression was kinda out there.

KI: Everybody does that. You disappear for a couple of months in this business and you’ve retired. Then a couple of months later you make a big comeback. I’ve made more comebacks than I’ve never retired to make.

Gene: I think Christy Canyon holds the record for comebacks.

KI: But she actually left, didn’t she?

Gene: Ah, that’s right. You have to leave in order to come back.

KI: You have to declare that you’ve retired which I’ve never done. Everybody just declares it for me.

Gene: Why is that?

KI: I have no idea. Maybe they all want me retired.

Gene: I’ve always thought you were one of the hottest in the business.

KI: Oooooooooooooooh.

Gene: So what are you doing right now with your website. You’re doing scenes for it.

KI: Yeah. I do my own content. I’m putting all these things on my website- this photo album which are pictures from all the conventions. I found a picture from ’95 of me and you and somebody else, standing in your doorway talking. I was like, wow, what ever happened to him. Now I know. You’ve been spending time in the gym. You’re big and buff and ready to kick some ass.

Gene: Adultfyi certainly is.

KI: That’s what I heard that it’s doing really good.

Gene: So what else are you doing?

KI: I’m designing websites now in my spare time. I’m working on Lola’s site which will be We’ll be launching on Halloween and Flick Shagwell’s site is up next.

Gene: You taught yourself all that stuff. You know html.

KI: I kind of forced myself to learn because I’ve had so much trouble with my webmasters. When I came in the business there were suitcase pimps. Now they’re webmasters. They get webmaster-itis and they get lazy. That’s why I’m doing some sites for the girls. They look at my site and go, that’s pretty good. It gives me a little bit of a future because I’m not really sure where I want to go.

Gene: What else do you do on your site?

KI: I hook up with other girls and guys to shoot content. All the really nasty stuff is on there- all the stuff I never did. In the last couple of years I started getting a little nastier on screen. On my site I can go balls-to-the-wall. But I still haven’t done a real d.p., though.

Gene: Never done a d.p.?

KI: Can you believe it? Technically, of course. But I still haven’t done two guys.

Gene: There was this famous scene with you and Bridgette Kerkove.

KI: Yeaaaah! It was an anal-fisting. She did me and I did her at the same time. Which was difficult because we were like on our hands and knees bending back- it was like a pretzel-thing. And it’s never come up in a movie. We shot it for Video Team. And they can’t release it so it’s still floating around out there.

Gene: It’s like the infamous forbidden scene.

KI: Yeah, everybody knows about it but nobody’s ever seen it. Including me. What happened is that we just got carried away and had a good time. We wanted to see if we could do it. So we challenged ourselves.

Gene: Remember how long it took to shoot that?

KI: No, actually. It was like time stood still. When you’re with Bridgette you just kind of get this nasty thing going. Then you start trying to outdo each other. Which is a challenge for me being the girl next door.

Gene: And you’ve never done a d.p.?

KI: That’s something I’m planning to do. And, of course, I’ve never done a gangbang. There’s another thing I desperately need to do. But there’s no bukkakes in my future. Sorry. I’m not just going to sit there. That doesn’t seem like fun to me. If I were getting fucked that would be different. But on my site you’ll see various things- lot of anal, peeing, a lot of bondage.

Gene: What really turns you on?

KI: The last few years I’ve hit my sexual peak so I’ve gotten really adventurous. You name it, I tried it. Sometimes the crazier the better, sometimes not.

Gene: Officially, what was your first anal scene. It’s a clouded issue.

KI: Twist of Fate! You’re not buying that, are you?

Gene: Actually, no.

KI: Alright, here’s the dish. When I first came into the business, I came in through Zack and Sunset Thomas.

Gene: Zack didn’t burn your house down, did he?

KI: Is that what he’s doing?

Gene: Sunset speculated that when Howard Stern interviewed her last week.

KI: Really! Interesting. But I guess he doesn’t hate me. He hasn’t burned my house down-yet. Then, again, he doesn’t know where I live. He was pointing me in the direction to do a thing for Ed Powers. I was hesitant about it. I didn’t want to do it but I was new in the business. Should I do it? Then Ed bankrolled this huge wad of money. I went, hmmm. Okay. So that was technically my first anal. I can’t really say that I had any fun. I don’t really tell a lot of people about that because it’s something I’m not particularly proud of. I wasn’t ready to be doing it. Nothing against Ed except that he’s kind of tiny. I told him all this, too. But Twist of Fate is much more interesting and it’s a much better scene.

Gene: Did you do anal in your private life before adult?

KI: Yeah, I played around. I was married and played around with it for quite awhile. When I was in the business for the first couple of years I did it hardly at all. I did the thing with Ed then didn’t do it for, like, five years. Now I just adore it. If I do a scene and they don’t want an anal it’s like, why? What, no anal? What’s the point.

Gene: What were you like growing up.

KI: Kind of a loner. I’m an only child. I read a lot. I was a good student.

Gene: You took journalism.

KI: I always worked for the school newspaper and I followed that into college. I took broadcast journalism. I always figured I’d be probably behind a camera somewhere working for a TV or radio station. Or something like that. Somehow I ended up in front of the camera. Which hasn’t been a bad thing. It’s been fun. In fact I’m going to be doing a thing for VCA next month. I guess you could call it high end gonzo. It’s Kylie Ireland’s Road Trippin’. Basically we’re going on the road with a motor home. It’s not really a fan fucks-thing but we’re going to give some people on the road a chance to give it their shot if they want to try and be in porn. We’re going to take some people with us like Steve Hatcher, Flick Shagwell…we’re going to try around. Our first trip is to Roswell. We’ll hit the Grand Canyon.

Gene: Go to Roswell and visit some flying saucers.

KI: Yeah. I hear there’s a crash site that you can actually walk out to. It’s pretty much deserted. So I think we need to do a sex scene out there. Then we’ll visit the world’s biggest ball of twine. I don’t know. Try to have sex and get into all kinds of trouble wherever we can.

Gene: Then there’s supposed to be a place that features the world’s biggest pile of cans.

KI: LOL. I missed that one!

Gene: Maybe we’ll see that in volume 2.

KI: When we go that way.

Gene: I have to ask the question. With all the Kobe Bryant stuff going on…

KI: You’re the first one to bring it up. You and I have a history.

Gene: Does that ever harken back..

KI: To my little adventure with Michael Jordan? Actually nobody’s ever said anything about it. But that was ten years ago. It was 1993 when that happened and the Sexpose story that came out in ’96? I don’t hear much about it. But I am keeping tabs on the whole Kobe Bryant story. I find it fascinating. I see a few parallels- a little bit but not quite as much. He wasn’t rough with me. But I’m going to keep my opinions out of it.

Gene: You were a willing participant.

KI: I was a very willing participant.

Gene: How was he?

KI: He was good. I think I expected a lot more because he’s Michael Jordan. He’s such a big persona and a huge star. I think I expected something magical. Fireworks going on. He was good. He had a big dick. Good stamina.

Gene: How big was he?

KI: Between nine and ten. I didn’t take a ruler with me. I should have. It was an interesting little story of my life that few people know.

Gene: How was he the whole time?

KI: A gentleman. Fabulous. We had dinner before then we went back to his hotel room. We sat and talked an he’s just a great conversationalist. A snappy dresser. All around a pretty good guy. We had a great time talking and drinking. Then it was like you want to come back? Sure, why not. I popped him into my Honda del Sol which was a challenge. We needed a shoe horn to get him in there. del Sol’s are pretty tiny and away we went. I got us lost in downtown Denver which was pretty interesting. I remember turning to him, going, I’m not just some crazy stripper just trying to steal you away. ‘Where did Michael go? I don’t know, I thought he was with a stripper.’ But this was before I was in the business.

Gene: Any other athletes along the way?

KI: No one. He’s the only famous person I’ve ever done.

Gene: I imagine you must have run into celebrities.

KI: I have. Richard Dreyfuss was one. I met him at a convention. You might remember THAT. [I remember writing about it.] He was really, really nice. I said, hi, I’m Kylie Ireland. I’m one of your biggest fans. He’s like I know who you are. I’m a huge fan of your work. I was thinking, my God, what just went wrong in my life when Richard Dreyfuss is a huge fan of mine.

Gene: It’s not like Mr. Holland showed you his opus.

KI: No. He invited me to this grand opening- I can’t remember- to one of these Hard Rock Cafe type of things. I thought about it. Almost did it then chickened out at the last minute. Figured I didn’t need to get a reputation as a star fucker.

Gene: It can only help.

KI: But I’ve bumped into a few more over the years. I did a table dance for Sting. He walked away in the middle of it. And I did one for Doogie Howser. And I met Joe Theisman at a convention. Didn’t do him, though. Big rings on his hands.

Gene: He’s a particular favorite commentator of mine and Wayne Lewis’. You’re not like a real party person?

KI: No. I never really have been. Since I was married I never really got into a lot of the heavy partying. I’d get a little crazy at conventions now and then. I don’t know what stories are out there. But I remember some wild times with Jenna and Britney Andrews. I think I remember them. Being Irish, I can drink with the best of them. But now I’ve been sober two years and two months.

Gene: You’re own choice or your liver telling you stories.

KI: My own choice. I don’t know if you knew the history. I ended up leaving my husband. I went through a really bad time in my life when I was dating Jonathan Morgan. He’s getting married. In fact I think it was yesterday [being Sunday in the time frame of this interview]. To Nikki Fritz of all people who’s also sober. They got married on a Mexican cruise which is exactly what Jonathan always wanted to do. I think it’s hysterical listening to him talk about it. We talked on the phone the other day because he owes me a great sum of money. Have you ever seen the house he lives in? It’s a very nice house that we bought together. A nice little house up in the West Hills. A great view of the Valley. A fabulous little place. But we’re done bad mouthing each other. But I don’t think I really bad mouthed him.

Gene: I didn’t hear too much about it.

KI: Except, maybe, what was she thinking? Okay, I can admit it. What was she thinking. I left my husband for Jonathan Morgan. It’s kind of weird. But I guess it was a life lesson I was supposed to learn. My husband and I have officially divorced. We actually spent the last weekend together. It would have been our 13th wedding anniversary. We get along great. But we still each other when I go down to San Diego. He’s running the Hustler Hollywood Store down there. He’s been working for my good friend Theresa Flynt who kind of kicked him in the door there.

Gene: It keeps it all in the family.

KI: It really does.

Gene: I’ve got to ask you. What was in the Morgan persona…


Gene: I gots to know. I just can’t figure this out.

KI: I think, honestly, it was just a change. Nick and I were having a lot of troubles, and the troubles we were having had nothing to do with the industry. He was working all the time and I was under a lot of pressure at VCA doing publicity there and being a contract girl and running the website. I just kind of snapped one day. And Jonathan and I were doing a movie- Becoming Wet. And we always had a kind of thing for each other on the set. I knew what made him tick and kind of worked on that. He ended up meeting for lunch a couple of times. It kind of went from there. It’s really bizarre now that I look at it, I go, what was I thinking? I had a brain fart.

Gene: What’s your birth sign?

KI: Gemini.

Gene: That explains it.

KI: LOL. Which one of me. But there was a lot of good things about living with Jonathan. And I got a lot of great Wicked movies. Just kidding. He makes you laugh. And he’s actually a very good director. I will always tell him that. He’s just not a very faithful person. He claims that he’s changed and I hope that that’s true because I like Nikki and I’d hate to see her get her heart broken.

Gene: You wouldn’t care to say how much money he owes you?

KI: Nope! It’s not a lot. It’s a quarter of a lot.

Gene: We’re running a service now where we go out and get peoples’ money.

KI: You guys break knees?

Gene: We break balls on the website.

KI: I’m not worried about it. He’s the type of guy who’s a good provider. As my mom would say. He’s good for paying back debts. I’m pretty sure he’s going to pay it back. Or take his first born child.

Gene: So what happened with Sin City. You were the p.r. person one minute and you were gone.

KI: Sin City and I have a long history. I had just gotten done with a failed contract with In-X-Cess Productions.

Gene: Alex Katz.

KI: I did one movie for them, The Passion. In fact it was when I went to Sin City and talked to them about being a contract girl, they signed Kaitlyn Ashley, me and Rebecca Lord. They said you want to change your look and I always thought about going back to being a redhead. Because I am a true redhead. My whole family has red hair and freckles and tempers and all the stuff that goes with being Irish. So I was under contract six months. Never did a movie, they never paid me a dime and I hadn’t worked for anybody else. Essentially it was the post winning the Best Starlet of the Year Award.

Gene: You were on Judge Judy.

KI: I sued them in small claims court just to prove a point. I’m feisty and I’m Irish. Judge Judy finds their cases in the L.A. court system and they recognized my name and Sin City. They said you want to settle this? Mickey Blank who was representing the company at the time and I went on and hashed it out on Judge Judy, and I won. So then Judge Judy paid me and Sin City got off the hook. Many years later I get a call from Scott Justice. He says they were looking for a publicist and would I be interested. I just moved to downtown Los Angeles and lived far away. I said can I do it from my house? He said come in a couple days a week, we’ll work something out. Three weeks later I just decided I couldn’t do it. We clashed with our ideas. They had a whole different idea what they wanted from a publicist than I did, and I left. I’m not bad mouthing them or anything although they took it that way when I left. Because I think in my little press release I said I wasn’t working there anymore. I just said we had different opinions.

Gene: You never really started though.

KI: No, I never really did. I was there long enough to get a list going and send out a few press releases on Hannah Harper then I was done. I went in and said this isn’t going to work. It’s not what I really want to be doing. They said they got that impression. And everything was fine until I sent out the press release which just said we left on amicable terms. Then Scott Stein sent out a press release saying we weren’t mean to her, yadda, yadda, yadda. I never said any of that. But then I never heard anything else. That’s the story.



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