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Conversations with Memphis Monroe 10/7/2008

Porn Valley- Memphis Monroe is in town to shoot some scenes for Brazzers, as well as for Erik Everhard and Dick Tracy, and I grabbed a chat with her. Monroe was born in New Orleans and moved to Kentucky when she was 15.

So the obvious question to ask is where the Memphis part comes in. She explains that it’s from Nicholas Cage’s character in Gone in 60 Seconds, and Monroe is from Marilyn Monroe. Monroe, herself, has a very girly voice which makes her instantly likable.

She started in the business three years ago. Before that, Monroe was a Hooters waitress and did modeling for a brief spell which saw her in pantyhose fetish situations, thus causing a whole ruckus on the Internet because of that. Then she began doing solo masturbation videos.

“From there I thought, what the hell, I’m already in it this far I might as well go all the way,” she says of her porn video career.

Monroe worked as a hostess in Hooters at the tender age of 16, in Kentucky.

“I thought it might have been in Memphis,” I tell her.

“Everybody thinks I live in Memphis,” she laughs, explaining the Cage name origin.

“Well it was southern and I wanted to keep my southern roots,” she explains. As far as the hostess job, she just went in and applied.

“I thought it was a glamorous job,” she says. “I shot for the national calendar and wound up making it in. I think I was one of the youngest girls.”

No doubt.

Monroe said, yeah, you could be that young and be a hostess in a tit exploitation joint. But you have to be 20 to be able to serve.

Monroe is asked if she had any Hooters sex stories to relate. She says no.

“I guess a lot of people think, oooh Hooters, like the girls go in the backroom for secret rendezvous,” she continues. “But not with me. Not at 16.” Although Monroe admits to having had a fling with a cook.

“He was a lot older than I was,” she recalls. “He was maybe 25. That lasted for a little bit. But we saw each other on the outside.”

From that point on Monroe did modeling. Then she got a call from a California agent in the adult business named Nick to come out and see what the business was about.

“He told me about all the money I could make. He was an independent agent, not like LA Direct,” she mentions.

Monroe says this Nick guy found her on and sent her an email. While out here, Monroe shot a few scenes and Hustler eventually wanted to shoot a layout with her. It turned into a cover deal.

“Then they called me in to discuss a contract. I was probably eight months into the business when I got my contract with them.”

Monroe was with Hustler for about a year and a half before she left them.

“They weren’t going to do contract girls any more,” she explains. “They were going to focus on the casino and their clothing line and that’s pretty much what’s making Larry all his money right now.”

Monroe calls it a mutually arrived at decision because she wanted to go independent as well.

“I enjoy working for the various companies,” she says. “I just felt like I wasn’t getting out there as much as I should be with Hustler.”

During the time she was with Hustler, Monroe’s biggest project for them was Aphrodisiac.

“Most of the movies I did were vignettes- they always had a storyline to them,” she continues.

Since that contract, Monroe has been keeping busy with her websites and has also been on the road feature dancing- about once a month. She just got back from Alabama.

“I love the business,” says Monroe. “It gets me to places I’ve never been before and I meet people I’ve never met before and make new friends. I enjoy it.”

In the recession hit adult industry, I ask Monroe if she’s been working steadily. She says yes and thinks that’s because she hasn’t been shot out. The last time Monroe was in town was May. After that she took a few months off.

“I think I’m pretty much more in demand than most girls who live here just because I’m not here every day. So when I come out I’m booked solid.”

Monroe’s schedule varies. Lately she’s been coming out for a month, shoots maybe 10-15 times then goes home for two months.

“When I’m here I try to get myself in the spotlight, meet people and do things I need to do,” she explains. “Then when I go home I do my own thing.”

He own thing is hanging out with friends, relaxing, going to movies and she loves to cook.

“And I love shopping,” she adds. “I just take it easy when I’m home.

“There’s not too much to do in Kentucky, so it’s a breath of fresh air when I leave LA.”

According to Monroe, there’s two sides to her. She loves being in the city and going to parties and shopping. But then she loves a normal life which home affords her.

“This way I get the best of both worlds,” she notes.

Monroe also hated school.

“I didn’t have very many girl friends. They were mean and jealous. But I had a lot of guy friends,” she laughs.

Monroe’s first time sexually was when she was in eighth grade and had an 18 year old boyfriend.

“He was my first,” she says. “We dated for about a year and a half. I thought I was in love. It was puppy love. We wound up having sex. We dated until I moved to Kentucky. We tried to make it work but it was difficult when you’re that age. Long distance didn’t work out.”

“I want to hear some Kentucky backwoods sex stories,” I tell Monroe. “Maybe somewhere at a still with moonshiners. A moonshiners gangbang.”

Monroe says she doesn’t have any of those kinds of stories

“But you can put that in there if you’d like,” she laughs.

“I need you to be 2257 compliant with the bullshit stories,” I tell her. “So when you see it in print you go, yeah, I think I remember saying that.”

Otherwise, Monroe insists she had a pretty average average life.

“I was a big tease throughout high school,” she adds.

“I picture you in Ozark mountain cutoffs.”

Monroe admits, true, she always wore cutoffs with heels and tight shirts and a lot of makeup.

“I’d strut my stuff,” she says. “But I didn’t give it up that much. I was a big tease.”

I ask Monroe if she ever got moonshined by being a tease like that. She says no. But I wonder, having, myself, known this Kentucky girl for 33 minutes and 3 Jack Daniels then buttfucked her over a garbage can. But Monroe swears she isn’t your ordinary Kentucky gangbang.

“I’ve always had boyfriends my entire life,” she says. “Every guy I ever dated I’ve dated for awhile. It’s not like I went from guy to guy.”

Monroe’s now married- two years in September. According to Monroe, her man loves the fact that she’s in the business.

“He’s been with me from the very start. He met me when I got out of the Hooter’s business. He’s been my support and he loves watching my scenes.”

Monroe’s never given her folks the full poop about her time in the business, however, although her mother has seen her website, knows she worked with Hustler and the fact that she shoots nude layouts.

“But I never told her, hey mom, I do video. But she’s seen my website and has the Internet. She’s a young mom. She isn’t stupid. She knows. I just never told her. She knows I’m a good girl and have my head on straight. As long as I’m safe.”

Regarding her websites, Monroe has and

The site is down because she’s revamping it.

“I have a lot of pantyhose fans,” she adds. “It’s what I started off doing.”

“I didn’t know they still made pantyhose to tell you the truth.”

“Yup,” she laughs. “You’d be surprised. I would say 80% of the emails I get from fans are pantyhose fans. And they’ve been following my stuff since I was 18. It’s crazy. They’re very loyal- I have to say that.”

Even though Monroe shot those scenes under the name Jamie N, the pantyhose crowd figured it out and have followed her new adult career as Memphis Monroe.

Asked how she and her husband met, Monroe says it was supposed to have been a one night stand, but the nights kept coming in succession.

“We knew each other through friends,” she relates. “One night he got wasted and was calling a girl to come get him. I grabbed his phone and was, like, I don’t know where you’re going, but you’re not leaving. And it started from there.”

Monroe remembers a time during their courtship when her man-to-be cut her off socially and sexually. That seemed to have impressed her.

“Finally I gave up, and we’ve been together ever since.”


Monroe is with David Samms’ Impact Public Relations


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