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Conversations with Mone Divine – And a Very Happy Birthday to Her

Porn Valley- As far as Skeeter was concerned, the “Whitey Fucks the Black Phat Ass” Robert Hill shoot this weekend was all about Roger T. Pipe, and Jules Jordan.

But somewhere the topic switched to Philly Cheese steaks. Bad Bob had a story about them. Skeeter had a few, but Mone Divine, says she became a real glut about them when she lived in Philly for a couple of months.

Divine, who celebrates her birthday July 22, normally makes her address in Las Vegas, dances there and works occasionally at a brothel called Sherry’s. But Divine recalls when she danced at Club Moet in Philly’s Germantown section.

“It was a very interesting club,” she remembers. “It was kind of different.” When she’s home, Divine dances at Cheetah’s, Spearmint Rhino and Olympic Garden.

“I’ve been doing that for almost six years now,” she states. “So I went to Philadelphia where the atmosphere was more laid back. Where Vegas is very…uppity? Slightly uppity? No, they’re very classy and have a lot of rules, where you go to places like Philadelphia and Atlanta. Those clubs are more relaxed and laid back. And I love cheese steaks. That’s how I ended up like this.” Divine references her hips and ass.

“All those damn cheese steaks!”

Divine travels a lot and just got back from Miami where she’ll probably wind up going back in about two weeks. She guesses that for one stretch she was in New York two weeks out of the month dancing at Go-Go rama.

“I feature in a lot of clubs,” she says, noting that she has fan bases both from her dancing and appearing in XXX movies. Divine has been doing movies almost four years [her first scene was with Jack Napier]. And then, of course, there’s the brothel.

According to Divine, Sherry’s is located in Pahrump, about 45 minutes outside of Vegas and to hear her talk, she sounds like its Chamber of Commerce. She also sounds like the grand ambassador of anal sex. She loves it and remembers the first time she found a dick in her ass..

“I was asleep and my boyfriend was drunk!” she laughs. “He decided that he was bored with the other hole. I was knocked out asleep and woke up to that. I was taking it.” Divine admits that she might have been a little drunk as well.

“I’m not going to lie! I think I had a couple because I don’t remember everything in detail.”

In school Divine, who had grown up in a foster home, was shy and kept to herself.

“I’m very fair skinned so I always had problems growing up because I was the in-between,” she adds. “Nobody ever knew what nationality I was. I never fit in. So I always ended up being by myself. Put me in a roomful of people, you have to give me a minute. Then I kind of spread out. But I actually am shy.”

As far as grades go, she did okay, according to her.

“I was kind of rebellious because of the situation I was in with the foster home,” she continues. “I think I was upset because of my situation. I didn’t understand it. So I went through quite a few years just trying to comprehend why me. I think a lot of foster kids go through that. You try to figure out why it had to be you and not the next kid.”

At the age of 18, she left the foster home and went into Job Corps.

“I decided that Job Corps wasn’t for me- I took welding for about six months,” she says. “I can weld a chair together! That’s a skill most women can’t say they have.”

“As the porn business slow downs, we’ll need chairs,” I tell Divine.

“Let’s go make tables!” she adds. When she decided that Job Corps wasn’t for her, Divine took off for Vegas on a bus with a backpack full of clothes.

“I said to myself I was going to make it- I’m very, very determined,” she notes.

“Vegas isn’t exactly the place for a shy person,” I tell Divine. “How did you manage?” Divine agrees about vegas being tough.

“But I would have to say after being in Vegas for one hour I already got a boyfriend! Within an hour. It was kind of crazy. I had a conversation with him and just fell in love.”

“Don’t tell me you met him at a bus stop.”

“I actually met him at the front desk of the hotel I was staying at,” she continues. “I have to admit he wasn’t my greatest decision, though. I loved him to death. I stayed with him for three long, hard years.”

“Let me guess- he turned into a pimp?”

“Oh God, he turned into close enough,” laughs Divine. “Vegas is known for that, though. You get a lot of these young girls, you come out there. They don’t really have a family or have the backbone so they’re kind of stuck and here’s these guys. A lot of older gentlemen, too, end up grabbing these young girls and take advantage of the fact that they’re vulnerable. And this is what happens.

“And it wasn’t just him. It was the boyfriend after him; and the one after him. Honestly, I would say that out of the men in my life, I met two genuine relationships. One of them was in the industry and I love him to death.”

At first she wasn’t saying who it was but later during the shoot revealed that it was Jean-Claude Batiste.

“We’re not together any more,” Divine mentions. “That was about six months ago. Being in a relationship in this industry is a lot of pressure and just impossible. And I don’t think me, mentally, was ready to deal with that. I really wasn’t, and it took me by surprise and tore us apart. I’ve seen it happen- not only my relationship- but many others; good couples, people that actually love each other.

“That’s with any relationship, celebrity-wise. That’s with the music industry all day. A lot of these relationships are going to fall apart because you’re not in a relationship with that other person. You’re in a relationship with everyone.”

“Do you miss having a real family?”

“I do,” replies Divine. “I guess I tend to draw myself to men because I’m trying to fill a gap. Being single is the hardest thing. And single in this industry is already hard because a lot of people, especially men, tend to either be intimidated or tend to stray away from you because you’re not the type of girl they want to be with. And being single with no family just makes it a little bit harder.”

Asked if she ever found out who her parents were, Divine says she knows her father.

“He passed away when I was quite young. My mother I never got to meet. Now that I’m turning 26, I’m writing a book for a lot of the younger girls. I want to get it out there that anything’s possible. You can go from nothing to something.”

In all her travels, Divine enjoys Puerto Rico because her father was from there.

“When I went there I felt I was getting a little piece of him that I never got to get when I was little,” she says. “All the beautiful places I got to see. You can walk out in Puerto Rico and stand in the middle of the ocean and watch the fish swim around your legs. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve been to. It truly is.”

On the subject of Sherry’s, I mention to Divine that Brooke had been on the Adam Corolla show Friday talking about The Bunny Ranch. Brooke mentioned that on one occasion a guy dropped 35G’s for a party.

“They do that,” agrees Divine. “Not to down any other brothel, Sherry’s is the most upgraded, classiest brothel that exists in the state of Nevada. We’re talking swimming pool, waterfall, five different themed bungalows. Marble floors, grand piano, full bar with a restaurant and hotel connected to it. That’s open just for the public and not for the girls.

“There’s a spa- you can’t get that anywhere else, at any other brothel in Nevada.

“Guys come out, they book a hotel room- you get the hotel room with your party- 30, 40, 50 grand, four or five girls; orgies at the pool.”

“I’ve done orgies with couples,” says Divine. “I’ve had orgies with 12 girls. I remember one night next door at the Chicken Ranch, we were bored and we just pulled out strap-ons and 20 of us fucked each other.”


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