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Porn Valley – For someone new to the business, Naudia Rio, 20, isn’t short on conversation or for things to say. Anticipating many questions in our interview, Rio said she got out of her shell a long time ago. Rio, who’s repped by Sex Symbols Talent Management can also be found in the members section of Peter Romero’s Tuesday afternoon Rio could also be found at the chiropractor’s office after doing a scene with Lee Stone the day before. Rio says the physical activity of the scene was such that she threw her back out.

Rio: My next scene coming up will be my fourth boy-girl scene ever. I’ve been in the industry about three months now. I’m from Vegas where I got hooked up with the Las Vegas Modeling Agency. From there I got introduced to Peter Romero. I live in Vegas.

Gene: Were you a show girl.

Rio: I used to be a dancer for Cheetahs.

Gene: A name in the news. The Galardis.

Rio: I’m very fond of them. They’re very good people.

Gene: They’ve got their problems but that’s not part of this interview. So how long were you dancing there.

Rio: About a year and six months altogether in my dancing career.

Gene: Are you going to go back to that.

Rio: I permanently quit dancing for the simple fact that it wears you out and starts making you look really run down and older than what you are. It puts years on you because you’re in the dark at all times. It’s really bad for your eyes and staying up all night.

Gene: Very interesting theory.

Rio: I care about my looks. I want to keep my looks. I was doing modeling when I was a dancer as well. I did a lot of mainstream stuff.

Gene: Such as.

Rio: A lot of bikini modeling. I worked with a lot of photographers trying to establish a modeling career in Vegas. Then I got into the porn industry.

Gene: In the short time you’ve been in the business how do you like it.

Rio: I love it. I love what I do. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I don’t feel ashamed about what I do, either. Some girls it brings them down because they feel like they’re kind of low and cheap. But being in porn is very professional. And I’m very happy that you get tested in this business or else I wouldn’t do it. That keeps your self-esteem up, besides. Because as long as I know I’m healthy then that’s fine with me. Then again I like to be with a lot of men. I think I’m like the freak in the closet. It’s like a rush to me, a thrill.

Gene: You like the attention.

Rio: I think I like the attention most of all.

Gene: Do you find that a lot of girls who dance getting turned off to men after awhile because of rude comments, come-ons, whatever.

Rio: Oh yeah. Then sometimes I’d go to work and feel bad because I only got hit on twice. Sometimes you go to work and get less attention which is good. Because there’s negative and positive attention. Then sometimes at work guys would try sticking their fingers in me and stuff. Back off! Then some guys would want handjobs.

Gene: You give lap dances?

Rio: Oh yeah. I used to dance on the pole and do pole tricks on the stage. Normally you’d get about twenty dollars when you’re up on stage cause they’re throwing dollar bills at you. Then you’d get off the stage for the private lap dances, and they’re from $20 apiece, a show. I’d make on the average $300 to $600 a night. Some nights I’d make more like when the conventions came into town. I made $1700 one night.

Gene: And you don’t mind leaving that?

Rio: No. Because I don’t want to wear out my body. It gets really tiring and your body gets weak and your back gets messed up. So right now I’m having a little bit of a back problem because of that.

Gene: Did you find that dancers in clubs would look down their noses at porn girls?

Rio: My boyfriend doesn’t look down at me because I do porn. He met me as a dancer. And, honestly, I think you’re lessening yourself when you’re a dancer. You’re literally lying and I hate lying. I like to be truthful always. When you’re a dancer, you’re on a hustle. You’re on a hunt for men to come around and break you off their cash.

Gene: You resented doing that.

Rio: Yeah. To me doing that is not very professional. First of all if you go in a club and you’re on a hustle to get dances from guys, you’re trying to get money and you’ll go up to any guy. That’s putting yourself in jeopardy because you never know who you’re going to meet. To me it’s more like prostitution. As far as porn, though, there’s a big difference. You know what you’re making. Everyone’s legit in this business. The dancing business is not as legit.

Gene: What were you like growing up.

Rio: I felt that I was always quiet and didn’t have much to say. I really wouldn’t talk to that many people. I didn’t have that many friends. I grew up in foster homes which was hard for me, but that strengthened me and woke me up.

Gene: You really had to come out of your shell to be a dancer.

Rio: Oh yeah. I came out of the shell because I realized I wanted to make more of myself. And if I can make more money to do something, then I’m going to do that job. I’m going to take the job with more money. I like to make money and that’s life. You need money to survive and I want to be happy in my life.

Gene: When did you have first have sex.

Rio: I was 17 years old. I’ve only been having sex for three years, but not much. The first time was with a boyfriend. We were at a party and were drinking. Okay, we had sex. I decided I wanted to lose my virginity.

Gene: It wasn’t this big mental quandary.

Rio: Oh, no. I did it, but I was never into sex that much. It was funny. When I was younger I could never give a blowjob right. So I would never give one. Or a guy would never eat my pussy right because he didn’t know what he was doing. I was 15 when I first got oral sex. The guy really didn’t know what he was doing.

Gene: At 15 you had oral sex but what prevented you from going all the way.

Rio: I was scared of dick! I was scared how it would feel. I was scared of the pain, like, this is going to hurt. I was always scared to even put a Tampon on was I was younger. So there you guy. That tells you. I never wore Tampons growing up as a teenager, until I lost my virginity.

Gene: Thank you for sharing that.

Rio: I was scared about what it would feel like. It was a pain-thing. So I would use just a regular pad. I never wanted to stick anything in there.

Gene: You evidently got over that so have you ever tried anal?

Rio: I have but never on film. I enjoy it. But I don’t like to do it all the time because it kills it. If you do it every day like vaginal sex, it takes all the fun out of it.

Gene: For someone who had penis phobia you certainly got around it.

Rio: I think I have.

Gene: What was your first scene like in front of a camera.

Rio: The first scene was like, oh my gosh, I’m going with this. I’m not going to be nervous. The first scene that I did was with I was a natural at it and did a position that I had never done before. I had always seen it on pornos.

Gene: And what position was that?

Rio: A pile driver.

Gene: That’s going to extreme. Most women can go through their entire lives and never try it.

Rio: Exactly and I wanted my first scene to be a pile driver. I wanted to see how it felt.

Gene: Ever watch porno before?

Rio: Oh yeah. All the time. Porn teaches you.

Gene: Does it turn you on?

Rio: To a certain extent. I can watch porn for 10 minutes and I’m already into sex and having sex. Then I want it turned off. I don’t need to watch any more to get me in the mood.

Gene: What’s your turn ons.

Rio: The thing that always turned me on is the oral sex scene. It looks really sexy when you perform oral sex and I’m really into that.

Gene: So you really got over the penis-thing.

Rio: Oh yes. The first time I really gave head right was when I was 18. That was with my boyfriend. I didn’t give head until I was about 18. Really gave head. First time I tried it I didn’t like it. I didn’t know what I was doing. I wasn’t into it until I met the guy I’m with now.

Gene: That helps a lot, the right guy…

Rio: Yes. Certainly. We’ve been together for like two years.

Gene: Is it a close relationship?

Rio: Yes, we’re very close.

Gene: How does he feel about you being in the business?

Rio: He knows what I do now. he didn’t know before. But, honestly, I think he did but wasn’t telling me. he wanted to wait to hear me say it.

Gene: How did you wind up breaking it to him.

Rio: I was talking to him and he was, like, what is Sinister Films? I said, what? He literally bought a tape from a friend of his in Vegas. He saw me having sex with another guy. Oh, yeah! He caught me red handed and confronted me with it. He was, are you sure you haven’t done any porn. I admitted it. I did that video. It was a b.j. video.

Gene: Buy he was cool with it.

Rio: Yeah.

Gene: Think you’re going to stay in the business for awhile.

Rio: I might get signed to a contract with this one company. But I don’t want to get into it too much. It’s a big possibility. We’ll see.

Gene: Have you been in any magazines yet?

Rio: No.

Gene: So I hear you wrecked your back Monday.

Rio: I was shooting for Simon Wolf, a thing called Young and Natural Breasts 4. I worked with Lee Stone and he’s a big guy with a big dick. He’s very strong, cut up. he liked pounded the shit out of my pussy. He literally fucked the shit out of me. Like I’ve never been fucked that good. But I’m in pain, now. He tossed me around like a rag doll. It was good at the moment but now I’m suffering from it. He did a lot of damage.

Gene: Have you had back problems in the past?

Rio: Yes, I had whiplash. I’ve been in two car accidents.



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