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I suppose if I had an active wish list, I’d want to be Steven Segal so I could hire Sara Jay as my personal sex slave so I could shove my hand down her pants. Just a thought.

I first met Say Jay about ten years ago when I shot her for a porn series titled Great American Ass. Sara said then she didn’t do anal [still doesn’t] but somehow that didn’t seem to matter in the scheme of things because just staring at that ass is worth the price of admission.

According to her, the first porn scene she ever did never made it to general release. [There’s probably a better way of phrasing that.]

“I was never able to track it down,” she says.

“It was a horrible scene. The guy couldn’t get hard. It was a blowjob scene. This guy was an amateur and the company had this new concept where they were going to put animation in post production. But I don’t think it went over. I’m not sure what really happened but I was really excited to do it but the guy couldn’t perform. Maybe he had too much to drink, I don’t know.

“My second scene which is what I consider my first was called 18 and Eager. I don’t remember who the male talent was but he came right away and we ended up resuming the scene after waiting.”

However she can’t remember that guy’s name, either, and she’s told such information is important for the tell-all book.

“I just remember it was in Vegas for Mad Jack,” she says.

Before she got active with hardcore, Sara was doing bondage and other fetish work in Las Vegas and New York. She was also a stripper but got tired of that.

“I decided I’d rather have sex on film than have to go into a club every night and beg for money,” she laughs.

“It’s even worse now begging for money,” I comment.

“I’d hate to be a stripper now- how horrible must that be!” she answers. “I don’t know if I could handle that. It’s a very stressful job. It’s one of the most stressful jobs I’ve ever had.”

If only for the fact that you have to put the smiley face on while drunken customers practice social assault & battery.

“Guys can be pretty rude at times,” Sara agrees.

“I danced in Vegas for a couple of years and they really try to go with that idea about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. They act like assholes because they can. There’s so many girls and so much competition. It’s like being in high school with all the scandalous drama. I’m so glad I quit dancing.”

Sara mentions something about having been the “dressing room bouncer” which can only be imagined being built to the epic female proportions that she is.

“I was always built like this,” is her reply to that question.

“I’ve grown obviously since I’ve gotten older and filled out a little bit more but I always had curves. I’m about 155 pounds right now but I don’t think I’ve been under 130 since I was in middle school. I was always curvy.”

And a tomboy, as well – which is nature’s weird way of dealing with those miraculous curves.

“I went to high school during the grunge years,” Sara recalls. And she dressed reflectively including the combat boots.

“You hid some of the world’s great treasures.”

“Not now,” she laughs.

Sara probably emerged as a real sexpot sometime after high school when she began going to alternative dance clubs. She had a gay roommate who got some kind of thrill by dressing her up.

“He’d have me in fishnets, miniskirts and bustiers,” she remembers.

“It wasn’t something I’d ever think of myself.”

No romances to speak of in high school, either.

“So you were beating guys up basically?”

“I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 18,” she says.

“I dated one or two guys but I always felt awkward because it would be friends I’d end up dating. I always ended up with just wanting to be friends.”

Her break out sexual tryst eventually came with an older guy, 36. She was 18.

“I definitely like older men. He was black and I didn’t know any black people. Where I grew up we only had two black people in our whole school.”

“Race has always been an issue,” she continues.

“Not necessarily a bad issue, but it’s always been a part of my life. I grew up in an extremely white area. My family was pretty prejudiced for the most part, and I had a strong attraction not to just black people, but people that were not like me. I was very interested in people who were not like me, and that was really hard for my family to get with it sometimes.

“But they’ve grown, and I can honestly say that I’ve probably made a difference in my parents’ lives as far as my views on people. I also can honestly say they’re not racist at all any more. Racism comes from not experiencing other people and being around other people and seeing how they are. My ex husband was black and we had been together for 11 years.

“My family totally accepted me and the choices I’ve made.”

I can only imagine how Sara’s folks reacted when they found out she was in the porn business.

“My dad never really says anything because he’s my stepdad and never really says anything,” she says.

“It’s just one of those things where he lets my mom handle everything. My mom doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t change who I am. I moved them in with me in one of my houses in Oregon. I take care of them and make sure they have everything they need. My mom doesn’t really have a lot to say as long as it doesn’t change my personality and as long as I’m happy. But she hates to go into my room, move something around and might accidentally see a DVD or something.”

Sara’s comment about “one” of her houses does not go unattended.

It sound like you’re doing pretty well by the business.”

“I’m doing okay,” she states. “I found a way to network and make what I’ve got to offer work for me.”

And so she has a house in Oregon which her parents moved into, an apartment in Miami and an apartment in New York which her roommates look after while she’s on the road.

“I spend my time pretty evenly in all three places with most of my stuff in Oregon,” she adds.

“Dating you would be a long drive home wherever the place.”

“Maybe not- I might come to your home!” Sara laughs. Fat chance.

Sara, who’s always in airports it seems and flies practically on a whim, was in town for Adultcon as well as for some shoots for her website.

“Adultcon was very busy,” she reflects. “I was so happy with it. Just long days. Saturday started at One and went to 10.”

What keeps her busy now is her website, which she makes a point of updating three times a week.

“It involves a lot of shooting,” she states. “I always spend at least two to four days a month shooting all day long for my site.”

She bought the domain name about ten years ago and has been active with it the past six.

“I was lucky enough, smart enough to buy my own url,” she reflects.

“It keeps getting better and better all the time.”

And with a new webmaster came even more changes about six months ago. That includes a blog which she’s been writing a couple of years and live webcams on Thursdays which is free to all her members.

“They really like getting a lot of live interaction,” she continues.

Plus there’s a members forum where Sara talks to her fans.

“I also cover a lot of different things with my blog- the things I’m doing, the events I’m attending,” she goes on to say.

“Other times it’s my thoughts and feelings about things going on. It’s been pretty popular.”

The question she gets most from her fans is how do they get into the business.

“Everyone wants to know that, how to be a porn star,” she laughs.

“How about personal Sara Jay questions?”

“They want to know if I’m going to do anal, ever,” she replies. “And I’m not going to do anal. I wouldn’t consider it all.”

“Not if someone gave you a shitpot full of money?”

“I’ve been offered a couple of shitpots full of money,” she says.

“Honestly, I’m pretty determined in what I want to do and I just don’t want to do it. I don’t like anal sex so I’m not going to do it. I don’t do things just for money only. We all do things for money, but I’ve got to get some entertainment or joy out of it.”

“How many times a day do you get hit on?”

“Oh my goodness. A lot!” she laughs. “It depends how much I go out in public. But, truthfully, it’s so rare anymore that I get approached by people I don’t know. It seems when I get approached it’s by people who recognize me. But I’m not a ‘line’ girl. I’m pretty aggressive. I don’t like to be hit on. I like to be the one doing the hitting. I’m the hitter not the hittee. That‘s the difference between men and boys. Boys will hit on me, and men will wait for me to hit on them.”

For Sara Jay, who’s obviously waiting to hit on the man of her dreams, it’s back to Oregon before heading to the DC/Virginia area for a couple of dancing gigs the beginning of May.

But now it’s just to do appearances where she signs autographs and gets to hang out.


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