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Porn Valley- I had a conversation with Satine Phoenix Monday afternoon. Phoenix co-hosts a show on RudeTV, Tuesday nights, 7 to 8pm and just signed with LA Direct. Phoenix, who is also Sicilian- Filipino, just signed up with James Bartholet’s company, Galaxy, as well.

“Sicilian- Filipno, I don’t want to piss you off,” I tell her. “There’s vendettas on both sides of the family.”

Phoenix explains that she needed a publicist because she had been out of the business for about six months.

“But now I’m back!” she exclaims. “And I’m gung-ho’ing it.”

Phoenix, who’s really into hardcore S&M and is a fetish model, explains that she left the business because of this guy she met. His name was Master Arcane.

“I wanted to become a slave and see what that was like,” she says. “That’s what we do. There’s submissives, and there’s masters. It’s just the way bondage is and I really wanted to live it. I’m a masochist. But it didn’t work out.”

Phoenix explains that she met her future slave master at Fetishcon in Florida.

“It turned out that we lived five minutes from each other in Hollywood.”

Phoenix says he was very romantic and very intense.

“We’re both into Tantra,” she continues. “It’s about skin sensations where people have sex. When we had it, we did all sorts of things that were beyond physical and went into the mental and spiritual. He swept me off my feet.”

“Obviously this went into the mental because you decided to leave your career for him,” I venture to say.

“Yeah, totally for him,” she says. “We were having fun travelling but I really missed porn. I really missed my friends. And I’m not really slave material. He’s still in Australia and I’m out here. I moved across the world.”

According to Phoenix she lived in Australia for six months.

“It was really fun,” she says. “We had similar interests. We really liked travelling and looking at things. But I just couldn’t see myself in that relationship. I wasn’t allowed to talk back or think for myself.”

Phoenix has been in the business for close to three years and she started doing bondage and fetish modeling for and Chantas Bitches.

“One thing led to another and now I do orgies.”

“ is really insane aren’t they?” I ask Phoenix.

“That’s how I like to live,” says Phoenix who lived in San Francisco about three blocks away.

“Tell me some of the crazy shit that you did.”

Phoenix described how she’d have her pussy wired.

“It’s really crazy- they’d shock you with electricity,” she states. “And they’d do all these predicament things, like, if you move a certain way or breathe a certain way and are too loud, your butt’s going to shock you. That’s really fun. They have water bondage which is a lot of fun- tying girls and hosing them down.

“Water hurts at high pressure. Even something as simple as the water pic that you use on your mouth, you use that on a clit, it’s going to freak you out. And I also like the fuck machines.”

Phoenix has been a member of goth and fetish clubs since she was 14.

“They had these all-ages clubs in Sacramento,” she explains. “One of my boyfriends took me to a fetish club where you got to see guys nailing their balls.”

“Oh jeeeeezus, God!” I tell Phoenix, hoping she would spare the details.

“It‘s so real and interesting,” continues Phoenix who’s also an illustrator. “it’s like live cartoons to me.”

“Of all the pleasures in life, I think Chinese food’s going to come first before having my nuts nailed,” I tell Phoenix.

“It takes a special person,” she laughs.

“Yes, it certainly does,” I tell her. “So in your teen years you were living a pretty unconventional life.”

“I had my first latex skirt when I was 16,” she explains.

“At the same time I was the leader of a Freemason youth group. So, by night I would go out and wear pastel colors. I’d have to be this good girl and speak in front of 200 people and do a lot of charity work. Then in the day time, I’m wearing black, leather and chains. I was only 50% conventional.”

So the first time Phoenix had conventional sex was in the dugout of a baseball park.

“It was with my boyfriend,” she recalls. “We were at a party. We weren’t supposed to be together because he was five years older than me. We stopped off on my way home. It was super cheesy. It was really late at night and I totally got in trouble with my parents. They were driving around looking for me. Then when I got home we were forbidden to see each other after that day. The relationship lasted maybe three years.”

Phoenix’s family also knows about her career.

“And my parents are as long as I’m not hurting anybody or myself, they’re happy for me.”

Phoenix explains that her father’s in the Merchant Marine and wasn’t around. Her mother was a rock star in the Philippines.

“It was pretty relaxed but crazy because she’s super Catholic,” says Phoenix. “And I’m not. So it was strange.”

“How did you get the fact that you’re a practicing fetishist by your parents’ nose?” I ask her. “It kind of becomes obvious.”

“I never tried to hide it from them,” says Phoenix. “And I was the black sheep of the family, anyway. They didn’t really say anything. My mom would take me to Macy’s and try to get me makeovers because I’d always wear white makeup and black lipstick. She’d tell me I’d needed to do something else and I’d tell her I was really depressed.”

“I didn’t see the sun for like 11 years,” Phoenix goes on to say. “I was white skinned until I was 24. Now I’m a sun worshipper. And it was so silly because I’m Filipino, I’m supposed to be brown. I come from a long line of small, brown monkey people.”

According to Phoenix, she always wanted to be a model.

“But I was always a little too heavy or a little too round faced or not tall enough,” she says.

“It was always too-something. Then I noticed that these girls in fetish modeling didn’t look like all the other girls in mainstream. I felt like I fit in there more. Plus I love latex and corsets and boots. That’s more of my taste, anyway.”

“I started out modeling for amateur photographers,” she continues. “I moved my way up and met a bunch of fetish models that were doing a workshop. They let me sit on the class and watch what they did. I asked a bunch of questions.”

Phoenix has been doing boy-girl scenes for about two years and fit that Australian trip into the time frame. Phoenix explains that she also left Australia for the fact that she loves porn and loves being in it.

“I have so many fantasies that I’d like to fulfill in a safe environment,” she explains. “That’s why I do S&M. If you have a rape fantasy you don’t really want to be raped. You want to do the fantasy with someone you can trust. So if I do a scene with five guys, I’m not going to do that in my real life. Through porn I can totally do that and with other people around it’s totally safe.”

Phoenix’s first boy-girl scene was with Baron Wood.

“It was for Max Powers up in San Francisco,” she relates. “They did a documentary on my ex-boyfriend and I. We were swingers and liked to throw orgies. It was about us being swingers and it got second place on the Good Vibrations Film Festival. It never went to DVD, but it’s been going to festivals. The first time I ever saw it was on a big screen in a theater and my vagina was 40 feet tall.”

“Instead of ending with a male cum shot, it ended with my cum shot.”

If you don’t count the boyfriend, Phoenix’s first official porn scene was with Sascha.

“It was for Wildlife- it 3D porn,” she says.

Phoenix also got to hang out at Erotica LA this past weekend.

“I represented Rude TV,” she says. “I’m the co-host with BaadMaster’s Dungeon.”

Phoenix said she had a great time over the weekend.

“It was awesome.”

On one of the old shows, when it was still KSEX, Phoenix inflated her tits with saline and got them to a DD. She’s normally a B-cup. It took an hour for them to pump up.

“How do you inflate your tits with saline?” I ask stupidly.

“You put needles in your breasts,” Phoenix relates. “This has to be somebody who knows what they’re doing.”

“I would imagine,” I tell her.

“It’s a saline drip. You know like you’re having an IV? You just put it in and turn it up.”

“It’s a temporary condition, says Phoenix.

“Your body absorbs all the saline and you pee it out. It takes about 24 hours to go back to normal. At first it’s a little lumpy then after an hour it settles in and looks really natural.”

“Stupid question but isn’t this a little dangerous?” I ask her.

“I think it’s dangerous if you get an air pocket in there,” she replies. “That could kill you.”

“I take it this isn’t a stunt you do at parties as an ice breaker?”

“No,” she says. “It’s definitely body modification which I’m really into. It’s a lot of centering your mind because when your breasts are being inflated, it’s a hot, heavy burning pain.”

Among her other projects Phoenix is working on a fetish animation and a fetish comic book.

“And I’ve been going to a lot of conventions like Comicon and Burning Man,” she adds.


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