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Sienna Sinclaire lives in Malibu. And from the way it sounds, she owns Malibu, which I thought Mel Gibson did. But this is more to say that Sinclaire strikes you as a very savvy businesswoman who knows how to invest her money. Which she’s apparently made a lot of – both as a stripper and model. And now a porn performer.

Sinclaire, who appeared at Adultcon this past weekend, began her career about five years ago as a dancer in Washington D.C. With her telling me that, right away I ask if she’s got any good compromised politician/lap dance stories.

“You would think so, but no,” says Sinclaire. “Actually there’s a lot of sports people- hockey and basketball players that would come there when they were in town. But the Washington Nationals would always come in.”

Sinclaire started as a cocktail waitress and realized she was doing all the work while the dancers “were just sitting there and laughing with all these guys, and these guys are tipping them $100. And I’m not getting tipped much. So I thought I got to take off my clothes.”

Feeling that she could make even more moolah in New York City, Sinclaire next got a job at Scores West which was just opening. It landed her on the Howard Stern show. Sinclaire said Stern would come into the club almost every week.

“He was very nice,” she says. “He’s not the Howard Stern that people see.”

Because Sinclaire was a new girl she was asked to be on the show.

“It was five of us on there- we chatted a little bit about ourselves, and he was really nice,” recalls Sinclaire.

“I told him I wouldn’t if he tried to make us do stuff. It was just a fun interview. It was probably one of his cleaner shows.”

Getting back to the original question, Sinclaire remembers a politician she met in New York but can’t remember his name. It was at a special event for celebrities at Scores West.

“He ran for president,” Sinclaire says.

“Like four years ago. He has gray hair and is actually a very good looking guy. I have a photo with him.”

I tell Sinclaire it would have to be John Kerry from the description but she’s apparently stumped for a name.

“I can’t remember,” she insists. “He actually told me. He said I ran for president and you can Google my name. I said I can’t believe you’re telling me this and taking a photo with me. Now I have blackmail on you. I said why would you be taking pictures of me when you’re running for president?

“He wanted to take me out, the usual thing. He wanted to take me on a tour of New York City in a helicopter. I said no. I didn’t do it.”

As she got tired of New York, Sinclaire felt she could make even more money and began dancing in Vegas, at Spearmint Rhino, and commuted from DC where she was still living. [In the past she had also commuted to New York from DC.]

“People spend money in New York,” she observes. “But there’s more of it in one place in Vegas. And that’s how pretty much I got into the adult industry, through dancing. People would give me advice and I would listen to what everybody had to say. People were always giving me their two cents, like, you should do this. And I would try it.”

Occupied as well with other businesses while investing her money, Sinclaire bought a condo in Vegas as a one of those investments and made her money before the real estate crash. And somewhere in this whole fangled story, Sinclaire also managed to spend time in London where she worked as a swimwear designer.

“I traveled all over,” she continues. “Russia, France and I flew back here a few times for runaway shows. But after being in London I needed to move back to the US because the adult business isn’t big in London.”

In the course of travelling, Sinclaire met a British guy in Leone.

“He said if you ever need a place to stay I live in Malibu, come stay with me. And I did. That’s how I wound up in Malibu. It’s funny how everything just falls in place and works out when you meet people.”

Sinclaire’s been shooting movies about a year and a half. Together with a photographer friend she’s shooting a movie called Sierra Sinclaire’s Boudoir.

“It’s like Redlight District but classy,” she adds. She’s got another personal project which she’s overseeing this month that features seven other performers.

“So I’m directing movies and trying that out,” she says.

Sinclaire only works with girls and her first scene in front of a camera was a solo one, the next paired her with Jana Jordan who was a Ninn contract girl at the time.

“She was very easy to work with,” Sinclaire remembers. “There was no drama. She was a nice girl and very easy to work with. And she’s a good actress. All the girls that I’ve worked with have been like that.”

But being pretty much her own cottage industry Sinclaire says she probably enjoys the business side more than modeling.

“I like coming up with ideas and putting them together.”

Regarding whether she’d ever change her girls-only policy, Sinclaire says never say never.

“When I was younger probably in my head I would never have been a stripper! Wow, now I’m doing adult-stuff.”

Regarding business, Sinclaire advises, “You’ve got to make it work for yourself and do what you like to do. I’m my own little business. If it’s something I don’t like I won’t do it.”

Sinclaire, who submitted her own photos, was also in the October issue of Hustler as a MySpace girl. As a result, she got an eight page spread out of it.

“And I just went to Hustler and I’m going to be doing a test shoot,” she reports. “Hopefully I’ll have a real spread in Hustler.”

An obvious expert in time management, Sinclaire’s also a Burlesque performer which has taken her act around the world.

“And I also have online sex classes on my website,,” she adds.

“I have all kinds of things- fetish sex, regular sex. And if you Google me you can find my burlesque videos.”

As you might gather, Sinclaire’s passion is travelling. And she was to India this year.

“I’ve been everywhere in the world,” she observes. “I fit that in between my work.”

As a youngster, the peripatetic Sinclaire lived in nine different states and went to 15 different schools. The longest she’s lived anywhere was six years in Charleston, South Carolina when she went to college. Her parents were divorced. Her father went his way, her mother went hers. Because no one had custody, the kids in the family decided who would live with whom.

“If I got tired living with my dad, I’d live with my mom,” says Sinclaire.

“I don’t call anywhere home. My mom lives in Alaska and my dad lives in Georgia. My mom went to dental school and my dad’s a hairdresser. They were young and travelled. My mom’s a travel freak, too while my dad’s a homebody.”

In her travels, the place Sinclaire always goes back to four to six times a year is London.

“Why is a question that’s really hard to explain,” she continues.

“When I moved there I was right out of college and had an internship for a magazine. I had travelled all over the US, Canada and Mexico but I had never been overseas before. Before London I only ate chicken and hamburgers. I was very basic with food. London is where I changed.

“It helped me become a different person and just helped me grow. I met so many different people and it really helped me expand my horizons. So I just have this great memory of that and I just met wonderful people in London. So when I go back there I see my friends. And it’s funny because I really don’t like chicken any more! But I still eat hamburgers.”

Actually it doesn’t sound like Sinclaire would have time to wait in an In ‘n’ Out Burger line much less have a first sexual experience, but she did.

“It was in high school with this new kid- he was a football player,” she recalls. Sinclaire was about 15.

“I don’t really remember it to be honest with you. I just laid there. You don’t know what you’re doing. Oh, we’re going to have sex. I was, like, is it in? Because he wasn’t very big. I just remember him going oh, oh, oh, and he came. That was it and I’m like, oh is that what sex is all about? That’s kind of boring.”

“Yeah, so let’s do something else like travelling,” I suggest.

No surprise that Sinclaire broke up with the guy. After that she began dating older guys. She’s asked about the kind of man she’s attracted to.

“When I was younger I would go after looks and who was good-looking,” she answers.

“Now that I’ve gotten older, I like gentlemen because I was raised in the South half my life. So I like people who are respectful to women and pull out chairs. I’m into all that stuff. I like when a guy holds open the door. I don’t find that offensive or anything like that.

“I like someone I can talk to, who has a personality and you can laugh with and joke with. I have a sarcastic personality and I like someone who can take my jokes even if they’re not funny. I’m not into looks. I’ve dated a lot of good-looking guys and they’re not my type. But I do have a certain look which is tall and dark hair. But I’ve dated redheads and bald headed guys. I’m an equal opportunist. I don’t discriminate. I date all sizes.”

[Sinclaire is repped by David Samms P.R., 818-907-0509]


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