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Conversations with Summer Cummings

Summer Cummings came in Wednesday afternoon to do a dialogue scene for Tom Zupko’s Ass Alien. As opportunity presented itself, we had the following chat. I first talked to her back in 1991 when she was at Bruce Seven’s house to do a bondage shoot.

Gene: How long have you been a brunette.

Summer: Since June 25th of ’94.

Gene: Okay. I’m coming into this late in the game, eight years later.

Summer: I wanted to go more natural because it’s easier to keep up with.

Gene: I guess when I first met you, you were doing a shoot at Bruce Seven’s house.

Summer: It was. I think it was the end of ’91. It was The Power of Summer.

Gene: You were doing a bondage thing in his house. Was that your first shoot?

Summer: It was one of my very firsts

Gene: You were a dancer in San Francisco, and I think Glen Baren was raving about you guys.

Summer: Yep. I knew Glen and Lisa about that same time.

Gene: The memory isn’t too bad.

Summer: I’m blown away. That is good. I was crazy and got on a plane and went to Bruce’s house. I agreed to do all kinds of crazy things. It was fun

Gene: He beat your ass pretty good.

Summer: Oh my God! No one could use the crop like Bruce. Nobody.

Gene: What was it in the way that Bruce used the crop that made him full of crop.

Summer: It just had a sting like not other thing you could imagine. I was talking to Felecia about that actually and that was when I first met her. Wow, he could whack us with that crop like nobody else. He just knew the crop.

Gene: Bruce knew crop, I’ll say that. But you were no stranger to doing any kind of bondage.

Summer: No. I had worked at the O’Farrell Theatre and I had been doing sex shows and S&M shows. And I had actually worked for Duck Dumont in which I did my first spanking video. He hooked me up with Bruce. And it just got rolling from there.

Gene: What got you into dancing.

Summer: When I was in seventh grade I remember driving by the topless bar in the car with my mom. I said out loud, I’m going to work there some day. And she said don’t you ever say that again young lady. That’s when I knew I wanted to work there.

Gene: I’ve talked to a number of girls with similar stories.

Summer: I think it was because I wasn’t supposed to do that, so naturally I wanted to do that. I was raised strict. Really, really strict.

Gene: How strict.

Summer: Kind of a Catholic upbringing to where I wasn’t allowed to leave the front yard. I never even went out on a date with a guy in a car until I was almost 17. I was on a very short leash.

Gene: What finally made the leash longer at 17?

Summer: I just realized. What’s the worst that can happen if I sneak out.

Gene: Did you sneak out for this date?

Summer: Yeah. I did. I started sneaking out. Then I was so afraid to come home that I would stay out all night long and wait till the next day to come home.

Gene: Did anything happen on this date.

Summer: I would get on restriction and stupid things; but nothing that major. They didn’t kill me or anything. So I finally figured it out that I could do these things without too much havoc.

Gene: When was the first time you had sex?

Summer: I was 17.

Gene: Who was the lucky person.

Summer: It was this guy…he was new at my school.

Gene: You’re sitting there and it’s almost like your breasts are touching your nose.

Summer: There was a new guy from out of town- from Newport Beach. He was kind of a surfer guy and I was, like, I’m going to do it with him.

Gene: What was it about him.

Summer: Just because he was someone new, that I didn’t know. My town was small. He was the new guy and I wanted him first.

Gene: I always say this to guys, get ’em away from their base of operations.

Summer: It’s true. And there were a lot of us girls who wanted to get him first. I just made it my mission.

Gene: Was the mission satisfactory.

Summer: It was okay; Of course it hurt a little bit but I thought it’s got to get better. Because why are all these people saying how great it is. It must get better. But the strange thing is the next time we had sex I asked him if we could try it in my butt! I don’t know where I got this idea. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t know where I would even know about that. So I asked him and he said I guess so. He’d never even had sex, ever. He was a little freaked out, too. But I wanted to try and I don’t know why. He was like, are you sure? I’m like let’s do it.

Gene: So he rode the brown curl.

There’s a little bit of Ass Alien in all of us

Summer: I actually liked that better than the other position, personally. I would say they’re pretty much equal. I like anal a lot. But I like regular sex, too. It depends. I’d give them equal, but I don’t know what made me even know about that to ask. And I made my best friend do an anal, too, with her boyfriend to try it.

Gene: Like a lax experiment.

Summer: We were planning it out. Okay, we’re going to lose our virginity- not we’re going to try anal. It was weird how we did it.

Gene: I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation where you’re discussing all of this.

Summer: We planned it out

Gene: You had an instinct to know to go about doing it, to lube up.

Summer: Yeah. We learned some of the sex stuff at school. We did have a sex ed. class. And my mom- I could ask her things about it. She would tell me. She wouldn’t want to, but she did.

Gene: Mom’s keeping you on a short leash but she’s answering questions about this kind of stuff?

Summer: Yeah. I asked her some things. She said, well you know, it’s for when you’re married but I will tell you what this is.

Gene: I take it mom did it.

Summer: Yeah. I asked her about blow jobs and she told me about them. She didn’t want to. I could tell, but she did.

Gene: You mom must have been pretty hot.

Summer: She actually is hot, still. But I don’t know what got me curious about all these strange other things.

Gene: You’re a young kid saying you want to take your clothes off some day.

Summer: I wanted to work at the strip club for sure.

Gene: Out of high school was that the first thing.

Summer: I was actually not even graduated yet. I was 17 and started dancing at this topless club. I finished school and graduated while working at this topless club- until one of the girls told on me that I wasn’t old enough. I got in trouble for working there so they told me I couldn’t come back. This was in Reno. Then I heard you could be 18 in California. I finished school and with $40 in my pocket took off to San Francisco.

Gene: To the O’Farrell?

Summer [laughing]: No, that wasn’t my first stop. My first stop was Big Al’s on Broadway.

Gene: BIG AL!! I’ve never known a little Al. Every Al I knew was a Big Al.

Summer: It was the first place I saw and I asked if I could have a job. I started working there.

Gene: The O’Farrell must have been something of a culture shock.

Summer: I had heard about it, but what they try to do at the smaller clubs is tell you how bad it was so you wouldn’t ever want to go there. They tell you things that aren’t true. So you’d be afraid.

Gene: They tell you Artie Mitchell stories.

Summer: I knew Artie so well. Artie was the coolest guy. He and I hung out a lot when I first went there. He was a wacko but a fun wacko. I actually got along with both Jim and Artie…so when I first went there I found out that everything that was told me was a lie. You didn’t have to do videos and all of this stuff. None of that was true. So I started working there and was there for a very long time- until I met Duck from Redboard; and that’s when I did my spanking movie. But at the O’Farrell I learned about things like fisting. I never even knew that was physically possible. I never even knew there was something like that. There were lesbians there who were doing fisting and all kinds of stuff. They were teaching me all these things and I was in a whole new world.

Gene: Did either of the Mitchells come on to you?

Summer: Not really. They were busy with so many girls and things going on. And most of the time they had girl friends almost ll the time. They were pretty tight with their girlfriends. They would bring in other people. But I never got together with either of them.

Gene: How long did you work there?

Summer: Six years. I think what happened there, I felt like I had done everything I wanted to do and was ready to move on to something different. I was ready to move to a different city and try some different things.

Gene: You were doing mostly bondage movies.

Summer: At the very beginning I was doing only bondage stuff. Then I met Skye Blue at the Palomino Club in Las Vegas. She said, oh, you work for Bruce Seven. I’ve worked for him two. We were the only two girls at this club who had done anything in the adult industry. All the other girls thought we were disgusting and that it was vulgar. So when I met her she had already been doing some girl-girl movies. Then her and I got together and we decided we kind of liked each other. I was married to a guy at the time, but when I met her we had a spark for each other. My husband was like if you want to get together with her, get together with her. We had an open marriage thing going. So I got together with her and then all my time was spent with her and I wasn’t paying attention to him anymore. I thought that was kind of unfair. So I told him I’m going to take two weeks and make a choice; I’m going to decide something. I don’t think it’s fair. I made a choice. I said I don’t want to be married any more. I think I want to do porno movies, and feature and stuff like that right now. And he wanted to have a kid. I didn’t. I wasn’t ready for that right then. So we basically went our separate ways on good terms. We still talk. He’s re-married and has kids and stuff. Skye and I went on our kinky way doing more movies for Bruce. That’s when we did the Buttslammers series and it kind of snowballed. She was the only person that would let me do the weirdest stuff and she would do it with me. Everyone else was that’s a bit much.

Gene: You guys have been together how long.

Summer: 8 1/2 years. She’s the only one strange enough to deal with all my weirdness.

Gene: Maybe a stupid question to ask but have you gone through nuptials.

Summer: No. We don’t want to be married or committed to anything. We just want to take life day by day. You never know what you’ll feel tomorrow.

Gene: She runs a studio.

Summer: Yes.

Gene: Are you involved in that?

Summer: It’s her project. We each do our very own things. Although our names are linked together, business-wise we have two different kinds of things we like to do. She’s very into the business aspect of it and directing and having her own studio. She likes a lot of that and doing scenes. But I like feature dancing on the road, too. She doesn’t. She’s like go ahead as long as you want to have fun. I’m not into the end of directing. I don’t want to be a director. I don’t mind writing some movies because I like to have creative input. But I do not want to be a director. At all. I still feature dance.

Gene: You’ve only done a couple of boy-girl scenes.

Summer: Yes. That was at the beginning of my career. I did two scenes and those were with my husband. That’s it. He was using the name Rocco Sands.

Gene: Him and him alone. The only other things I’ve done recently- I did a scene with Anthony Crane where he ate my pussy and fucked me with a dildo. I did one like that with Mark Davis as well. I did a scene with Hank Armstrong where he fucked my tits. I’ve done little things here and there but never full fucking with a guy.

Gene: Was that because of the relationship.

Summer: Originally it was, and then we were like maybe we should start doing boy-girl movies but thought why do that. Then we’re not Summer and Skye any more and that leaves nothing cool about us. Then we’re just two slutty whore chicks who fuck guys too. We have this cool Summer and Skye-thing going and fans really dig it. And then we’re thinking are we going to blow it? We didn’t want to fuck up our whole fan deal. They’re so into it. I just had this guy ask me recently, do you guys sleep in the same bed together? I said, yessssss. We live together. I should think so. He was like, oh my God. That is so hot!

Gene: After 8 1/2 years and doing everything you could possibly do to each other, is there still a sexual spark? The seven year itch and all that.

Summer [laughing]: I know. I can fully understand that. I have to tell you, I still get turned on when she hugs me. When I feel her pelvic pone touching my pelvic bone I still get turned on. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I do.

Gene: Maybe you’re confusing the pelvic bone with the funny bone.

Summer: I get turned on about a lot of things. And it’s such a dumb thing. Just hugging. I’ll say do you feel that and she’s like you’re such a fucking weirdo. But we still have a spark and as long as it’s there why ruin it? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Gene: What was the initial chemistry?

Summer: I don’t know because I was never into women that much. I did sex shows with tons of women but had never been in a relationship with one. I had little flings with them but I’m not primarily into women. I actually like men more. But she just has a really cool persona. She’s really strong willed and really kind of bossy. I know she looks really feminine but she has a butchness about her, too, that I like. That must be what it was.

Gene: Being as long in the business as you have, have you pretty much stayed out of drama.

Summer: I’m really a laid back person. If there’s someone I don’t mesh with I won’t spend time around them.

Gene: You’re not exactly the industry social butterfly.

Summer: I don’t go to every single function and event. I go to the ones that I like and the things that interest me. If they don’t I won’t be there.

Gene: Do you like yourself better as a blond or a brunette?

Summer: I like myself better as a brunette. I think it fits who I really am deep down inside. I got a lot of attention as a blond but I’m not sure it was good attention. I think I take myself more seriously as a brunette.

Gene: You were raised Catholic?

Summer: Yes.

Gene: What is it about Catholic girls and a good crack on the ass?

Summer: My parents didn’t spank me. My dad maybe spanked me three times and it’s only because my mom made him. I must have done something really screwed. And he would barely do. But I think it was that constant threat- you’re going to get a spanking, you’re going to get a beating. I remember my mom saying I’m going to spank you right here in the store in front of all these people. And it was funny because Skye’s mom says now you get spanked in front of people. Maybe it was hearing it so much, I don’t know.

Gene: What was that first shoot with Redboard like.

Summer: I liked it. It was a lot of fun. I thought it was interesting and I wanted to learn more about it. And I was hoping my parents didn’t see it.

Gene: We you always an exhibitionist.

Summer: Yeah because I had twin sisters growing up and I had to compete for attention. They were one year younger. To get that attention I had to get in trouble and do things that would get me attention.

Gene: How did you and the surfer guy break it off.

Summer: We were together like a year and a half.

Gene: That’s a long term of endearment for a surfer guy.

Summer: I was in love with that guy. I would have done ANYTHING for him. And he got really good in bed, later. But we got in a little bit of trouble together and he ended up moving back to Newport Beach with his parents.

Gene: It’s not like you robbed banks or anything like that.

Summer: No. We ran away to Mexico with his surfboard. We took his parents’ car and ran away with my best friend and her boyfriend. And we swore we were going to live in Mexico forever.

Gene: Sounds like a Brad Pitt movie.

Summer: Right, but money ran short.

Gene: It wasn’t like you were turning tricks in Encinada for gas money.

Summer: No. We went back to San Diego. We had no money and called our parents.

Gene: How long did that last?

Summer: I think it was about a week and a half. His parents were like, no more. You’re not seeing that girl any more.

Gene: Broke your heart:

Summer: Oh God. I was devastated. It took me about a year to get over that one.

Gene: How did you meet your husband?

Summer: Working at the O’Farrell. He used to box at a gym down the street. Sometime he’d come in after a workout.

Gene: Did he look like your typical boxer?

Summer: Totally New Yorker guy. Italian New Yorker.

Gene: An immediate attraction there?

Summer: Yeah, I think. I always went for that bad kind of person.

Gene: The bad boy. How long before you two finally got married.

Summer: I think maybe a little less than a year and we were married for four years. Then I met Skye. We got divorced and Skye and I have been together since.

Gene: That must have gone over real good with the Italian guy, being dumped for a woman.

Summer: Not really. At first he was Mister Open Minded but the open mindedness changed when I was spending all this time with her. Then when I told him I didn’t want to stay married any more, then he got pissed. That’s when the shit hit the fan. He was really, really irate. It took years for him to mellow out and get over it. But recently this year we talked on the phone and he said I figured since you guys are still together, I guess it’s good that you’re with her. She must really like you a lot and you guys must be meant for each other if it’s been this long. Tell her no more hard feelings.

Gene: Maybe you didn’t know it at the time but you were probably more naturally inclined towards a woman.

Summer: I don’t know. I can’t debate that. Maybe. Even now when I’m out in public I don’t look at women and go, oh, I’d like to get together with her. I look at guys and go he’s hot. And I don’t know why. And even Skye does it, too. We’ll be watching TV and be, he’s hot.

Gene: You guys are throwing out mixed signals.

Summer: Maybe it’s not about if they’re a woman or a man; it has to be someone I feel an attraction to. It could be either but it has to be someone I’m attracted to.

Gene: Is it the length of a guy’s surfboard that does it?

Summer [laughs]: Surrrreeee


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