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Conversations with Vanessa Blue- 8/25/07

Porn Valley- I’m in a middle of a chat with Vanessa Blue. We’re talking about some of her current projects including a movie she just completed for Adam & Eve when a bee makes its way into the room in an obvious attempt to audition. Waving her hands like frantic windmills, Vanessa’s freaking out.

But not as much as when Orpheus approaches her with a request. Orpheus is a thick man with a broad face and a loud, booming laugh.

Orpheus has also got a show on PrimeTimeUncensored, and wants to tie Vanessa’s sister up. Maybe perhaps set her on fire, as well. Which is Orpheus’ BDSM specialty.

Vanessa’s giving him a look as though he’s a complete lunatic then recomposes herself in her usual mild voice.

“I can understand the lure of my little sister, that she just turned 18 and is a porn star’s sister,” Blue tells Orpheus.

“It’s like the sweet wine that’s sitting across the table and you’re thirsty and the palate is dry. But come on, man! We’re not like the Addams Family!”

Orpheus is protesting to say it’ll be only a little tie-up.

“I would not touch her or spank her,” Orpheus vows.

“You have to touch her in order to tie her up!” Blue rejoins. “Are we really having a conversation about tieing up my little sister? We are really having this conversation?”

Orpheus then tried appealing to Blue’s sense of being the station manager and director of programming.

“You’re contributing to the content on the show- you are the primal force behind the programs that are available here,” Orpheus argues while laying it on thick with a trowel.

“All you have to do is work with me. The bottom is falling out. My guest didn’t come through, and my co-host isn’t here.”

Orpheus continues to plead to Blue’s sense of “good conscience”.

Orpheus is selling, but Blue’s apparently not buying. Orpheus then resorts to the pretty please with sugar on it gambit with a bit of wounded puppy dog face thrown in.

“I just want to tie her up!” he says likening it to a game of cowboys & Indians.

“We ain’t Indians,” Blue replies.

It’s pitiful to see a grown man whine, and Blue’s truly unmoved by the performance. She tells Orpheus as much. So Blue’s apparently established the last word, though Orpheus asks if she’ll stand in, instead.

“No, not if Mike walks around the corner,” she answers. Mike is attorney Michael Fattorosi. He and Blue have been together over a year.

“I’ve been sucking his dick the last year and a half,” Blue tells Orpheus.

I ask Blue if she was like her sister at the age of 18. Blue asks what do I mean by that.

“Very sweet, very nice…” I say.

Blue was an only child for a very long time. Until she was 15.

“So I was a weird kid,” she states. “By the time they [her sisters] came, my mother said, okay, since there’s twins, one’s yours. One’s mine.”

“How did your parents deal with you?” Blue is asked.

“I think I was like any other only child,” she continues. “I was weird. My mom didn’t want me to get dirty so she had me watch the other kids play outside. So I don’t interact well with groups of people. That’s why you don’t see me at the parties. I can’t stand being in a crwod.”

As a kid, Blue moved around a lot, made friends, but not too many, according to her.

“I wouldn’t say I was a loner but I liked the company and playing with boys more than girl,” she adds. “I wouldn’t say I was a full tomboy, but I was pretty close.”

Blue was 15 the first time she had sex, despite the efforts of her mother.

“She said I’m going to keep you from getting into trouble, and she made me volunteer at a hospital- in fact it’s the hospital I was born in.”

In any event, Blue wound up losing her virginity to a 23 year-old phlebotomist.

“He was a cool guy but was a sneaky one,” recalls Blue. “He said whatever he needed to say and took my virginity. But he didn’t have to say much. I was a young girl. But I didn’t think he had to talk me into it.”

You would have hoped for a hospital broom closet story, but Blue and the phlebotomist wound up doing it at his apartment. There was no date, only to his apartment.

“We lied to my mother,” she says. “I remember losing my virginity to Baby Face.” [The singer, not the porn movie.]

“I just remembered thinking, is that it?” adds Blue. “Okay, I did it a few more times and I really wasn’t that interested. For awhile- until I realized this guy isn’t ever going to take me out on a date.”

Blue thinks she got a little bit of her wild streak from her grandparents. According to Blue, her grandparents had the largest porn collection she could recall having ever seen.

“I long time ago had exposure to sex,” she smiles. “And I’ve been playing with myself forever.”

The collection, says Blue, included porn’s Golden classics, like Georgina Spelvin and Seka movies.

“And I saw people really enjoying sex,” she adds. “I saw the industry and thought, wow, I wouldn’t be offended doing that. It looks like it’s fun And my grandparents were freaks. I remember the first time ever seeing crotchless panties. I was helping my grandmother fold her lingerie. I’m, like, you have three legs grandma?”

Asked if she blossomed early into the full figure of womanhood you see now, Blue thinks she mave have had a full D-cup by the time she was 18.

“Breasts run in the family,” she says. “And for some reason, ass runs on one side and titties run on the other. I’m still growing. I thought I needed to get bigger [she’s had an enhancement] but they keep growing on their own. If I had known that, I would never have got the implants.”

Which brings the story to the time Blue moved to Nebraska at age 22.

“My family wasn’t in approval of me dating a white guy,” she continues. “I said, okay, fuck you guys.” [The phlebotomist was a black guy.]

“I’ve dated men of all races,” Blue proclaims. “But my family especially didn’t like the white guy. Just because he was white.”

In Blue’s current romantic situation, she says she doesn’t really speak to her folks now and doesn’t care what their opinions might be.

“I’m not going to say one race has treated me better than the other,” she says. “I just say I like to date men who behave a certain way. And that’s not race-specific.”

For her part, Blue dates men who are leaders.

“The Type A personality,” she notes. “The guy who is not angry-aggressive although I sometimes make the mistake and end up with that guy. But I like the guy who likes to leave his print, the flag planter.”

[One can almost envision an Iwo Jima gangbang with that remark.]

Blue calls it your typical “elevation to porn,” when she first started dancing and subsequently moved to other forms of entertainment.

“I went from dancing to fetish and then from there into porn,” she says.

Tired of office work, Blue began dancing in a little club in Orange County called The Fun House.

“It was a bikini bar, really nice,” she recalls, loving its unusual environment.

“From there you learn the game and start meeting people,” she explains.

“Guys start hitting on you?” I ask her.

“I did all the normal thing strippers do,” she answers. “I’m dancing, you grind on guys, you meet people. You start messing with girls.”

But no romantic sparks, according to her.

“Absolutely not,” she says. “I knew I’ve always been attracted to a certain type of guy. And I knew I wouldn’t meet that type of guy in a strip club. One guy I was with for a long time I did meet at a [nudie] club. He was the water guy. That was the guy I moved to Nebraska with.”

During this time, Blue met porn star Kitten and they became friends and Blue began dancing at other clubs.

“Once you start bikini dancing you work into taking your clothes off,” she says. “I started dancing at nudie bars and that’s when I met that guy.” Blue refers to the water guy as “James”.

“Was he a Type A water guy?” Blue is asked.

“No!” she laughs.

“But that’s the kind of guy you said you’re attracted to- the take charge water guy.”

“No, I think he was just aggressive enough to catch my attention,” she says. “And at that time I was making so much money it would be hard to find a guy who wouldn’t be intimidated or have issues.”

Once Blue told her family about “James” they wanted to know if she was serious about him.

“I said, yeah, we’re going to move in together, it’s going to be great. And we bought a dog together and we became a family. Suddenly we had this bond and my family was, oh, you’re going to live with him? It’s not going to work. You’re going to choose- us or him. I’m, like, are you serious? You’re going to make me choose? This guy’s not kicking my ass. He’s not hopped up on drugs. We’e actually good together. Well, then, you don’t love me. You want to control me. I don’t want that. So we agreed if we can both do better outside of California, let’s give it a try.”

Blue’s choice of Nebraska was dictated by the fact that she had more family there.

“I heard about the money and how well you can get paid there,” she states.

“I went there and started working at a club that still may very well be the only nudie bar in Nebraska. It’s called Shakers. In Waverly. And most nights I’d be the only black girl. And I made so much money. You just live there for a few years. And while I was there I got bored. So I got fake boobs because now I had the money. So I went in and got them done.”

“God punished me,” Blue laughs in summation. “One was swept left and one was okay. So I had to get them done again. And while I was in there I said, okay, make them bigger!”

Blue and “James” were together for another year then Kitten came back into the picture. Blue decided she didn’t want to be with James any more and so broke up with him.

“The call of the wild- the open road- Thelma and Louise,” I suggest to Blue. Blue admits that she and Kitten have gotten into their fair share of trouble.

“Yeah a few perilous situations way back when,” admits Blue. “But I haven’t spoken to her in a long time.”

Asked what she said to James the water boy, Blue told him it wasn’t working out.

“And I had my reasons,” she says. “He wasn’t doing right by the situation. He had a situation and we had an agreement that he was going to take care of. His other priorities were back here in California. [Sounds like an outstanding warrant.]

“He didn’t do that. Once I found out about that it was easy to break up with him, anyway.”

Blue moved back to California the end of 1999 and resumed the porn career she began earlier when she had about 17 scenes under her belt.

“Once I met Kitten she talked me into doing porn,” Blue states, explaining the hole in the chronology.

“Then I stopped. I said this wasn’t for me. I don’t like what I see. Then I quit. And that’s the way it’s always been since I’ve been doing adult. I’d work for a little while. Then I’d disappear for a few years.”

Blue’s first time in front of the camera was for a movie titled Black Snatch.

“My second movie was Dirty Debutantes #61, Ed Powers” she adds.

But Jake Steed was the first guy she ever worked with. Regarding the Powers movie and others, Blue said she was lying to herself to think she could do this movie and not be caught.

“My family would never know,” she figured. “I researched Ed Powers and thought no way was he going to put us on the boxcover. We didn’t get the box of Black Snatch. And up to volume 61, there are no sisters on the boxes anywhere. And, sure enough, there we are. I’m, like, ugh. My life’s over.”

In another period of her porn life, Blue moved to Las Vegas.

“I liked Vegas a lot,” she remarks. “I danced at Cheetah’s. It was probably the only club that would hire me.”

Blue explains her comment to say that she and Kitten went around to a lot of clubs which wouldn’t hire them. According to Blue she’s probably encountered some form of prejudice at every club she’s ever worked at.

“Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s right in your face,” she says.

When she and Kitten were hired, it was also explained why they wouldn’t get a good shift.

“At least I could say that was the one thing that was cool about them,” she adds.

“They were, like, look. We’d give you guys better shifts but you came in together. They said it’s a good thing we like both of you because if we didn’t like one of you, we wouldn’t hire either one of you. We’d let both of you walk right out the door. I wondered if that was happening at the other clubs, maybe they didn’t like the look of one of us…I don’t know.”

In some instances Blue would be told by a club that they have enough black girls.

“Or sometimes they’d say, no, we’re not hiring or you won’t make it past the security guard, and he’s just a dick. Okay, whatever.”

In any event, Blue thinks Vegas was cool although she didn’t have a good night time shift. She worked mid days.

“I guess I was one of the oooga-boogas, one of the ugly girls that you’d fuck with the lights off,” she comments. “But I worked and it was good, although I’ve never been a greedy stripper. If I could make $200 a day that’s more than the average person gets. And I’m good with that.”

Blue also remembers working on 9/11. She walked around the club and no one wanted a lap dance.

“People were just staring at the buildings going down,” she says. “It hit me, like, this shit could be over. I’m really not going to make any money and I’m trapped here. What else am I going to do if everything fell apart for me?”

That’s when Blue gut busy learning computer technology. She bought some books and taught herself how to build her own website.

“My grandfather always had computers,” she notes. “Growing up I always had a new computer as long as I could remember. My grandfather always gave me one or built one for me. So I’ve always had access or exposure to that. I’m probably more comfortable with a computer than I am with a human.”

I’ve heard similar stories from people who told me they’d had to tweak and do drugs in the learning process.

“Hot tea and coffee- I’ll do that all night long,” Blue chuckles. “You drink cups of Lipton tea.”

Except Blue wasn’t happy, originally, with the look of her site,

“It was cheesy as fuck,” she remembers. “There had always been a guy around trying to build me a website but it never got anywhere because halfway through, he’d want a payment that I wasn’t going to give.

“And I’d pull out saying I’m not going to fuck you for a website,” she continues. “Because I could do it myself, I said fuck this.”

With the help of some friends [and some pirated software, she’s sorry to say], Blue was able to accomplish her initiatives. She recalls getting 30 sign-ups the day she launched.

“My first check was for $1,000,” she recalls. “I’m doing this!”

To add content to her site, Blue went to some of the girls she knew from the clubs.

“When the ho wasn’t working I’d bring her to my house and shoot her. That’s how I got my practice,” Blue says. “Then I’d have to edit it myself. Then on the internet I met this guy named Clint. I shot and directed a little bit of stuff for him.”

Blue recalls how she could network by dancing at Cheetah’s.

“Every convention in town comes through,” she notes. “You meet all these people. You meet cowboys, businessmen; you meet computer geeks. You meet the guys who trick people at the tables or know how to mess with the slot machines. You meet all kinds of people. So one person connects you to another, connects you to another. From there I just stayed in touch with people.”

But Blue always knew one thing- she wanted to direct porn, creating, in a sense, what she remembered seeing growing up. Which brings us back to the Adam & Eve movie.

This is Blue’s second feature for the company and it’s titled Taking Memphis. It stars Alana Evans and Alexis Silver.

They’re two lovers and one of them [Evans] is a female cop as Blue explains it. Silver’s the girlfriend who just lounges around the house, and Evans is in pursuit of an art thief who’s a bit of a peeping Tom.

“At the end of the movie she discovers who the real thief is and realizes she’s been taken,” Blue says.

Asked what her thinking was behind her selection of Evans for the starring role, Blue comments, “Alana Evans is one of the few women I’ve seen in this business that oozes sexuality where it doesn’t feel like it’s fake.”

“And I can say the same with Alexis,” she adds. “I don’t want to use the word whore but those girls- there’s something about them that says I’m going to suck you stupid. Those girls just give off that energy. And the one thing I don’t see in adult is the casting of a black girl and a white girl in the leads in a feature. You don’t really see black girls in the lead of too many features these days. Video Team- when they stopped doing it- it stopped getting done.”

“With West Coast you’ve got Bishop and he’s starting up the features. He’s a tough act to follow but I’m going to try.”

The first movie Blue shot for Adam & Eve was Dark Confessions. It didn’t really have a star per se although Marie Luv and Tyler Knight ended up on the boxcover.

“The movie was basically about brand new couples confessing their dark secrets about each other,” says Blue. “When you’re in the beginning with someone there’s stuff you want to do, and you can imagine doing all this kinky-stuff which you don’t necessarily get to do. We just kind of exploited that newness.”

Other than that, the only time Blue worked for Adam & Eve is when she did a scene for Roy Karch.

“That was really my first exposure to Adam & Eve,” she says. “And that’s a humongous company.”

When she’s not doing her own show at PTU on Friday nights at 9pm, Blue can be heard on Playboy Radio, Wednesdays, on Sirius.

“My show is Private Calls and we talk about anything sexual,” she notes. “I pretty much come up with the topics and it’s always something sexual, like: Can you trust your woman if she’s talking to her ex-boyfriend? Then all the guys call in or, okay, guys, when you ask us how many men we’ve slept with, what kind of answer do you want? How many is too many? And we spend two hours discussing all kinds of personal, sexual topics.”

Blue is asked if she ever faces a program wondering how she’s going to fill two hours of air time. She laughs.

“I don’t think it’s hard for me to fill up two hours on radio,” she smiles.

“But to do it staring at a camera- it’s hard to do and be interesting. I can be a filthy, gutter-mouth whore on radio for two hours and it’s funny to everybody. But you can’t do that on camera because it doesn’t come across the same. That hasn’t been my porn image.”

Blue translates all of this to mean that it’s difficult keeping a straight face sometimes.

“After awhile you begin to take yourself a little too seriously,” she says.

“But then the show ends and you walk away saying I can’ believe I just said that stuff. But I love that.”

For a short period, Blue also co-hosted a KSEX show along with her former fiance Lexington Steele.

“That was a very short lived show,” she observes in a tone suggesting the less said about it the better.

“But it was a sampler of what was to come,” she laughs.

Seeing as how she brought up Steele’s name earlier, Blue is asked about how they met. Blue says they met at a convention and eventually did a show on Playboy TV together. Steele, of course, fell into that Alpha male profile that Blue so much likes.

“He is a leader and an aggressive one,” she says. “He chased me around for a long time before I would date him. Up until that point I was, like, no, I don’t want to get serious about anybody.”

As Steele began Mercenary, Blue would direct for him though she had no financial interest in the company.

“We had an agreement,” states Blue. “And I don’t even know how far I can go with that because my lawyer’s [Fattorosi] in the room. I don’t want to go that far.”

But from what is said, however, there’s pending litigation. Blue’s also asked what she doesn’t like about the industry.

“The fact that women are subject to the unncessary bullshit,” she answers.

“I think the industry lies to us a lot. I think if we were told the truth we wouldn’t be doing this.”

Asked what she means by that, Blue says, “There is a person who I may or may not have shot for at one point in time who knowingly put the girls on set and they’re working with somebody who may not know they’ve had a break out.

“When I came, in the STDs weren’t rampant as it is right now. There were no spider bites when I was doing porn. We didn’t see that shit. Girls didn’t come on set with herpes. I never worked with a gitl who had a yeast infection. I never saw that. And some of the agents are all about the money.”

Reducing it to the level of agents being “pimps,” Blue contends that “They’re not taking the necessary steps to keep their hos healthy.”

“So you end up hurting your own business,” she continues.

“Because the girl gets sick and will eventually have to quit because her body will wear out on her. Even worse. If you’re going to be a pimp, you’re not even a good pimp if you’re not taking care of your girls. And there are some agents who have a lot of girls and let those girls show up with stuff coming out of their coochies.”

As a director, Blue says she sees this all the time.

“And I’m telling the girls you have something. No one’s telling the girls how to take care of their bodies. No one’s on top of the girls. And for an industry where you have such a high turnover of young girls, the irresponsibilty just keeps the STDs circulating. Nobody’s really being responsible. Guys will show up sick. Guys know that they’ve just worked with a girl who is sick and they’ll go home and do their little cocktails and show up the next day thinking it’s okay, that they’ve burned all the stuff out of their system.

“Maybe you haven’t, but now you’re going to fuck this 18 year-old girl- she’s going to go home and fuck her boyfriend.”

Blue puts herself in the situation and says she would never consent to work with a guy knowing he had a breakout the week before.

“Maybe he took his medicine, maybe he didn’t. And the girl who’s got a yeast infection- do I want her putting her pussy in my face? Is it worth it for a boxcover? No. And it’s a sad state of affairs when we have to operate like that.”

According to Blue, she’s happy that Adam & Eve has given her the option to shoot a condom movie.

“If I want to, I can,” she says. “That’s the beauty of it.” Blue explains that she landed her directing gig by having a reel handy.

“It works pretty easily when you have one,” she includes, noting that back when she was with Mercenary there was a pending project with Adam & Eve that didn’t come through at the time.

“But that project had been approved and it was something I had written,” she adds. “So I always knew I could go over there. It’s just timing, I guess.”

After she left Mercenary, Blue went over to Hustler and DVSX.

“Then I took a shot with Adam & Eve- what’s the worse they can tell me? No?”

In any event, Blue, with a tinge of regret, notes that she and Kitten no longer keep in touch.

“What two girls in porn stay friends?” she wants to know. “I have yet to meet two girls who remain friends in this business. But now that I’m not doing scenes any more, I do miss her friendship because I haven’t really had a female friend since then. Yes I have friends outside of porn. But in porn?”

A couple of months ago Blue shot a music video and did an incredible job with it.

If ahe’s chomping at the bit with mainstream aspirations, Blue’s rather casual on the surface about it.

“I want to start working on my photography,” she concedes. “I’m a Gemini, and I have to have 700 things happening at once.”

Blue has to laugh because there’s a lot of Gemini in her family and Fattorosi is also under the sign. Blue will also be the first to tell you, she can be as volatile and unpredictable as any Gemini out there.

“You have to understand- I have to have 4,000 things happening at once or I’m not happy,” she declares.

“I want to work on my photography and I’ve thought about doing peoples’ head shots. Maybe doing something in the mainstream industry a little more.”

Asked what keeps her happy for now, Blue says, “I’m dating this really hot Italian attorney. And I have to have someone as crazy as me to keep up with me. Because if you move two paces slower than me you’re going to bore the crap put of me.”

And Blue, says yes to another question- that she can be the lioness who eats her young.

“I can be,” she laughs. “If I don’t have the guy who’s the aggressive go-getter, than I treat you like a bitch. And I’ve had some of those, and I liked it because I could treat them like a bitch and drag them off to their momma’s house.”


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