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From the Gene Files 11/9/2003- If the name Vicky Vette rings a familiar note, you might have heard it earlier this summer when Vette was in the middle of some controversy when she got injured on a set. here. But if you’re just tuning in and the story doesn’t register, though the face is familiar, you’ve no doubt also seen it on the cover of Evolution Erotica’s Sodomy Sandwiches.

Otherwise, the Vickster appeared in fine fettle when we talked to her on the set of The Adventures of Paolo Banana which is being shot for EvolutionErotica at the Beverly Hills home formerly owned by Pia Zedora.

Gene: You were in Sodomy Sandwiches.

Vette: Something like that.

Gene: So you’re pretty much up for anything.

Vette: I’m a real thrill seeker.

Gene: When was the first time you tried anal.

Vette: I don’t know; years ago. I’ve always liked anal. A lot of girls in the business do it for the money but I’m usually disappointed if there’s no anal in my scenes. I’ll even tell them.

Gene: How did you get started in this business.

Vette: I sent a Polaroid in to the Hustler Beaver Hunt. They made me a semi-finalist. They brought me out to do a shoot, a little four-page spread. That was in the December issue. I was the last semi-finalist for the year. The shoot went really, really well. They were really happy with it. They asked me while I was here to do Busty Beauties. I did that. They liked it and so I did a Busty Beauties video. The photographer who did the Busty Beauties layout then asked me if I wanted to do a girl-girl scene with Avy Scott for High Society. One thing just led to another with everybody networking together. Here I am now. I did two videos in June. Then I came back in July and did a whole bunch. Then I came back in August. I think I’ve done, definitely ober 40, now.

Gene: So was this the story of a small hometown girl who sent her Polaroid in.

Vette: I wouldn’t exactly say that.

Gene: Okay, it was a large hometown.

Vette: I’m a little older than the other girls in the industry. I guess I’m just a sex maniac at heart. This is the right industry for me to be in. I’ve held a lot of high-stress corporate jobs in the past.

Gene: Such as.

Vette: I used to run a computer wholesale company. I had up to 75 employees work for me.

Gene: That’s high stress.

Vette: Yeah, extremely.

Gene: But you were always this sex maniac working under the corporate pin-stripes.

Vette: I lived a double-life. Business suit, hair in a bun. You just never know by looking at people.

Gene: What prompted you to send a Polaroid.

Vette: I was always fascinated by porn. I always wanted to do it. I figured if I don’t do it now at the age I was, I never will. I never had the confidence in myself to do it before.

Gene: What kind of kid were you growing up.

Vette: I was a brat. The worst, horrible nightmare that any parents could ever want. I never listened to anyone.

Gene: Spoiled as in spoiled brat?

Vette: Not really. I pretty much raised myself. I was a tough kid. Rebel. I got kicked out of school. Always getting in trouble.

Gene: Sounds like you made up for it at the other end.

Vette: I was always free-spirited, a free-thinker.

Gene: When was the first time you had sex.

Vette: At 14. Kind of young, I guess. I had this boyfriend who was so sweet. He refused to have sex with me because I was 14 and he was 18. He kept telling me I was too young but I was determined. I kept trying and trying to convince this poor guy. I would tease him until he couldn’t take it any more and would take a cold shower. Or go home and jerk off. But he still wouldn’t do it. Being the little bitch I was, I borrowed my best friend’s boyfriend with her permission, of course. That’s how I lost my virginity. But it wasn’t that great the first time. It got better and better as I got older and less inhabited. I wasn’t afraid to tell people what I wanted and what I expected.

Gene: Where is probably the most outlandish place you’ve ever had sex.

Vette: Well…I mean everybody has car sex, right? With your ass sticking out the window and someone’s finger up your butt.

Gene: Sounds like you’re speaking from experience.

Vette: With all the truckers passing by shining their flashlights on you. On a motorcycle?

Gene: Parked or moving?

Vette: It was at 100 mph. I guess in Clinton’s idea it really wasn’t sex. I was giving a guy a handjob while he was driving. It was kind of neat seeing the cum flying through the air at 100 mph. It landed on some other person’s windshield. They had to turn their wipers on. They didn’t know what it was.

Gene: When was your first girl.

Vette: It was one of those ads in the paper. I started swinging about 15 years ago. Never stopped since.

Gene: You travel back and forth.

Vette: I live in Georgia.

Gene: You must have shot with Mike South.

Vette: No, but I know him. It’s really funny. He kept trying to get me to shoot with him. He found me on a modeling website and I kind of put him off. I wasn’t really decided if I was going to take the plunge into porn. I was doing fine art nudes, that type of modeling. A lot of people contacted me and I said, no, no. I’m going to stick with what I’m doing for now. Next thing you know I’m out here and just jumped into it with both feet. My very first scene I did was a d.p. So was my second one.

Gene: What was the story involving Robert Ferrara.

Vette: I don’t even remember all of the details. Robert Ferrara was kind of pissed off because he wanted me to work for him and be my agent. And then I signed up exclusively with Direct Models.

Gene: There was like a war over you?

Vette: Yeah. I suppose.

Gene: And you had a bad shoot with Anabolic.

Vette: Yes I did. It was my second shoot that I ever did. I didn’t know what I was doing, I guess. I got hurt. I don’t think it was their fault, I didn’t do it on purpose. I was in pain while we were doing it but I thought I’ll just go home and take a bath. It’ll be okay. In two days it’ll be fine. I didn’t realize the extent of it.

Gene: There was a lot of concern for you.

Vette: I had to go to the doctor. And I couldn’t work for the next two works. That’s why in June I only did two videos. I came out here intending to work but couldn’t for the rest of the time. I could only do photo shoots and a couple of blowjob scenes- things like that.

Gene: This obviously didn’t sour you on the business.

Vette: I guess I have enough lust in me that I chalked it up to a bad experience and you learn from that.



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