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Conversations with Yurizan Beltran; Nominated for Best Web Starlet- 12/22/08

Yurizan Beltran celebrates five years in the business with a nomination this year for “Best Web Starlet.”

“I was very honored and very happy about that,” Beltran says.

Her website is and it’s been up for four years for which Beltran performs solo, nude, erotic and softcore girl-girl.

“They’re really good pictures,” she says. “They’re high definition along with high-definition videos. I’m really honored to have received that nomination.”

Beltran began modeling when she was 18 and it was a line of work she pretty much fell into it.

“It wasn’t something where I said, hey, I want to grow up and be a nude model,” she explains.

“But I did it one time and I really liked it- I did fine arts stuff- and I was comfortable with my body. So, why not?”

The way it all got started is when Beltran got approached with the idea of modeling. She was 17 at the time and working at McDonald’s.

“This guy named Burt approached me and asked if I ever thought about it. I said, yeah, it’s gone through my head but I can’t really do it- I don’t know what to do in order to become a model. So he kind of took me under his wing and I started doing a lot of car-stuff.”

By the time she was 18, Beltran was on the cover of Low Rider magazine posing in a very skimpy gold bikini.

“It was like this Aztec queen-thing and I was posing in a big ten pound headpiece,” says Beltran. “That’s when people started taking notice of me.”

A representative from then contacted her with the idea of nude modeling. By this time Beltran was ready for it. And the world was ready to see Beltran naked. Two days later she flew to Arizona for a shoot.

“I really enjoyed it,” she recalls. “I was comfortable and it was fine.”

The idea to start a website came from a photographer friend who was shooting Beltran.

“And it was a success,” says Beltran who apparently avoided a lot of the drama most women encounter in such projects.

“I was lucky enough to meet and be surrounded by good people,” she says.

“And I’m still working with them. It was a 50-50 ownership. He put in his half, I put in my half and it worked well that way.”

Beltran doesn’t do boy-girl scenes.

“I’m not going to say I’ll never ever do that,” she comments.

“I’m comfortable right now where I’m at, and I don’t feel I have to do it at the moment. It’s not something I don’t really want to do but I’m not going to say never, ever, because who knows what’s going to happen in the future?”

So far Beltran has been able to pay her way through nursing school with this business model. Once she’s done with school, Beltran will become a registered nurse and plans on entering the field of labor and delivery.

“For a year I worked at a hospital and I worked in a lab with high risk pregnancy and really got into it,” she adds.

“It’s lovable to bring babies into the world and once you do it, you just fall in love with it.”

As a kid Beltran was very shy and was raised in a Jehovah’s Witnesses family.

“Did they drag you around where you had to go knockin’ on doors, handing out Watch Towers?” she’s asked.

“Actually I enjoyed it,” laughs Beltran. “Up until I was 12. Then I told my mom I don’t think this is for me. My mom got very upset with me.”

To explain how she felt, Beltran said she was just tired of having the bible put before homework.

“And you’re studying the bible up and down,” she continues.

“You wake up six in the morning to go off to corners and pass out Watch Towers. And you do this until 12 o’clock- I was, mom, I don’t want to do this. This isn’t for me.”

[I thought the same way about accordion lessons.]

Beltran said it was hard growing up like that where she saw her friends celebrating birthdays and Christmas and Halloween.

“You feel left out because your friends ask you what did you get for Christmas and you’re telling them I’m a Jehovah’s Witness,” she says.

“And they go, sorry. It’s sad to put a kid through that. Very, very said.”

Resultantly, Beltran was raised in a schematic of don’ts.

“My mom was very strict with me. I only grew up with my father because my father wasn’t around. So she was very strict, especially, because she had four very beautiful girls. [Two remained in the religion, the other sister got out.]

“She wouldn’t let me wear provocative clothes,” Beltran continues. “She wouldn’t let me date. All those “nos” became, well, I want to do this.”

As time went on, the relationship between Beltran and her mom got “out of control” in her words.

“I felt like I didn’t have a mother because all she wanted to talk to me about was the bible. And most of the things I did she didn’t agree with.”

Beltran began dating on the sneak when she was 14. And dating in any form was pretty much frowned upon.

“Dating was only meant for people that are going to get married,” explains Beltran.

“You weren’t allowed to date until you found the one you’re going to marry.”

[Obviously the try before you buy principle was also frowned upon.]

Then Beltran began having sex on the sly at the age of 15.

“I was in high school and I had ditched classes,” Beltran recalls. “I went to a friend’s house, and my boyfriend happened to be there. That’s how it happened. It was awkward but I never wish I didn’t do it.”

Asked if she was beset with religious guilt once she crossed the line, Beltran says no. As a student, she describes herself as being average. Probably because she didn’t care much for school. And she was home schooled also because she didn’t get along with the other girls.

“Girls were really mean to me,” she says.

“I grew up in Long beach and there’s a lot of Hispanic girls and for some reason they didn’t like me. I don’t know why. But school was torture for me to go through.”

But that didn’t stop her from torturing the guys.

“I was more of a teaser,” Beltran laughs as she employed the wiles of provocative clothing that her mother frowned upon.

Beltran has now been working a lot with Penthouse and and will continue to do so as she continues school.

“Why not use the money for a good cause?” she asks.


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