1. I don’t think so. He’s busy. He has a wife and 3 kids. He goes away for months at a time and then returns later. I wonder if he knows about this site. Hopefully, he will stop by one day.

    • Donny Long has a mission so he cant stop! Pornwikileaks was not run by him but by good friends or at least allies and he can continue his mission also without the Website of his friends or allies.

      The legal names of Faghags are not disappeared by the way.

      Here are some real names of Pornstars:

      London Keyes – Cora Birdwell
      Asia Zo – Doris Dvonch (former surname Tan)
      Beti Hana – Jinah Chung
      Tia Ling – Elisabeth Dall
      Lena Lang – Aileen Chu
      Niya Yu – Hsiao-Wen Huang
      Amber Rayne – Meghan Elizabeth Wren
      Katja Kassin – Ute Anderson
      Persia Pele – Marjan Farkas
      Sahara Knite – Saeeda Vorajee
      Jada Fire – Tenish Roberta Myles
      Stormy Daniels – Stephanie Gregory Clifford

  2. My completely uneducated guess is that Bang Bros told Donny to play ball and to disappear off the net. So they basically bought his silence. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him on social media anymore. People say they threw PWL under the bus with their statement but they also threw Donny under with that. I think they probably paid him a lot more than the $20,000 he was asking for the site. They would have had to for him to allow them to publish a statement like that. He mentioned that they were the first company that he worked with so he probably remained friends with them over the years. He was probably sick of paying the bills for the selfish freeloader members that refused to donate. Forum members like ‘Kaca’ were completely self serving and preferred to share names on other sites or in private which did nothing for the site. Members like fuckofftwice acted like he owned the place and I’m sure he donated not one dime either and then he turns around and calls Gene a ‘faggot’ when he came to this site. Those clowns appear gone from here and off to their own private group somewhere but they’re the ‘creepy neckbeards’ that the Barstool Sports article were talking about. This site is right in focusing on gossip and news rather than real names. Cheers to you Donny, wherever you are.

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