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Crazy Horse Too: History of Violent Incidents

Las Vegas- Brian Devlin refused to pay when a stripper at the Crazy Horse Too charged him $600 for lap dances he believed would cost only $100, according to a lawsuit Devlin filed against the topless club at the center of an ongoing federal investigation.

Bouncers then escorted Devlin outside, where they beat him unconscious, according to a lawsuit pending in District Court.

When Devlin regained consciousness, “he found himself in the parking lot of Crazy Horse Too covered in blood, his clothes torn and his wallet and its contents were missing,” the lawsuit states regarding the March 2001 incident.

The allegations, similar to those in at least four other lawsuits against Crazy Horse Too filed in recent years, also echo accusations leveled in a racketeering indictment unsealed on Wednesday.

In it, authorities accuse Crazy Horse Too shift manager Robert “Bobby” D’Apice and unnamed others at the club of using force to compel customers to pay disputed charges.

The indictment cites five incidents between April 2000 and January 2001 in which they contend D’Apice took a customer’s property by force. The document provides few details and the victims are identified only by their initials.

Crazy Horse Too attorney Tony Sgro couldn’t be reached for comment at his Las Vegas office.

Las Vegas police responded to most of the incidents that led to the lawsuits, which either the topless club won, are pending in court or have been settled.

“There is a common theme here,” police spokesman Sgt. Chris Jones said while looking over allegations lodged against club employees in police reports. “That people are beaten up for not paying a tab or paying for a lap dance.”

Police made no arrests after the incident involving Devlin because they received conflicting statements and there weren’t any independent witnesses, Jones said.

Devlin suffered injuries to his neck, head, back, limbs and internal organs, the lawsuit states. He sued Crazy Horse Too owner Rick Rizzolo and several employees for battery, wrongful conversion of property, negligent supervision and punitive damages.

The case is scheduled to go to trial in June. However, last month, Devlin offered to settle the case for $225,000, according to court documents.

Other lawsuits against Crazy Horse Too include the following:

• Eben Kostbar visited Las Vegas on the weekend of July 8, 2001. While at Crazy Horse Too, Kostbar offered to pay a stripper to perform a table dance for a friend, according to Kostbar’s lawsuit filed in September 2002.

Kostbar refused to pay after the stripper charged him $40 for what he believed was a $20 dance, the lawsuit states.

“When plaintiff, Eben I. Kostbar, had exited the building, the bouncers/doormen continued to antagonize the plaintiff; one of the bouncers/doormen hit him in the head and at the same time all the bouncers/doormen started to beat him up,” according to the lawsuit.

Kostbar was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, where he was treated for a contusion to his nose and a concussion. According to court records, Kostbar had plastic surgery on his eye.

He sued the club and some of its employees for battery, infliction of emotional distress and negligent training and supervision and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

The case was dismissed in September 2003, about a month before it was scheduled for trial. In April 2003, Kostbar offered to settle the case out of court for $140,000, according to court records.

• Michael Silverman and his wife went to Crazy Horse Too in May 2002. Silverman got into an argument with a bouncer while looking for his wife, according to a police report. Silverman told the bouncer that his wife probably left with a stripper to find some cocaine.

The bouncer told Silverman not to use the word “cocaine” inside the club. When Silverman repeated the word, bouncer Maurice McKenna struck him in the side of his head, the lawsuit states.

Since there were witnesses to the incident, police cited McKenna for misdemeanor battery.

Silverman sued McKenna, the club and Rizzolo for pain and suffering caused by the assault, emotional distress, negligent hiring and punitive damages.

The court was told last month that the case was settled, though terms weren’t disclosed in court documents.

• A District Court jury in January 2003 delivered a unanimous verdict if favor of Crazy Horse Too and several employees who were sued by the widow of a trucker who died after fighting with club employees in August 1995.

Scott Fau got into the fight with the employees inside the club. The fight continued into the parking lot, where police broke up the melee.

Fau’s widow, Camille, alleged her husband was beaten a second time after authorities left. Fau was found three hours later behind the club with a broken nose, leg and foot, and a severe head wound. He died soon after.

According to testimony during the trial, a little more than 30 minutes passed between the time police left and the time club employees went to the hospital to seek treatment for their broken hands.

Jurors said that the 30-minute time frame was the key to the case: There wasn’t enough time for a second assault to take place.

• Salesman Kirk Henry claims he was paralyzed after being beaten by Crazy Horse Too employees in September 2001 after a dispute over a bar tab.

Club representatives contend Henry’s neck was broken when he fell down after spending hours drinking in the club. They say a club employee summoned paramedics after finding him lying in the parking lot.

According to a police report on the incident, “The victim said that during the time the bouncer was strangling him or just after, he recalls seeing the bouncer take money from his wallet. His wallet was in his possession at the time of the report, but minus the listed money.”

Henry’s case is pending in District Court. His attorney, Don Campbell, said Henry won’t comment.

• Las Vegas police in April 2002 took a police report from Malcolm J. Simieou, who told officers he was beaten up by someone outside Crazy Horse Too while a bouncer for the club held his arms behind him, according to a police report.

The police report states that Simieou had a black eye, two chipped teeth and possibly a broken nose.

He told officers he got into an argument inside the topless club with a man named David Hall. Bouncers told both to go outside, where Simieou was assaulted, the report states.



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