Cripple Dan Update from 2014 AVN Vegas Day Four : The Wrap Up

The final expo day did not differ from the previous day aside from attendance.  It was packed.  Having an expo in a tiered venue is a horrible idea.  Picture an expo in a theater with stadium-style seating.  Lunacy.
A lot of the attendees apparently love some band called “Affliction”, but I don’t think it was the 80’s thrash band because the logos on all of their shirts were different. 
One thing I noticed that was different from previous years was the lack of exhibitors in at least the main halls giving out free condoms.  I could jump to conclusions as to why that may be, but I’m not going to because I simply do not know the reasoning behind it.
The non-adult exhibitors in the main hall served as nothing more than an annoyance for the most part.  If I see something I want to look at I will come up to you.  I don’t need three of your workers stopping me on one pass I make across the hall.  I doubt that I’m the only one that got annoyed by people constantly trying to hawk cell phone cases to the attendees.  I don’t have a cell phone because I don’t want to be bothered all day.  Sadly, those people bothered me all fucking day reminding me of why I don’t want one.  (Don’t try to show someone in a wheelchair something by sticking it in their face as they are moving.  They can’t stop on a dime when trying to build momentum on carpeted floors nor can they grab something from your hand due to the lack of a third arm.  If you do happen to do that then please don’t be pissed when we roll over your white suede shoes.  Sorry bro.)
In previous years it wasn’t difficult to avoid the non-adult exhibitors peddling their wares at the expo, but due to the low volume of attendees frequenting their half of the hall it seems as though they adapted to their surroundings and developed the ability to roam.  They became annoying like the people on the Vegas strip handing out adverts for hookers. 
I did notice something about those advertisers handing out the hooker cards on the street this year which surprised me and I feel as though it needs to be mentioned. 
Apparently, some of the girls signing at the expo are offering 35-69 dollar specials according to the cards I rolled over that people had discarded on the sidewalk.  The cards state that there aren’t any hidden fees either.  I wouldn’t want to think that a person who appears as though they haven’t bathed for an extended period of time wearing a shirt that reads “Orgasm Clinic” would be guilty of false advertisement. 
One of the women pictured on the cards was going by the name “Stacy” and she was signing for a very reputable company at the expo.  (I assume that she was using the handle of “Stacy” so her agent or bosses wouldn’t know she was moonlighting.)  At the expo “Stacy” was quite late to her signing for the fans.  Sadly, if the exhibitor would have known about that card then they could have had her at the booth to meet the fans in 20 minutes or so as the card advertised. 
Riley Steele showed up to sign for Axel Braun Productions at the Wicked booth which was a nice and unexpected addition and the line was extremely fucking long.  She is still drawing in quite a crowd so it appears as though Mr. Braun made an excellent choice by signing her.
Overall, this year wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  However, it wasn’t as good as previous years.  Last year wound up being much better, but I even thought that year was poor compared to previous years.  It appears that the show keeps going down a little every year with this year showing the largest decline.  I have a hunch that this pattern may not change any time soon. 

Cripple Dan


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