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Dana Hayes: I Am Penniless and Lost

By way of a thread on, Dana Hayes writes on MySpace: Well, the jury gave me nothing so i am up to ears in debt and bad credit and i am never going to be able to overcome the situation being hit by a car has left me in.

How i who was just getting into her car can be left with not only pain which never goes away , but also i am going to be responsible for my medical bills and i am not being repaid for all i lost. Meaning i cannot buy another car or i cannot move as i am turned the car accident. I am totally screwed. The guy who hit me and almost killed me did not even go to the six day trial and i do not think he even got a ticket. They played a movie of mine in court and just tore away at me. So i am in big trouble.

It appears that i am a wealthy lady if you google me but i do not make any money from all you see there. I do not have a pay site where i could profit from my work. Everytime i saved enough to get one something happens like the car accident and i get stuck.

It took a few years from my job which i am already too old to continue doing. I do not get work anymore and now i am penniless and lost.

How to move on when all is against you.???

I do not know what to do now…….i just cry

From the AFYI archives, September, 2007: Porn Valley- To her fans, Dana Hayes is the ultimate MILF.

Hayes, with her blond, bushy-bushy bun surfer girl hairdo, was guest on KSEX Friday night on a show hosted by Heather Pink and Powder.

It was Powder who observed that Hayes reminded him of his friend Joey’s mom. Hayes, who didn’t know Joey’s mom from Eve, mentioned that she had been a guest on KSEX a couple of years ago when she came back into the business. But Hayes also noted that it was maybe ten or fifteen years prior that Vivid had expressed some interest in signing her.

“But I was extremely conservative,” she said. In hindsight, Hayes wished she had followed through on an opportunity that apparently had been staring her in the face. Asked what her current plans were, Hayes said she was looking for Mr. Wonderful.

“There’s no such thing in LA,” Powder informed her.

To which Hayes, apparently sparing no opportunity to be unbiased, said she wouldn’t even mind having a date with Ron Jeremy.

“He’s got a great personality,” she thought. Otherwise, said Hayes, she hasn’t had a date in years.

Still, Hayes has her hopes up and thought 28 years of being a dance teacher probably kept her from investing the time to get married and settle down.

Hayes also mentioned that her father ran a famous hotel in Mexico. And her mother, according to her, looks like Dolly Parton. But Hayes, who’s from Toronto, said she’s probably at that point where she’s ready to go back home.

“The quality of men in New York is so much better,” added Pink who had a few thoughts of her own on the subject.

Questioned how she got interested in the business, Hayes said when she started watching porn she began liking it.

“I’ve always been on the stage and this is a performance to me- so for my first movie I was at home,” she commented, adding that she also escorts.

Hayes recalled her first scene being for Channel 69, and that she worked with Guy DiSilva.

‘I adore him,” she said. “And the company made it real comfortable for me.”

Hayes explained that her scene was shot on a piano and that the woman who was working before her turned out to be a tranny. Hayes said she was completely fooled.

“She was so beautiful, I never would have known.”

Hayes also explained how she was disappointed with the agency that was repping her at the time.

“They weren’t getting me work,” she said. So when Hayes went to visit her agent she asked if he knew who she was. He told her no.

“Don’t you think you should?” she asked him. “You’re my agent. Then he threw me out.”

Hayes even tried a second tenure with the agency but realized she could do more for herself by knocking on her own doors.

What Hayes said she also couldn’t understand are the scenes featuring “the banging, gagging and guys who think they’re God’s gift.”

“Maybe they’re told to do it that way,” she states. “The young ones with the big ones are ego-driven.”

Hayes also recalled a time she did her first strap-on scene. It was for a lesbian movie. And Hayes, who was the top, said she was pouring sweat and was drenched. She thought she had done a good job.

“But no one said a word to me afterwards,” she continued. “I cried all the way home.” But to her delight the director called her and hired her to come back and work the next day.

Asked if she gets recognized, Hayes said usually by the guys at Ralph’s or border guards who know her pretty well because she also has property in Mexico.

“Those must be the guys most into it,” she laughs.

Hayes ran down some of her titles which include MILF Trainer, The Teacher, Wrinkled Pussy Party, Old Grannies in White Panties, as well as Screaming Sodomy.

Hayes said she also refers to herself as “The Pleasurist”- for obvious reasons.

“I’m good at what I do,” she declares. “I have a high sex drive.”

Asked about some of her crazier moments on camera, Hayes referred to a movie she did for Jim Powers called Young and Anal. Hayes said she plays a drunken mother who urges her daughter to have sex with two black guys. Another time she did a scene with a speculum.

“And I had the largest orgasm I ever had,” she said. Also among her favorite performers, Hayes includes Sean Michaels.

“That is the classiest, nicest man. He so impressed me. He’s kind and has no ego at all.”

On the other hand, based on a bad experience, she describes Max Black as “an obnoxious and horrible person- I found him arrogant and horrible.”

Hayes also found Christian to be “ego-driven.”

“But they say that’s his personality,” she continues.

According to Hayes, Christian was directing her in a scene and she felt he was talking down to her.

“I was having sex before he was born,” she chuckles. “We clashed that way. An older woman shouldn’t be submissive to him. I told him you’ll never be a Sean Michaels. I don’t like arrogance.”

Pink, herself, recalled an instance where Mark Wood supposedly told her she didn’t belong in the business. She remembers it being only the third scene in the business. Pink, off camera, said Wood also called her agent and told him she showed up drunk for that scene.

Asked how long she might stay in the business, Hayes, who’s done 120 movies, thought she’d give it another year and take it from there.

“I would like to get married and live on a yacht,” she says, noting that she’s particularly attracted to “geeks.”

“I also like a man who’s intelligent and nice,” she went on to say. “No hunters- and money would help a lot. I would love to be spoiled.”

Besides, said Hayes, last year she was hit by a car [as she was getting into it] and sustained some injuries that have slowed her down.

Hayes then displayed her mammaries, obviously unscated in the accident, mentioning the fact that they are very real.

“Thank God- you can never have them too big.”

Powder asked Hayes if she might retire to Mexico.

“I just got electricity two years ago,” she replied. “But I still don’t have a phone.”

“No wonder guys can’t ask you out,” Powder mused. “They can’t get a hold of you.”


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