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David Lee Roth’s My Daddy – update

Porn Valley- I miss the days of hanging out on the Mitch Spinelli shoots when I’d go home with my abdominal muscles in traction from laughing so hard. Where’s Joey Verducci now that we need a good fall guy, I ask myself. Where’s Jack Hammer? Well, we know the answer to that one.

But the point I’m trying to make is that a Spinelli shoot – when entire 6 sex scene couples features were shot in a day- always equated to a pleasant time spent on the set with drama of some kind always waiting in the wings. No less so, today. Even though Spinelli’s veered his craft into gonzo waters, his shoots are still as entertaining as they’ve ever been. You just have to know where to look for your chuckles.

Back in the old days when a performer asked Spinelli what their inspiration was for a scene, his inevitable answer was “to be out of here by 10 o’clock !” Sunday afternoon on the set of I Like ‘Em in Pig Tails, Spinelli’s answer was more practical. “Roofies and Budweiser,” he laughed, claiming that was the best possible motivation for getting a girl to do anal.

So it was with this relatively new girl in the business- Jessica Sweet. Sweet’s 18, has natural 34D’s and reminds you, facially, of Callie Cox. Sweet’s reputation also preceded her to the set in the fact that she’s done a marvelous d.p. with Sean Michaels and Mark Davis. And though Sweet turned in a similarly great anal scene with German performer Sasha, capped off by a spoon-piledriver, she made no bones about the fact that a couple of cans of Bud would go a long way towards loosening her up. In fact, Sweet, who was on three enemas, working on a possible fourth which would have matched her beer total, said she’s dealt with porn companies that don’t seem to mind plying her with extra lubrication for desired effect.

Sweet is repped by Naughty Modeling and here’s what I found astounding- Tim the guy who runs the company and is called “the leprechaun” by KSEX’s Wankus, has a fraternal twin brother named Chris who helps him out. Chris looks nothing like Tim and might even be a head taller. Chris, who used to work in the hotel business, broke his back in an auto accident last April and is now driving the girls around.

Word has it that Kat, who’s also with Naughty Modeling, had an asthma attack and was not able to resume the scene she started Saturday with Sasha. She was feeling under the weather and the scene came to a grinding halt as a result.

Finally, we had the opportunity of chatting with Avy Lee Roth who’s from Spain. I asked Avy if the rumors were true that David Lee Roth of Van Halen was her father. Avy said they were true but she didn’t want to talk about it. I said I came all the way from Wisconsin to hear her story. She then said she would. Roth claims DLR banged her mother in 1979 in Madrid during the group’s second album tour. “He met my mom. They fucked, and here I am, 24 years later,” she says matter of factly. Avy’s never met her alleged biological father and realizes that a lot of people probably wouldn’t believe her. There’s more no DNA tests on either side to confirm or deny.

“Like Jim Morrison’s son- he’s in a band,” says Roth. “They offered him $10 million to take the test. He said no. I’m Jim Morrison’s son and I don’t need to prove anything.”

Avy Lee goes on to describe her mother as “A drunk-groupie: she fucked a lot of rock stars.” Roth, who has her own punk rock band, claims she only came by her information two years ago. “I was not really a fan of Van Halen,” she says. Roth said she started getting physical comparisons to David Lee Roth, particularly in the nose. She talked to her mother and her mother confirmed it.

The thing I find odd about Avy Lee’s story is that she’s only made aware of this two years ago. She explains that her parents are hippies which, I suppose, is a patented explanation for lots of things. “Now they’re really conservative- they don’t know I do porn.” Roth said to that extent, she’s freaking out that they might find out. Roth says, yeah, there’s porn in Madrid.

Roth grew up sexully active and first had sex when she was 13. “He was a friend from school- my mom went out for groceries. I said let’s do it. The first time it hurt. The second time…but the third time was great. I remember telling my friend- you think I should do this? It’s like doing your first anal scene.” Roth said she did her first anal scene this past Friday for Private. “It was okay,” she said betraying little enthusiasm. “I make a big shit. When somebody puts something inside my ass I don’t feel it’s, like, okay. Whatever. I feel like I’m going to shit. I don’t like the sensation. My skin turns to chicken skin and I start sweating.”

I suggest to Avy that she’s taking all the romance out of anal. Roth says the only good thing about doing anal is that, because of the better money, you don’t need to work as often.


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