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Porn Valley- The Sports Swami interviewed Emily DaVinci this past Friday. DaVinci’s who’s with L.A. Direct, said because she’s a student she needed a job which allowed her to make a lot of money in a small period of time.

DaVinci got started doing fetish shoots and liked it from the get-go. “That night I decided it was a good way to make money. I soon got into videos and I like it very much.” Swami asked her if she was nervous the first time and what was it like being on the set of an adult film. DaVinci said the first time she was relatively nervous. “It wasn’t a big set,” she said. “It was more of an amateur-type of thing. But the first time I got on to a big set- I think it was for New Sensations- I knew I was going to love it. I was stressing for the first few minutes but when I got into it it was great. I really liked it.”

DaVinci also likes L.A. Direct, in her opinion, for the fact that they take care of everything. “You don’t have to question yourself about what am I doing tomorrow or who’s going to pick me up? Will I wait three hours on a set? You know exactly what you’re doing. You can always ask for vacations. You can ask next time I want to shoot for that company, or I don’t want to shoot with this guy. They always leave you with a lot of choice.”

DaVinci said she’s been a year with the company and is totally satisfied. “I’ve been working a lot since I’ve been here.” DaVinci describes everyone as being super friendly. “We all get along very well, and Hannah [Harper] is such a great girl to work with.”

Swami asked if it helps with the fact that both Hannah Harper and Ben English are also adult performers. “When you have a bad day they say, yeah, we’ve been there before. They mean they’ve been there before.”

DaVinci said it’s not like you’re being pushed into projects so that someone can collect their percentage. “It’s not that way at all,” she says. “They want you to be comfortable; they want you to love it and they care about your feelings.”

Swami said he heard that Carrot Top and Mike Tyson were trying to seduce DaVinci and wondered about her love life. DaVinci said the love of her life is a security agent who also studied in fashion. “He’s a multi-talented guy, 28 years old. We’ve been together for a few months. We live together. He can accept my job. Can you imagine having a girl friend who’s a porn star who works five times a week with other guys? That’s relatively hard to accept. But he’s good with it and we get along very well with it.”

Swami asked how they met. “In May I had to move from my old apartment because my roommate was getting a new condo,” she explained. “I looked in the newspaper for ads for roommates looking for roommates.” DaVinci said she found a place to her liking, called. “We met and we thought let’s get together before we move in together so we can know each other.”

DaVinci said within a couple of nights they totally fell in love with each other. “Now we’re seeing each other 24/7 which is great. We get along every single second. We don’t fight. We’re perfectly matched.”

Swami said DaVinci reminds you of Pink, the rock star and DaVinci says she gets that from makeup artists. “I think it’s a good thing that I got some of her look,” DaVinci said. Swami asked what she meant by “some.” DaVinci said she meant in terms of having the pink hair but weighing less. DaVinci was asked what she had planned for her website, “It’s got pictures of me solo with girls, with boys” she explained. “It’s got videos of the same thing. I will soon get my webcams on. I’ve got my diary where I talk about what filthy things I think about during school or what kind of girl I saw at the gym, whatever. All those fantasies that I have in my every day life.”

DaVinci said she responds personally to her e-mails but avoids responding to very graphic ones.

Speaking on the HIV crisis, DaVinci acknowledged it has a risk performers in the business have to take. “As for me doing that job is changing my whole lifestyle,” she admits. “I like it and that’s exactly the way I want to live. The risk is there and I accept it and I’ll live with it. For my future, I think I’ll do this maybe two more years and I’ll get a bachelors degree. So I’ll be able to work in my field while I do my Masters and my Ph.D.”

Swami’s been asking every performer as of late what they’d do if they were put in Sharon Mitchell’s shoes. “Would you make condoms mandatory for all adult films?” he asked her. DaVinci said there’s no better way than condoms. “This is the way. But I don’t think the public’s really ready to see that in all the movies,” she said. “If everybody was starting to do that, I’m sure that some little movies will come up- hey, we’re no condom- and they’ll sell like crazy. If everybody was ready to come up with a condom mandatory law I’m sure it will work. But it’s got to be everyone. It’s real important.”

On the inevitable question about what people think with her being in the industry, DaVinci said she’s been in theater and ballet. “I’m really artistic and an A-grade student,” she added. For those reasons she says people don’t react negatively to her being in porn. “I have all that other side- I’m not dumb, I’m not stupid. I’m not throwing money out so it helps people accept it.”


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