It must really chap Monica Foster’s ass that in a few weeks she has a difficult choice to make: Show up at the court at 200 Lewis Avenue in Las Vegas as a huge underdog and face all the people she has slandered and libeled over the years including Marc Randazza, Jennifer Randazza, Ronald D. Green and Tristan Stadtmuller and get embarrassed by Judge Rob Bare in front of them or skip out on court entirely and lose by default. It is a daunting task for the aging hooker and one we would not want to be forced to make. She has been particularly angry lately and has gone on several long Twitter binges to try to alleviate the anger but nothing will stop March 7 from coming and she knows it. She has even made threats of physical violence which of course are pointless as she never makes good on these. Foster is just like the rest of her cowardly, chicken shit buddies from the CHRISTIAN MICHAEL WIANS open forum that shut down in that she loves running her fat hole anonymously but when forced to face off against her victims face to face, she loses her courage.



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