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Dennis Hof Airs All the Laundry in Bunny Rhubarb

Porno Steve Seidman found out this evening who his friends in the adult business are. And one of them isn’t AVN journalist Scott Ross. Seidman had apparently told Ross some things in confidence this week about Dennis Hof and Sunset Thomas; and Ross, in a violation of “off the record” journalistic ethics, immediately relayed them to Hof. At least that’s what Hof claimed on KSEX Thursday night.

After promising to spill the beans this week on Dee and The Fatmen about the goings-on with the Sunset Thomas departure from Hof and The Bunny Ranch, Seidman all of a sudden became Frankie Pentangeli from Godfather 2 Thursday night. He didn’t know nuthin’.

Under the grilling of Harry Weiss, Seidman, who’s now repping Thomas, gingerly side-stepped every question put to him about Thomas including allegations that Hof may have beat her up. Either Seidman wouldn’t “answer publicly” or he’d plead ignorance. And Weiss, you could tell, was finding the whole atmosphere so disingenuous. It was then that Weiss, who had promised all the dirt, revealed the ace up the sleeve which promised to farm in a truck load of top soil.

Weiss introduced Hof who had been waiting in the wings. Hof, you might recall, had been invited by Weiss either to call in or make a public appearance. Hof chose to make a special trip from Carson City to answer questions publicly.

Huffing and puffing and ready to blow Seidman’s house down, Hof came on like gangbusters calling Seidman a piece of shit and a lying sonofabitch. “All week long you’ve been telling people- you’ve been telling Gene Ross, you’ve been telling Scott Ross. You’ve been telling everybody. You don’t think these people talk to me?”

[Scott Ross, according to Seidman, who talked to me after the show, apparently doesn’t know what the term, off-the-record means and could honor it less.]

Let’s get it all out here,” Hof told Seidman. Hof asked Seidman point blank if Sunset told him that Hof beat her. Seidman said, no. “Why did you tell Scott Ross that?” Seidman said he didn’t, and Hof called him a liar.

Listening to Hof tell it, Seidman practically talked like a babbling brook on truth serum to Scott Ross. “All of this nonsense- none of this is true,” said Hof particularly charges that he had beat Thomas. “Scott Ross will come on here and make you a liar if that’s what you need to do.” Hof said he was at the Billboard Music Awards with five hot ass girls when Ross called him. According to Hof, his information was that Seidman was talking to Scott Ross at porn star karaoke. Except, Scott Ross doesn’t go to porn karaoke.

It was then that Hof presented his case with some background info. He talked about Kent Wallace a guy who worked for him who eventually had an assault & battery and restraining orders against him. “He was a writer for me and started doing some p.r. He was the number two guy.” Hof said funny stuff was going on at the Ranch and Wallace had to be terminated. Wallace’s girlfriend, according to Hof, was Caressa Kisses who was on Howard Stern today. “She worked the streets in Dallas,” according to Hof who said Kisses left along with Wallace. I got rid of him; if she’s the girlfriend she needs to leave.”

According to Hof, he then hired Seidman who he said started hustling girls. Hof said he also discovered that Seidman had a criminal record. Seidman wasn’t denying it. Seidman said he had been arrested about four or five times. Hof asked him if any of those arrests had to do with sex or drugs. Seidman said yes to both questions. “I’m in the sex business which is a questionable business to many,” explained Hof. “I can’t have these kind of people around me.” Hof said he didn’t do a background check because he knew Steve and liked him. “I didn’t know he was somebody’s bitch in prison.”

Hof made the charge that both Wallace and Seidman have been conducting a smear campaign against him, particularly in the Vince Neil case. Hof claims that Seidman’s in constant contact with Trixxxie, the woman who leveled assault charges against Neil. “He talks to this girl.” Hof also claims Seidman posts on Nevada Brothels as Lone Ranger. “See the things he posts. It’s a smear campaign.” Hof claims both Seidman and Wallace have various personae on the site and talk crap about the Bunny Ranch.

According to Hof, if a girl isn’t having a good experience at the Bunny Ranch, she’s encouraged to leave, that the Ranch has a revolving door policy. “They come and go as they please.” Whereas Hof said other brothels have a lockdown policy. Hof noted that not all girls have what it takes to make it at the Bunny Ranch. Earlier in the evening a caller-in, Amber Peach, said she had less than a positive experience.

Hof said he didn’t know who she was and had to ask Madam Suzette about Peach. He was told that Peach once came in “snooping around” but never worked at the ranch. The suspicion was that Peach was a shill for the Kit Kat, a competing brothel which was in cahoots with Seidman. “She inferred she worked there [the Bunny Ranch]; she never worked there.”

Hof was also quick to point out that Lisa Sparxxx had less than a positive experience at the Ranch. “You can’t have your husband sitting in the parlor when you’re trying to get money from guys.” Hof claims that Sparxxx’s husband sat in the parlor day after day with her. Hof said he told Sparxxx it just doesn’t work that way, fucking guys in front of her husband.

Hof also said he was sorry that Sunset lost her contract with Cheri magazine, being that he was the one that put that deal together. “I worked real hard on it.” Hof explained that the contract was up and that Cheri simply refused to renew it.

Layla Jade called in to say that she thought Hof was an outstanding guy and one of the nicest people he’s met in the business. Jade said she’s been to the Bunny Ranch and had a great time there, calling Hof a perfect host. Jade also said she had never been coerced to have sex with him. Jade said she had talked to Hof about his relationship with Sunset and was told it wasn’t working out. “That was a couple of months ago,” she said.

Hof said he’s leveled with a number of people in the industry about his status with Thomas, never hiding things. Hof also claims he told Johnny Buss that he was ending things with Thomas. “I didn’t want you guys thinking that all of a sudden she woke up one day and decided she didn’t want to be with me. This is a woman who’s scorned.”

Jade also refuted charges, at least to her knowledge, that Hof wanted sex in exchange for promo with girls at the Ranch. Dee was curious what Sunset’s motives might be, and Hof was sure they were propelled by Seidman and Wallace. “They all hate me.” Hof described Thomas as a woman whose feelings were hurt and is lost. “They got a hold of her and have done this.” Hof claims he didn’t want Thomas to work- either at the Ranch or in porn. “When she hooked up with me, she was in an abusive relationship with a guy. Her husband had done some very bad things. The final straw was that he had three black guys come over and attempt to rape her right after she had her baby.”

Hof said he’s not even sure if those stories are true judging by what he’s been hearing about himself. Weiss was quick to point out that Thomas has had a lot of bad things happen to her in her life but is a very good person. According to Weiss, Thomas has never said a bad thing about anyone. Hof did admit that he had had an affair with Thomas when she was married and that Thomas’ ex knew about it. According to Hof, Thomas’ husband wouldn’t allow her to take her kids out of the house. That’s when Hof told her to end it. Hof also revealed that Thomas’ husband was being investigated by the Las Vegas police for having sex with a 15 year-old girl.

Hof advised Thomas to distance herself before she got thrown into the case. Meanwhile Thomas’ husband packed up the kids and went to Florida. Thanksgiving Day she got a call from her kids who were in a U-haul. “This was one step from kidnapping- this girl was devastated,” said Hof. Hof claims he wasn’t about to hook up with Thomas who he described as a chick with two kids. “To be real truthful with you I’ve spent nine years staying away from girls in the porn industry. Not that they’re bad. It’s just something I didn’t want to be around at the time.” Hof said he hired lawyers to bring Thomas’ kids back from Florida and the ex husband. “I spent $40,000 to $50,000 fighting this guy.”

Hof said Thomas’ husband was painting her as a porn star prostitute when, in effect, he made her what she was. To distance himself from a potentially ugly divorce proceeding, Hof said he acquired a house for her mother and kids to live in. “I paid for this house. I did it all.” Hof describes himself as a great friend and lover to Thomas. “We had great sex. Our chemistry was very good.” Hof even suggested that Thomas chill and not work for awhile. But when she did, Hof said the Bunny Ranch media machine went to work. “We had her on everything from Entertainment Tonight to O’Reilly. We did it all.” Hof also takes credit for orchestrating Thomas’ contract with VCA. According to Hof, with another pending HBO special due this month, the network now wants to do an additional segment about Hof breaking up with Thomas.

Asked why the relationship ended, Hof stated that Thomas was a hypocrite. “She can talk a big story.” To hear Hof describe it, Thomas possessed an almost blood-curdling jealousy and had low self-esteem. The jealousy was enough to make people feel very uncomfortable at the ranch. Weiss was of the opinion that Thomas still had a body as a good as any 20 year-old. “Show me a gorgeous girl and I’ll show you a guy who’s tired of sleeping with her,” answered Hof. Weiss also conceded that Thomas’ association with Hof went a long way towards resurrecting her career.

Asked if he had sex with all the girls at the Ranch, Hof said he wasn’t man enough for that. “You know how many girls come through there a year?” Hof answered his own question by stating between 300 to 400. Hof said prior to dating Thomas, he had 3 or 4 girl friends. “No different than Hefner does with his thing.” Hof said there was absolutely no pre-requisite to having sex with him for employment. “I’ve been very careful not to do that.” On the other hand, Hof said during Thomas’ stay she fucked maybe 100 girls there.

Hof also predicts that Thomas won’t make any money in her new digs because she doesn’t want to work.

Asked what he himself had heard, Weiss said he heard that Hof tried to kill Thomas’ VCA contract. Hof claims he got a call from Misha Allen at VCA telling him they weren’t going to renew Thomas’ contract which expires the end of this month because they wanted young girls. However, VCA still wanted Thomas to sign at the January trade show. Hof told Allen he’d leave it up to Thomas but didn’t think it was a good idea. Hof said Thomas still owes VCA one movie.

On the Hustler front, Hof said he has no problems with either Larry Flynt or Jimmy Flynt. “Sunset and Larry had a problem and I had come to her defense being her friend. Did I support her in the issue? Absolutely.” Hof predicted that Thomas would be dragged into a lawsuit that was already pending. “I think she’ll be called in as a witness and it’ll all come out.” Nevertheless, Hof distances himself from the Thomas-Flynt fracas. “I go back with Larry a long time. It was a bad situation between her and Larry. She was going to be the first contract girl for Hustler. That was it. It didn’t happen.”

Hof then asked Seidman what he had heard regarding the Hustler situation, and Seidman did the dance around the campfire. Hof pressed the issue claiming that Seidman should have all the skinny since Thomas is his client. Seidman said he wouldn’t comment on things. Hof said he was lying. “What am I lying about?” asked Seidman who claimed that the problems at Hustler involved both Hof and Thomas, not just her. Seidman said he wasn’t going to repeat second hand information. Hof claimed that Seidman knows more than what he was willing to let on. However, Seidman did say that things with Hustler should be resolved this week.

Hof wasn’t going to deny the fact that he had called Thomas within the past few days telling her to get her stuff out of the house by a certain time. Hof also wasn’t denying that the conversations have been “really ugly.” Hof said that he was also visited by the police this week because Thomas claimed he wouldn’t let her come over and get her belongings even though he was willing to make arrangements with her roadie to do so with him being out of the way.

Hof explained to the police that he was in the middle of a big project and couldn’t have people traipsing through his house. The cops informed Hof that Thomas had people with weapons ready to come over to his house. The long and short of it, Thomas was supposed to come over the following day but never showed.

Yet Hof consistently maintains he told Thomas he’d support her in anything she intended to do. “But if you’re going over to this other place to embarrass me, then our relationship is going to change.” Hof claims the Kit Kat is using Thomas’ name to embarrass him. Hof suspects that some ugly things regarding Thomas’ marriage are also going to come out in the wash.

Hof said Thomas is currently out of town on a dance gig that was set up for her by the Bunny Ranch media machine but predicts that her rates will drop by a third now that’s she’s not connected with the Ranch.


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