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Dennis Hof Files Defamation Lawsuit Agaist Steve Seidman

Porn Valley — Whether Porno Steve Seidman winds up in a vat of boiling oil is a matter of conjecture. But, yesterday, Seidman was in receipt of an unusually delivered lawsuit from Dennis Hof’s attorney Allan Gelbard.
And it all boils down to the confrontation that Hof had with Seidman on KSEX radio, December 11, in which Hof, among other things, called Seidman a “piece of shit” and “a lying sonofabitch” for comments that Seidman allegedly made off-the-record about Hof to AVN writer Scott Ross. Ross, ignoring Seidman’s off-the-record stipulations, in turn went to Hof with Seidman’s remarks, according to what Hof said on air that night.

“All week long you’ve been telling people- you’ve been telling Gene Ross, you’ve been telling Scott Ross,” Hof said. “You’ve been telling everybody. You don’t think these people talk to me?” [For the record, neither nor Gene Ross ever went to Hof.]

But Seidman was, purportedly, going to come on KSEX that evening during his Dee and The Fatmen Show which he shares with Harry Weiss and porn star Dee and spill the beans about what he knew of Sunset Thomas’ on-again, off-again relationship with Dennis Hof. After some pre-show hype during the week, Seidman who’s now managing Thomas, was noticeably reticent during an interview with Weiss and especially later when Hof came storming on the air to confront Seidman. Seidman basically kept quiet throughout the evening while Hof held floor and leveled charges that Seidman along with another former Bunny Ranch employee, Kent Wallace were waging a “smear campaign” against Hof.

Let’s get it all out here,” Hof told Seidman on the KSEX show. Hof, who made aspects of Seidman’s police record public, then asked Seidman point blank if Sunset told him that Hof ever beat her. Seidman said, no. “Why did you tell Scott Ross that?” Seidman said he didn’t, and Hof called him a liar.

The fine points of exculpatory evidence aside, what is immediately striking about the lawsuit is that, according to Seidman, it came in an envelope sent from attorney Allan Gelbard, stamped, but with no postmark anywhere on the envelope. did examine the envelope bearing Gelbard’s labeled address and it was, as Seidman stated, without a postmark.

In the $1 m-plus suit which was filed in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, Seidman is being cited for defamation of character by Hof, owner of The Bunny Ranch. In the papers, Hof identifies himself as the president of Barrett Enterprise group, a Nevada Corporation. The suit contends that Seidman, a former employee of Hof’s for the period of October 24, 2002 to June 13, 2003 had “a deep seeded irrational dislike” for Hof and that Seidman by spreading defamatory falsehoods and accusing Hof of criminal acts, injured Hof in his business dealings.

The seven-page suit also specifies that in June 2003 an “unknown tipster” had informed Hof that Seidman had been convicted and served time for felony sex and drug charges and that, at no time, did Seidman disclose his record on an employment application. Hof, on the KSEX show used that as his rationale for subsequently firing Seidman and that Seidman used that to strike back at him. In his lawsuit, Hof contends that the nature of his business precludes hiring someone with a felony record.

Seidman, on the other hand, claims that he never filled out an employment application and that Hof knew of his past run-ins with the law from casual conversation they had about their respective lives growing up. “He [Hof] knew about my past,” says Seidman. “I openly discussed it.” Seidman is claiming that Hof hired him as an independent contractor.

The suit also states that Seidman told Scott Ross that Hof mentally abused Thomas and, on occasion, assaulted her. The suit also states in similar context that Seidman allegedly made the same remarks to Gene Ross of and both Chef Jeff and Harry Weis of KSEX.

The suit also asks for actual damages to be proven at the trial along with special damages to be proven at trial but no less than $1m. It also asks for exemplary damages and reasonable attorney’s fees.



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