Derek Hay and LA Direct Models Moving to Las Vegas?

I want to talk about this concept that we’re gonna go to Las Vegas and set up porn empires.

I’m not real sure how this has transpired, but somehow because you have a coupla people who shoot indiscriminately in Las Vegas that we’re gonna have something like the rebirth of Flynt Michigan’s auto industry out there in Las Vegas.

This thought is coming off the heels of this rumor that LA Direct Models and Derek Hay are moving their operation to Las Vegas. That’s what I’m hearing. Just a rumor. I’m asking you guys to sniff it out for me.

We do know that Lee Roy Myers is out there. And we also know that Manwin or Mind Fuck or Geek Freak or whatever the fuck they’re calling themselves now shoots out there.

But Manwin or Mind Fuck sends independent producers like Keiran Lee out there I assume for liability reasons. Lee Roy Myers isn’t really a factor because he hasn’t been a player since Scott Taylor stopped writing his checks. So Lee Roy’s out there playing with James Deen’s dick.

The true test will be if the great LA Direct and Derek Hay do what people are saying and he sets up shop in Las Vegas. If he moves to Las Vegas and announces to the world that the great Derek Hay superpimp is now in Las Vegas and LA Direct is now Las Vegas Direct, it will never happen. Derek Hay will either be shot dead by the small faction of organized crime that still exists out there or he will be in prison or he will be out of business and doing gay escorting and swallowing cum on a nightly basis.

Unlike California, where you can just keep doing something, and doing it and doing it and the federal government or Cal/OSHA comes in and says, don’t do that and you keep doing it. People don’t seem to realize that Las Vegas is heavily regulated. You have no idea how regulated that whole atmosphere is.

When people try to debunk this and say, what, are they gonna go around knocking on doors? No, we’re not talking about fringe people. Fringe people can shoot all they want. Lee Roy Myers can fly under the radar.

It’s gonna matter when a professional company that is generating tens of millions of dollars and generating serious publicity. That’s when you’re gonna see it shut the fuck down.

The concept that Nevada has this legalized prostitution. Here’s what you guys don’t get. Let me lay it out for you.

They have sections of the state that allow prostitution where Dennis Hof resides. He’s out there and he makes a lot of money and they’re regulated, they have health inspections, the whole nine yards.

Dennis Hof has the game of prostitution and brothels down pat. Would everybody agree with that?

Would you not agree that Dennis Hof would like nothing better than to open some kind of casino action on the Las Vegas Strip, with slot machines and VIP whores? He knows that the first one to do that is going to be the most successful. But the corporate giants who would align themselves with prostitution are few and far between.

So if Las Vegas said, hey Dennis we’re gonna legalize prostitution, Dennis Hof would be there with in a second, working with the Las Vegas community, organizing junkets, he would make it part of Las Vegas tourism. But that’s not happening ladies and gentlemen.

Ladies and gentlemen, prostitution and pandering when filming adult movies is not protected in Nevada by a court decision like it is in California. That’s a fact. They could bust you for it and take you to court.

Let me ask you this. If Derek Hay opens shop out there and other agents open up out there, don’t you think they would continue to do the same business practices that they do in Los Angeles? Don’t you think that there will be Arab professionals continuing to go to the place where they can do their porn star privates? Don’t you think they’re gonna have the same set up where you can shoot with the porn star of your choice with a camera on a tripod like Richard Nanula?

Wouldn’t you assume that if all the pimps picked up and moved to Las Vegas, led by Derek, that they would conduct themselves the same way in Las Vegas? OK.

Now Dennis Hof and all the boys out there in Nye County, Carson City, whatever. They have to do everything by the book to solicit and make their money from prostitution. And they’ve been doing that with health inspectors, paying taxes and they’ve been doing that for as long, long time.

Why the fuck would Dennis Hof and the other boys that run the hooker game out there, why would they let a bunch of porn agents run around the Strip in these big offices, under the guise of being agents, when they’re doing nothing but pimping and pandering? Why would Dennis Hof let these agents siphon off the business from their places in Nevada and run around Las Vegas, where the customers can fuck real porn stars and for an extra fifty bucks, they can fuck them without a condom?

So ladies and gentlemen, how long do you think Dennis Hof and the boys are gonna let Derek Hay run around Las Vegas saying we’re making a movie! We’re not pimps! We’re agents! Richard Nanula is making a movie!

Yeah guys, you know how long that’s gonna last? It will be shut down before they even start.

The day Derek Hay moves any professional operation or anyone else moves a professional operation that they’re gonna stick up there and wave a flag around, I’m telling you, the day they flourish is the day they perish. They will never be given the opportunity to make money.

Because if you think I’m the only motherfucker that thinks like this and I don’t got a pot to piss in and I live in a dirty ass office above a strip club, what do you think Dennis Hof and the boys, who have tens of millions of dollars at stake are gonna do?

Derek Hay is gonna run around the strip saying we’re doing legitimate porn acting. Yeah.

Let’s see, is that before the police get there or Derek Hay goes missing in the desert? Which one is it?

If you guys think that Derek Hay is gonna trot around Vegas with his arrogant, prissy, douchey attitude without someone clipping that motherfucker, you are SO sadly mistaken. Shit, they were clipping motherfuckers 10-15 years ago.

Let me tell you something Derek, you are a walking target. You moving to Vegas makes you an easier target to get clipped than here in LA! In LA at least you’ve got the Vivid building with their little security dude in the lobby.

But it would be real fucking easy to locate Derek in the middle of the desert and there’s a whole lotta holes with a lot of fucking Derek Hays buried in em.

Las Vegas is real fuckin easy to disappear in.

People shoot in Vegas. I’ve done it, Tom Byron’s done it. But there ain’t nobody who matters who is going to go out there, plant a flag and say, “We are a porn company! Hear us roar!”

You talk about Cal/OSHA. You talk about regulation. Las Vegas is a union town, you assholes! The teamsters run that whole town! Unions control everything in Las Vegas.

You can’t move a fucking box without someone telling to put it down, it’s a union job.

You people want to start a porn industry there, where we don’t even want to put condoms on.

The health department is over there already regulating everything that goes on there.

So why do you think they’re gonna let a bunch of porn people run around fucking with no rubbers?

People used to say to me , what makes you think you can do all that stuff in your movies? I said, nobody’s getting busted for it. Yeah, because we’ve been quiet. You’re gonna get busted. You’re gonna bring in heat. You’re making too much noise. So what happens? I got busted.

So with that same theory, how can you make any more noise than to come stomping in there to avoid health regulations in California and plant a flag in Las Vegas?

That’s not gonna draw heat?

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