Desi Foxx bad mouths Mike South

Desi Foxx will NEVER get mother of the year award after she pimped her daughter into porn and prostitution. This retard, who failed as a sex worker and is bitter about it, has gone on for years attacking the sex industry and hasn’t been able to prove a damn thing.

This retard had a fake online resume about her so-called legal background and that she allegedly trains cops into sex trafficking. Desi hasn’t been able to prove any of this as being legit. This idiot was the only one to attempt to support Monica Foster in her lawsuit against her for defaming Jennifer Randazza that wasn’t solicited. Foxx embarrassed herself by submitting an idiotic pleading that had nothing to do with the lawsuit at all! This coming from someone who is currently defrauding people with her fake legal background.

Foxx had failed I her fight against the sex industry as she had been unable to develop a following of anyone who gives a shit at what she has to say. Foxx operates approximately 10 different Twitter accounts and she retweets and favorites her own Tweets! WOW!!!!

Even more funnier is that Foxx and Foster have been collaborating together with boring YouTube videos that will NEVER get them any kind of attention from important media. Their videos are a real snooze fest, makes you wonder how boring they were in front of the camera fucking for money.

Desi Foxx is a hypocrite for her affiliation with Monica Foster. Foxx witnesses the endless stalking and defaming that her partner does on a daily basis. Foxx witnesses how Foster attacks people for their weight like she did Brad Armstrong after she lost her hearing to strike the lawsuit against her. Foxx also support Foster as she violated the protection order that was on her for a year by continuing to harass Marc Randazza, she should be grateful that no criminal charges got filed against her.

Long story short, these women are frauds! They’re bitter because they’re not living the grand life like so many sex workers. There war on porn will never succeed and they’ll never get any respect. They’re two complete idiots who refuse to work, both are fake Christians, and they’re both sad losers!

P.S., Desi Foxx was married to a registered sex offender and her son is a registered sex offender too! That should tell you everything you need to know about her.



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