Desi Foxx and Elle Foxx

What amazes the fuck out of me is how Desi Foxx can post a video about pimps and pedophiles when is fucking married to a registered sex offender and her own fucking son is one too.

Foxx and Foster: The Dangers Children Face – Pimps, Pedophiles and Porn

I mean for fuck sakes Desi Foxx fucked her own daughter while she was in porn. Who the fuck is this sick bitch to talk about anyone else?


Anybody knows where this bitch works at in Florida let us know. We are going to go to town on this piece of shit.

Last I heard she was living in Clearwater, Florida. Maybe it’s time to pay her a visit.

Desi Foxx aka Diana L. Garren aka Diana Lee Grandmaison aka Diana Grandmason




  1. She’s defrauding people with her fake online resume. She is unable to provide proof of her work experience and legal education.

  2. What christian who is the antithesis of what a christian is defined. Desi Fox that’s who. This hypocrite stands out from a distant second of a jimmy swaggard phony womanizer and notorious JOHN who preaches at a pulpit then gets apprehended for fraternization with local cheap hookers only to return back to the pulpit and ask god for forgiveness.

    The Difference with Old and aging Desi who once worked as a waitress in Florida but got fired, now moonlights on back page as a common cheap MILF hooker. What kind of person shoots porn fondling her own biological daughter. Dont Believe it ?

    Not just a scene mind you….but many scenes

    Now here she is beating up on other prettier and successful Hookers, escorts and porn stars. Here she is Desi Foxx . Aspiring to greatness to have her name permanently etched in the walls at the Pantheon of failures.
    What woman well into her geriatric age where most good Christians are Grand Parents in their golden age does what Desi does ? Desi lives a life of crime and disgrace that excels disgusting unethical and immoral. Meet Desi Foxx

    Desi lives a life of ultimate sin, Live in boy friend and suspected common law out of wedlock man who is a certified sex offender of the worst kind, in public records available for public view offers solid proof. SHe approves of and stands by her man who is a pedophile and a registered sex offender.

    Bad and sad isn’t is ?

    To make matters far worse her fucking son is also a pedophile and a registered sex offender.. What are the odds of a woman who completed over 56 scenes fucks her daughter and performed with her daughter then her common law husband is a sex offender and clearly a pedophile and charged as such, then her own son is exactly the same as his mother and mothers sex partners.
    Now here she is disgraced defrocked and calling herself a christian while shamelessly with failed attempts poking fun of real porn stars. What a hypocrite
    Desi Foxx you are a unique brand of failure and disgust.

    We present you with the 2016 and going coming years award of

  3. Being a sex worker really messes with a woman’s mind, but failing as one truly screws you up. I have been to strip clubs and seen bigger women who were also less attractive get attitudes and become envious of the much more attractive girls getting all of the attention and making money.

    Porn stars with the Luxury Companion get no less than $2,0000/hr., this doesn’t include the tip. Foxx & Foster have NEVER been able to pull in that much money in an hour. There are escorts who make approx $15,000 in just one night and their “client” gives them his credit card and let’s her go on a spending spree.

    Foxx & Foster were never attractive enough nor good enough to be able to accomplish this. These two morons actually think that they can put a stop to TLC & the porn biz all together, lmao! These two self proclaimed porn police can’t even get any recognition from anyone who actually can help put them on the map. These two losers run cheap websites, post lengthy YouTibe vids that bore the hell out of people, and Desi operates about 10 different Twitter accounts and retweets and favorites all of her tweets with them. These two are just losers who are angry that they’re not living in the life of luxury after selling their vaginas for sex.

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