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Diane Duke’s $320 a month Ponzi Scheme; What’s the New Safety Program? Wash Your Ass?

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This week Rob Black addressed the press release Diane Duke put out announcing the end of the industry moratorium this Friday.

“Congratulations Diane Duke and Christian Mann, voila, there ya go- two tests a month,” said Black.

“Pretty shocking. How can you read any more of this press release when right out of the gate every performer is going to have to test two times a month in a program that Diane Duke Christian Mann, Peter Acworth – these people are now mandating that you all take two tests a month.”

Black heard that fees were up to $160 a test.

“It’s a big line of bull shit that everyone’s just been fed,” he commented.

“So Friday everybody goes back to work, but Diane Duke doesn’t address the fact that everybody’s been working. Christian Mann’s own directors have been working through the moratorium. It’s just a press release Ponzi scheme. It’s that simple.

“Nobody’s going to do a goddamn thing [regulation] because our industry lies. Can you explain how performers are going to be protected on-screen? Are they going to tell a performer to scrub behind their ears? Off set I can imagine they’ll say if you’re going to have sex wash your balls and wear condoms. What is it they’re saying? Wash your ass?

“What exactly is this worker-safety education program? Is there a manual? Is there a book? Who is the specialist? Is there a guide? What are the protocols? Nobody seems to answer the question that Mr. Marcus infected performers in the business with syphilis.

“Dr. Miao, Free Speech covered it up. We have letters that prove this. Newspapers have that letter. How can anybody deny this stuff. AVN is done, they’re Manwin. XBiz fuhgeddaboutit; bloggers are shills. How is it we have letters from Dr. Miao but Diane Duke, Christian Mann don’t answer that. Now they have a wellness program we’re they’re going to teach you on and off set safety. But nobody is asking what that program is.

“Isn’t it embarrassing- New Sensations, you guys are smart. Let’s excuse Wicked, they’re in bed with the enemy. I know Adam & Eve sits on that board, though Mr. Harvey is like Larry Flynt, so far removed. Adam & Eve does millions in mail order business. I can’t imagine that Adam & Eve gets behind the idea that Free Speech is incredibly flawed.

“Everybody knows from Scott Taylor on down what we’re doing is wrong and condoms don’t make a difference to the bottom line. Nobody got rich on anal fisting. Everybody coveted the cable deal, the Adam & Eve deal. Movie Gallery was a huge chain and would take a 1000, 1500 of a number, they took the softest most vanilla product. They could give two shits if there were condoms. The Hollywood Video chain bought them out.

“Warehouse Video never bought one fragment of the crazy product. There was a bigger market for the normal pornography than for the extreme. But long before, people dealt with cum shots on bellies and boobies. The hardcore raincoaters are not the bread & butter of the business. These are not people who make deals with Hustler. This theory that condom porn is the death is complete and utter bullshit. Nobody wants to ask anybody any questions.

“Free Speech says we’re all going back to work and we have a workplace program that is going to educate performers on screen and off. The only way I can imagine is bring condoms, other than that, I don’t know any other safety protocol where people show up with a $160 test and a baby wipe. What’s the safety? What’s the protocol other than a warm wash cloth and a bar of Lava?

“I don’t think these are tough questions. People are scared but they’re being fed lies and misinformation.”

Black sees this as a ploy to take advantage of “desperate, broke people”.

“You have an industry that is lied to on a regular basis, and if you speak out you won’t have a job. And so the talent is scared and there’s no answers for the fact Mr. Marcus gave performers syphilis.

“I can’t see how people see Diane Duke and Christian Mann are such reputable people. We are our own system where nobody does anything to defend Free Speech and Diane Duke. Keyboard warriors and bloggers speak for them. Isn’t that the most pathetic organization in the entire world?

“Diane Duke and Christian Mann will not answer single questions in a truthful manner and they’re all about safety and health [they say]. Mr. Marcus gave syphilis to 20 to 25 performers. We’re talking about federal-criminal charges but no one answers a thing. All they come out with is we’re now going to test two times a month and we’re going to give you some functional book about safety protocol.

“The only protocol I know is wash you ass and vagina. Other than that I don’t know what other education program performers are going to learn to protect them on-screen and off.

“Free Speech don’t report any test results to the health dept. It is secret and is controlled by Manwin. Manwin is the root of the financial backing that Christian Mann and Diane Duke and Steve Hirsch front and operate a well orchestrated Ponzi scheme that involves over $300 a month from performers for a test that is free.

“Your tests will be hidden and not reported to the county health department, You will be told just to shut your mouth and disappear.

“Mr. Marcus had a penis that was filled with pus like sores. It was pumped out and spread to the community at large. Talent after talent was infected and had to take their medicine with Dr. Miao giving you medicine, but the only problem is it will show up in a test the rest of your life. Then he signed the note that you are testing positive for syphilis. That is the truth. That anyone could actually think that no one got a case was completely asinine.

“No one is reporting this to the county health department and it is quietly swept under the rug. Before the fire got to hot, Mr. Marcus was set to go work with Vivid in a director’s role. This is what was planned. But the voice of the opposition was too strong and stopped that. But now we need to stop what is going on. Diane Duke, Christian Mann what you had them doing was covering up Mr. Marcus and syphilis. We don’t know how many HIV cases were covered up. We don’t know anything. The only thing the industry has for an answer is a no comment on the Mr. Marcus syphilis and that we’re going to institute a wellness program and charge you $320 a month.


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