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Dino- As Annoying As Dave Pounder?-update

Porn Valley- Had a chat this morning with Sandy Bunz of Flashpoint Productions,, who’s telling me that despite a judge’s ruling in a case involving him and Dino Bravo back in July, Bravo can’t seem to let sleeping dogs lie. Bravo was awarded $1,000 in a small claims settlement stemming from when he was a salesman for Bunz. Bunz admits he hasn’t settled with Bravo, who originally wanted $5,000- for a couple of reasons. One of them is the fact that Bravo, according to Bunz, is still going around the business slandering him, and as a result, Bunz has lost a couple of customers.

“He’s running all over town talking to customers of mine- I had a customer call me this morning and sent he didn’t want the automatics any more. The guy is still out there beating the bushes and disrupting my business, slandering me and claiming that I owe him more money. It’s aggravating. This guy doesn’t respect the court. The judge rendered a lawful decision. I would pay him his $1,000 but he’s not respectful of the court.” Bunz said Bravo, in the past. was backdooring product and selling out of the trunk of his car. He got wind of that from a number of people. “The guy was ripping me off- I don’t want to pay him a dime.”

According to Bunz, Bravo has yet to come to him with a satisfaction of judgment form. “He would have got his $1,000 and I would have signed off. But he’s not doing that. He’s going back to the court and wants to take in other documents. I got a thing mailed to me by the court house that says I have to appear on the 13th of this month because the records on file with the court weren’t presented at the time of the hearing. He’s trying to get more evidence and go back and plead his case. He didn’t think he put on a good enough case the first time so now he thinks he can put on a better one and badger my customers and get documents out of them. I wonder what would happen if I put him on the cover of a tranny movie.” Bunz said Bravo was beginning to really annoy him- almost as much as Dave Pounder.

Dave has aggravated me,” says Bunz. “I had him at my house a couple of years ago shooting a film. He was paired off with Angelina Roma, a hottie. She’s a brunette, sleak and sexy. I paired him off with her and he had trouble. He comes to me. He goes, ‘Sandy, I really don’t like brunettes.’ I go Dave, you got to do them all. No, ‘Sandy I just like blonds. I really like blonds. Can’t you get me a blond?’ No, this is the girl. You have to perform with her.”

Acording to Bunz, Pounder then asks if he’s got a TV set around. “I put a video on with a blond,” says Bunz. “So me and Angelina were sitting on my staircase watching this guy on his knees, five feet away from the screen, trying to get it. He was there for about an hour watching Lauren Legends and Michelle St. James on my television set. He’s pounding it in front of the TV set and finally got enough of a nut where Angelina ran down and took a facial. But it was til 1:30 in the morning. I say, Dave, I can’t pay you for this kind of a performance. I got nothing besides just a pop shot. He was like oh I understand. You don’t have to pay me. He goes on down the road then calls me up asking for work. I say, nah, Dave we’re using a lot of brunettes and redheads. He’s claiming that he’s going to go back in the banking world. He wants to go back to the straight world.”


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