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Director Robert Hunington Talks about the EA Ski Rockumentary

Porn Valley- Good intentions don’t always bear fruit. So when it came to the idea of including porn girls in an X-rated version of a proposed HBO rockumentary about rapper EA Ski the basket of apples turned into apple sauce. Nicole London who headed up the production along with husband, director Robert Hunington, explains, “We didn’t do the hardcore version because the way we’re marketing it, it would probably have wound up hurting us to do that. However we locked in some deals to use other artists names and music in future adult projects. But we did include one adult performer named Simone. I cast her in it and she’s actually pretty good.”

We had the following chat with Hunington during the 3-day shoot which took place several weeks ago in the Valley.

Gene: Tell us a little bit about what’s going on.

Hunington: It’s a 3-day project with the rap artist known as EA Ski.

Gene: Basically what is this. Is it a movie. Is it a video?

Hunington: They say “rockumentary,” sort of. It’s cut around the sexuality and the rhythm of girls; the rhythm of EA Ski’s music, the rhythm of the film- the camera moves, the light, the feeling, telling the visual story. It’s cut together with the girls and him doing some rap pieces in different areas and a little documentary-style footage. Also the intro to the movie is kind of about, ‘okay, we got him- we’re making a movie.’ It’s kind of a story about putting this movie together. My whole idea here was to stylistically, through beat, bring out who EA Ski is. He has a long time- since 1983- been a ghost writer and ghost producer in his industry. I asked him about, do you try to keep yourself on the down-low of the fame side of things. And it was a very spiritual answer, actually. We sparked up quite a conversation about that little fact- the fact being that he, not quite unlike us, knows what the fuck he’s doing. He’s not really worried about it because it’s a fun ride on the way to the fame. Because he feels what he does, he knows what he does is good. So he takes the ride for the ride and knows what the outcome will be. He’s not worried about it.

Gene: Did you start off- as a fan of his? How did your association with him develop?

Hunington: Actually, I’m not too hip of a rap fan. I’m a Dead Head. But actually Jon Krishna, the fellow that owns this house, is a music distributor; and he has been a manager. He’s a connect, a runner as they say in the film business. He knows where to take this project. He took our company because of the style in which we do things and the enjoyment and quality level that we bring to it. He took Nicole up on the talks and the dealings of signing a rap artist that is in a situation that wants to do something like this, and we came up with Ski. He’s a very professional dude. I drove up to Oakland to have a little meeting with him and stuff, and he did not waste my time, nor did I waste his. He’s on the ball and is good with what he does. He’s coming out with an album right now- the name escapes me- but it’s a breakthrough album. It’s not done. It will come out with this DVD, so will some bonus video footage from Ski. And, in my opinion and his, this album is really going to blow ’em through the roof. His company is called Infrared Music Group. Outback and IMG are both at the right point in time. Both ready to completely explode. That’s why it’s a very good pairing.

Gene: So is this being designed as a gimmick to promote the songs on this particular DVD? Is it a cross-promotion?

Hunington: Yeah, it goes back and forth. He’s breaking us into a realm that we hope to step a bit more deeply into. Bigger projects, more time, more money, more notoriety for who we are. Equally, we’re breaking him into a realm that is getting his face across national television, letting people know who Ski is. It’s a joint union of helping each other out.

Gene: I notice there’s a considerable amount of eye candy here.

Hunington: We have Miss Nude Black Universe or International as it may be. We went to a couple of big time agencies in Hollywood and recruited some girls. The girls came from everywhere- the boxcover of this big movie to extra parts in that big movie to rock video dancers/choreographers.

Gene: I understand there might be a hardcore version.

Hunington: Still up in the air. But we’ll absolutely do it. The thing is what we’re doing is for HBO- that’s why there’s no adult girls here at this point.

Gene: When’s this whole thing scheduled to air.

Hunington: I don’t know yet. It’s up to Bruder Releasing. But we’re looking at HBO, Showtime and just regular pay-per-view. This is also going to be going into bookstores, Tower Records, Best Buy, Circuit City, those places. Hence this is another area where Jon Krishna comes in. He’s completely removed from any sort of hardcore distribution.



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