Dirtyg***.com, yet one more Monica Foster created hate blog, or maybe fat fuck Johnny Forbush

This was sent in but I must say that the site in question is 100% John Steven Fobush and not failed hooker Monica Foster! Anyways here it is below:


Which one of these two turds started that blog because it’s one or the other. And while they accuse Donny Long of running Generossisback.com, which is a Word Press site, they have also used Word Press for their blog, essentially copying Gene’s site. Donny, as usual, is the trendsetter, whether it be someone copying the name of a site he created or copying the format or trying to get a taste of Donny, Heather Deep and Britney Long‘s web cam action, they all fall in line and copy the master because he is on the cutting edge and they have no talent, brains or business savvy.


Now on the one hand, both of these utter turds have wikis on PWL so they’re both sore at PWL site for exposing them as trash and of course they’re also upset at Donny Long because they think he is behind it as that has been the rumor but never proven. Foster isn’t mentioned in the “Porn Scumbags” portion of that site despite being one of the biggest bottom feeding pieces of shit “in” the industry (She’s been out of porn after being black balled from the biz for accusing people that employed her of…surprise, surprise, pedophilia, even though she still tries to be a part of the news side of the industry ala Mike South) so she’s definitely friends with whoever owns it at the very least. But one thing points squarely to the 305 pound floating turd named John Steven Forbush and that is the way he spelled Sean Tompkins name. He didn’t do his homework, spelled it SHAWN and essentially outed himself because he is a fucking moron. Foster is dumb, but she knows how to spell Sean Tompkins name and could do it in her sleep, backwards, upside down and inside out with all the history she has had with that guy up until now. And surprise, Foster claims that she’ll go to work for Forbush sometime soon to pay her insurmountable legal fees after a Las Vegas attorney handed her her black ass after she made false claims about him and his wife. And now she’s back at it, supplying Fordouche with lies and libel to post on his Gene Ross is Back copy site. No proof of any of it of course. So these two steaming piles of horse shit are in bed together. No shock there. Whenever someone crosses Donny and gets a swift kick to the nuts, Foster is right there to befriend these low-lives as there is nothing she can do to one up Donny at this point. Donny has drop kicked, spit on, pissed on, chewed up and spit out Foster, her mother Joan Rucker Mayers, sister Victoria Mayers, and openly gay faggot scumbag father Ivan Mayers that should have never stuck his shitty HIV infested gay dick into her low life ghetto black trash mothers hole and so at this stage Monica can only try to get to him via his enemies. The problem is that she’s predictable and boring now and just opens herself up for more ridicule. Work on her wiki will reconvene tonight.


It really is funny how some people react to having PWL wiki pages typed up about them which include documented information about them, photos, videos and all around embarrassing life events posted for all to see, share and laugh at until the end of time. Some with pages don’t care but the one with pages that let it bother them, really let it bother them. The demise of this site has been greatly exaggerated and it will be a thorn in their side until they are old and grey, which in Foster’s case is right now. This goes for former performers, scumbag agents, loser fan bois and everyone else within the business who scored themselves wikis. They simply post lies in the form of blogs, videos, forum posts, whatever, and attack PWL and it’s editors because they’re butt hurt that their failure of a life got exposed. We see you Foster and Forbush and your new Generossisback.com copy site will never top the original or come cloase to getting the traffic. Donny wins again. He is the Harlem Globetrotters and all you shitbags are the Washington Generals.

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    • Donny didn’t write this article and I doubt whoever owns that shit hole would admit to it. Where’s the proof that Donny fucked underage girls? His wife is legal and has to provide proof to work on web cam sites as do all the other girls he works with. “Credit where it’s due,” lol. That site is garbage and the comment above will be deleted so as not to direct traffic over there.

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