Donny Long Bags A Black One! HOW DOES HE DO IT?!

In what was a big FUCK YOU to Monica Foster, intentionally or unintentionally, web cam god Donny Long took to the cam sites tonight with Heather Deep and a mystery black girl in tow. Britney, Sky and Brenda Long are gone and God Long ushers in a new era – Black chicks!


Sadly, this blogger entered the room just after the cum shot and as the trio was getting cleaned up but this girl’s a winner in my book. Hopefully we see more of her. And somehow Heather Deep has gotten hotter, probably because she has been out in the sun on the boat and is now darker! Meanwhile, Monica’s tits, face and ass continue to go south with the help of gravity and her frustration with just about everything.

Monica Foster

A check of Monica Foster’s cam site profile shows that she hasn’t logged in over there since August and she’s now lying about her age, shaving 3 years off her old age of 37. She’s also using a profile photo that has to be better than TEN years old. Yet somehow, the porn god continues getting younger girls of all shapes, sizes and colors and outperforming the aging hooker AT HER OWN GAME. How in the hell does this guy do it?



    • Guy was on cam again last night and the new black girl was going to town on God Long’s famous cock while Heather joined in. Oh, and he had about 600 or so visitors. Guy’s a God, I tell you, a complete and total God. One thing though – He should quit the Marlboros, it has taken a toll on his voice. His voice is gravelly and sounds cool but those sticks aren’t good for his health. Use the patch or something, we want God Long around for a long time!

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