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Dr. Yowl Ming Tells AdultFYI, “You Go Now!” Rob Black Reveals the Liars and their Pants on Fire

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I don’t know if you’ve ever suffered the indignity of being kicked out of a Chinese restaurant. I have. The screaming owner, axe in one hand and a live duck in the other was incensed that I’d question the culinary value of his Egg Foo Young.

California might boast weather and Jenna Jameson lookalikes, but for a good bagel, corned beef, a steak sandwich or Egg Foo Young it’s the east coast every time.

“You go…NOW!” he bellowed. “Me no like.”

I thought that was the last time a mad Mandarin would call me out. That is, until yesterday.

Diane Duke and Free Speech ran interference for Dr. Yowl Ming over at Cutting Edge Testing. Some Asian kids grow up to be Sampan salesmen. Others run testing clinics for HIV. Dr. Yowl Ming falls into the latter category.

So who does Duke run to? XBiz, the guys who are bringing porn’s harridan Jenna Jameson out of moth balls to host their 2014 show. That’s insulting enough, but XBiz also promotes everything Manwin says and does and there’s no need to go into that story. Except the fact that Manwin insists that talent test twice a month and they conveniently own Cutting Edge where the cost of a test runs you $145. The only place with a bigger mark up is Macy’s.

Judging by the press release, Dr. Yowl Ming seems to be outraged that his name would be connected to a leak within the walls of Cutting Edge whereby Cameron Bay’s patient privacy and test results were compromised.

Dr. Yowl Ming can scream like a restaurant owner all he wants, but the fact remains: John Stagliano called Cameron Bay out of the blue to talk about her nuclear viral load.

When Bay asked him how he came across this information, Stagliano hemmed and hawed. When Bay called the clinic to get her medical records she was told to “talk to Jenny”.

Who the fuck is Jenny and why should she be privy to those records? This is all true, by the way.

So let Dr. Yowl and Diane Duke rant all they like. I want to bring this matter to the attention of the state hoping that Duke and others are hauled away in leg irons.

Rob Black also addressed this issue on his Tuesday night show. In fact Black was contacted by Cameron Bay yesterday who swears to her story of privacy-rape.

“John Stagliano and Evil Angel- that whole crew- they stepped on their own dicks,” said Black referring to the press release.

“Everybody seems to forget the conversation I had with Cameron Bay, but Stagliano in that press release said Cameron Bay was a liar. They step on their own dicks trying to get out of the way of their own dicks. When Cameron Bay got infected, I told Tom Byron let’s reach out to her.

“Cameron Bay called. I proceeded to lambast everyone who did not support this woman, especially for John Stagliano not calling her. So then, as the days went on, when I talked to Cameron, she said you’ll never guess- John Stagliano called me.

“Wow, that’s nice,” I said. Cameron added, ‘I talked to him and we went back and forth and he told me his life story, about his wife, wow that was heartfelt stuff.’

“Cameron Bay then stressed about her fear of what was going on,” Black continued.

“John Stagliano proceeded to tell Cameron that with her viral load count being in the millions, she’s at the most infectious and John Stagliano told Cameron he had never seen one like that.

“He said he was going to call HIV doctors that he might know. Then a doctor called Cameron, and Cameron made an appointment to see somebody off of that recommendation. Cameron was talking about how she needed her records and wondered how John Stagliano knew her viral load was so high.

“Cameron Bay asks Stagliano if he had her paperwork. He started to stutter. ‘You said my viral load was in the millions.’ That was the last Cameron Bay heard from John Stagliano. Of course until today. I got a text from Cameron Bay she said: ‘John Stagliano is denying the fact he told me my viral load.’

“He knew her viral load, he knew everything and XBiz came out with a report that all this were lies and that Dr. [Yowl Ming] never gave the results directly to John Stagliano.

“Whatever weird story they’ll come up with- the test results ended up in John Stagliano’s hands. Are we really going to split hairs on exactly the person – you got to believe Dr. [Yowl Ming] said you know I’ll lose my license, so you better put a story out there because if I go down you all go down. So John Stagliano calls this girl a liar. So they march John Stagliano out there claiming nobody talked, and it’s only more lies from Rob Black.

Black said if you’d notice, the press release was carefully worded using the word “directly” to absolve Dr. Yowl Ming and Stagliano.

“John Stagliano and Peter Acworth are the kings of words and they think everyone doesn’t see through their words,” said Black.

“But I see through their bullshit. Stagliano confirms he never got the information from Dr. [Yowl Ming]. He got it, but not from Dr. [Yowl Ming] “directly”.

“Can somebody ask John Stagliano if he spoke to someone “indirectly” from Cutting Edge and did he receive medical records “indirectly” from the doctor? Does that stuff the shit back up the horse?

“I guess you got that information from the same little birdie that dropped HIV on Cameron Bay.”


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