Dudes With Boobs Get NBA To Move All-Star Game Because Of Restrooms – BOYCOTT THE NBA! Doctor of Common Sense Weighs In!

We know two things for sure, Christian X is a tranny fucker who likes to pretend somehow he’s not gay as fuck and the NBA can lick my fucking balls over their recent decision.

“Transgender’s” Get NBA To Move All-Star Game Because Of Restrooms.





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  1. At the end of the day our country doesn’t progress because of people like you who are closed minded aka The 50’s man racist pieces of shit!!!!! Who think women have no equal rights and white men rule basically your motto and no wonder your sucking Trump’s dick!! When people are overt homophobic it’s usually because you gay and scare and mad that you are so you only hate on what you are. What have anyone part of the LGBT community ever done to you ? I bet Million bucks you couldn’t say any of this to Christians face , you’re an internet thug. Grow some balls speak in public or talk directly to these people lets see how long before you run and piss your pants!! #Whinylittlebitch

  2. I’m really sorry, faggot, but just because someone doesn’t agree with your lifestyle does not make them gay. That’s the oldest trick in the book that you manipulative fags use when someone calls you on your disgusting ways and it’s getting real old. People are tired of having this shit thrown in their face 24/7 and it’s one of the reasons they are rebelling and supporting Trump. This society is sick. You’re worse than the blacks that decide to play the eternal victim card because those people didn’t choose to be black. You chose a certain lifestyle and expect everyone to fall in line and accept it. Well, fuck you.

    Thinking that MEN shouldn’t be allowed into women’s restrooms does not make someone gay and the NBA should be boycotted because they’re forcing the All Star Game host city to go along with their bullshit and robbing them of the game when they choose not to. That is complete and utter garbage.

    “Say it to his face,” coming from a gutless piece of shit that signs his tough guy post using the name of a 75 year old politician. This whole “Say it to Christian’s face” bit has been done to death for years. What the fuck is he going to do to anyone? He’s all about intimidation but wouldn’t raise a hand to anyone. He hits anyone, that’s assault and would get him sued and he will do NOTHING to jeopardize his net worth. He’s the last one I would ever be afraid of. As for you, no one asked you to come here so tough shit if anything on this site offends you.

  3. Women should have equals rights by the way, but NO ONE said anything about women’s rights during this article. Learn to read, asshole. Trannies are MEN, end of story, and they should not be permitted into women’s restrooms. This is a pro-woman post, you moron and most would agree with this. They don’t want to share their private space with sick, confused transsexuals.

  4. Oh, and I dare you to do a rebuttal video in response to that video above. Let’s see how tough you are going head to head with that guy. *Crickets*

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