Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial likes attention and twisting truth so this is for him

Hi, Im Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial, just a regular GAY guy that FAILED AT GETTING into the adult industry getting paid to fuck the hottest porn stars from all over the world from ALL THE BIG MAJOR PORN COMPANIES LIKE STRAIGHT MALE PORN GOD DONNY LONG. I COULDNT work in over 1000 scenes and then open my own studio and production company LIKE DONNY LONG DID AND I STALK HIM CAUSE I AM BITTER. I then COULDNT filmed another 500 movies many of which I performed in and then decided to sell everything to retire and travel the world fucking all around the world on a world tour BECAUSE I AM A FAILURE LIKE GOD LONG BUT WISH I COULD BE LIKE HIM. Now I WISH I COULD BE LIKE GOD LONG AND have a group of websites which I update with my world travels and HOT GIRLS I fuck BUT INSTEAD I SIT ONLINE STALKING AND JERKING IT TO GOD LONG WITH MY GAY BOYFRIEND AND POSTING GAY PORN LINKS AND PIX. MY BOYFRIEND travels with me which he also has a website and we do live webcam shows and videos fucking guys we find alone the way. Please join me and watch me fuck thousands of hot men as I travel around the world.
Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial,



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