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Elegant Angel Website Launches

A question was raised on ADT, concerning the status of Elegant Angel’s new website and why it wasn’t up as yet. Graham Travis, the Elegant Angel p.r. guy responds in separate posts explaining the reasons.

EA’s official news release: After a complicated history, and the expiration of certain business commitments in 2003, Elegant Angel has finally addressed its diminished online presence with a website geared specifically to inform customers, press, and distributors about its up and coming releases. Box covers, trailers, ordering information, and news about the company’s future productions will serve as the central focus of the website.

“The design will be constantly evolving,” says Graham Travis of Elegant Angel. “Right now it’s by no means the best company website online, but, it was simply a matter of getting out there, and giving our fans a resource of information about our movies. Too many people over too long a period of time have prevaricated about a corporate website at this company. It shouldn’t have been so hard to get our box covers and trailers online for people to enjoy, while acquainting themselves with our product. I hope with the feedback of our customers we can make the neccesary improvements, but, at least this can be done within the context of a fun engaging experience for everyone who visits “”

The website features:

– The “Latest Releases” section with large box covers (front and back)

– An “In the Works” section, with Behind the Scenes video, and preview pics

– A “News” section that posts all the company’s latest press releases

– A “Galleries” section that includes some of the most stunning photo shoots at EA over the last twelve months (Lauren Phoenix and Cytherea)

– An “Easter Egg Hunt,” section, that gives customers a sneak preview, and reveals the location of EA’s DVD Easter Eggs

– An “Interviews,” section, with insightful words from the company owner, Patrick Collins

– A “Music” section, devoted to William H.’s movie theme songs that have received a great deal of notoriety

– A “Directors” section, that previews EA’s director’s activities in 2005

– A “Comp Spotlight” section that lists the box covers to each and every one of the company’s four compilations

The website is currently online now at Please feel free to check it out, and familiarize yourself with our product. If you encounter any problems, or wish to share some suggestions, please email us at:

Graham lends some back story: I am very sorry to say that there has been a delay. The designs came back and I was very unhappy with the way they turned out. I had a choice, to either go with the website as it was, a bland, simplistic design, which didn’t do all of the features we’ve all worked so hard on justice, or instead, take the time to give you all what you deserve.

It sucks royally that we’re back into the same old refrain of delays… which was the case an entire year ago when Axel assured ADT readers the website was well on the way… I am absolutely aware of this. I can only ask of all of you to appreciate my only concern is putting something up online that does Elegant Angel justice, and can genuinely compete with the very best studio websites that are out there. I also hope that you can tell that we really care about this stuff now. Everything from the movies themselves, box cover art, our DVD authoring is dramatically improving, and I hope you all get to see and enjoy this for yourselves in the coming weeks and months.

We do have some trailers up that you can check out, including a new one that I haven’t yet posted here: Patrick Collins’ “Tails From The Toilet,” a stylized rollecoaster of glory holes, urinals, squirting, and unadulterated depravity. Enjoy:

Tails From The Toilet

Big Wet Asses 4

The truth is, it’s a difficult balancing act sometimes, but right now, we’re doing everything we can to not allow anything to compromise the quality of Elegant Angel’s product, and I think the consequence of that, in the website, and in the quality of our new releases, will be a great deal more to your liking.

In the meantime, if any of you require any information on Elegant Angel titles, please feel free to email me at:

[email protected]



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