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Final: Conversations with Mick Blue

Porn Valley- I had a recent chat with Mick Blue. The last time we met was several years ago at Patti Rhodes’ house during a shoot.

And would I expect Blue to remember that? Of course not. If this is a woman telling me she has no recollection of our meeting, I’d feel a lot worse. But then that’s what alcohol and loaded revolvers are for. In any event, Blue, who’s from Austria, is in America to stay.

I was curious, especially in the wake of comments made by Mark Davis this week, if Blue was keeping busy.

“If I compare it to this time last year I would say that the business is slowing down,” admits Blue. “But I’m still on the lucky side of the coin in that people are going to keep me busy and I appreciate it.”

And Blue, like a lot of performers, has developed relationships with companies which keep him in scratch.

Blue, who began his career in 2000, tells me the European market is probably worse right now than the American market.

“I haven’t been back in Europe- I moved here last year. But what I hear from friends over there, is they’re pretty much struggling and there aren’t many companies shooting. And there aren’t many companies going over to Europe because the Euro is too strong compared to the dollar right now.”

Not that things were exactly popping in his native Austria when he got his start.

“As most people know the porn industry doesn’t exist in Austria like here,” says Blue.

“So in the beginning it was very difficult for me to get in touch with the right people. In my situation I was very lucky to have met Tomas, the owner of an Austrian Contact Magazine. He got me together with companies in Germany to get me started. Because he had the content, he was pretty much the only person in the country who was involved in the porn industry in Europe. So he helped me a lot in my first year.”

Before he got into porn, Blue was a self-employed financial advisor, a job which he says just “kind of happened.”

“It was a good job where I made decent money and was successful as well,” he says.

“It was pretty solid in the beginning but the slow times were hitting Europe,” Blue continues.

“I just took advantage of the crash to try and do something that I liked and where I could make money with.”

“I think I could have been a really good student in school but I was too interested in girls to focus,” Blue laughs.

“That was another reason why I changed originally from studying engineering. When I think back on it, I don’t think I would have made the same decisions. But when you’re young and want to have money to go out and meet girls and have a car, it was just the way it went.”

Blue was about 16 when he had his first sexual experience, which, when he describes it, sounds like a scene from one of those softcore Bavarian sex comedies from the Seventies.

He was on holiday.

“I was really into skiing,” Blue explains. “Every year I’d go for a week. It was an organized trip of about 50 people between the ages of 14 and 18.

“You’d have lots of fun with no parents around. The last day it just happened that everyone hooked up. After a week everyone was ready to get into it. They were drinking and it basically happened for me. What was funny is that I almost had sex with the wrong girl because the room was dark.”

Blue mentions the fact that it was dormitory-type situation and he almost wound up in the wrong bed.

“After the teachers went to sleep, I waited a couple hours in my bed having made a prior arrangement with this girl. Then I went into the room. But I didn’t know which bed she was sleeping in. That was the problem. When I walked into the room one girl yelled out, I’m here. But she thought I was someone else. It was really funny.”

I ask Blue if he could think of another crazy situation along those lines.

“It was a tanning bed,” he answers. “When I was younger I had a girl friend and we had no place to go. We couldn’t go to my place. We couldn’t go to her place, so we’d go into tanning beds together. In Europe you have these self-service tanning beds so we’d go there. Twenty minutes was time enough for us to have interesting sex.”

If not interesting tan lines.

The first stuff Blue ever did in adult would be considered amateur scenes including photo shoots for Tomas. With those inroads, Blue began shooting in Paris several times a month.

By 2003, Blue was coming over to America.

“It was a really slow period in Europe,” he reflects. “Nothing goes on in Summertime, anyway, and I always wanted to come to America. I never really had the contacts, but I met this performer named Tristan Seagel who was working for Patti Rhodes.

“I met him on a shoot in Europe. He had been in America before with his wife and was now planning to go himself. He didn’t want to travel alone so he suggested we come over here together. Then the first person I met here was Mark Spiegler. And I have to give him a lot of credit for getting me started.” [Blue isn’t connected with an agency.]

“Back then agencies didn’t really represent guys, and Spiegler out of friendship, helped me. That’s how it worked. After a month I got phone calls from people I didn’t even know.”

Blue stayed for about a month and a half then returned for the AVN awards.

Because European performers tend to be paired in D.P. scenes, I was wondering if that was the case with Blue.

“Looking back when I came here, that was pretty much like that,” he recalls.

“I had a lot of D.P. scenes. But I also think back then companies were shooting more of those scenes and multiples than they’re doing now. Right now I don’t do that many compared to then.”

Now that he’s situated here permanently, Blue says it’s much easier for him to coordinate his work.

“In Europe there was always a lot of traveling involved- for every shoot you did. Here you’ve got everything at your back door.”

Blue, who is an item with Diana Doll, obviously picks her as his favorite performer to work with.

“And she’s absolutely beautiful and very professional,” Blue adds. “It makes it easier when the girl knows what she’s doing compared to someone who is new. She’s been in long enough to know what’s important for scenes.”

Blue would like to steer his career into directing at some point.

“It’s a different challenge to create good movies for the consumers than doing scenes,” he says.


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