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Final: Conversations with Sunset Thomas- the Newest member of the Legends of Erotica

Celebrity opens a lot of doors, and the one most open to Sunset Thomas after she slowed down in her adult career has been to the world of professional boxing.

Maybe it helps to be a good-looking dame, but Thomas got to rub elbows with a lot of famous names and has been putting her inside knowledge of the sport to good use as a columnist for Ringside Report, where she waxes as poetic as any mug with a press pass, a fedora, and a cigar.

Her column’s called “Reliable Source,” and hopefully, Sunset’s snitches are more reliable than those in the adult business.

While it’s got nothing to do with the much heralded Oscar De la Hoya – Manny Pacquiao fight, Thomas has something else to write home about.

In January she’ll be enshrined in Ray Pistol’s Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame, – the annual show which takes place in Vegas [631 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, Nevada] during AEE.

In the business 17 years, Thomas has already made past acceptance speeches for other enshrinements such as the Hustler and AVN Hall of Fames, but this one got her a little emotional.

“It’s a fund raiser for PAW, and great honor to be in it,” says Thomas who begins rattling off the list of the first inductees- Nina Hartley, Porsche Lynn, Sharon Mitchell and Veronica Hart.

“All those women I adore and love and always have. They were my idols. Over the years of my career I’ve always looked up to them. To me this is a great honor. And the neat thing is it’s in Vegas. [Where Thomas now resides.]

Thomas says she’s waiting on getting a call back from Larry Flynt on whether he’ll be able to introduce her that night or not.

“He’s like my father to me,” says Thomas.

Thomas will be inducted along with Tom Byron, Shane, and the late Gerard Damiano. [One year late but better than never, Mika gets her tits dipped in cement.]

“And you’ve become quite an accomplished writer,” she’s told.

“I’ve been keeping busy,” Thomas replies.

“I love boxing and it’s been an honor to write for Ringside Report. I’ve been loving boxing for years.”

Thomas recalls a birthday party she attended for fighter Samuel Peter, aka The Nigerian Nightmare.

“I decided to be cute, dress up as Marilyn Monroe and walk in there, singing Happy Birthday to him. I was sitting at a table and heard this voice- it was an old boxer, Frankie Gambino. He only had one fight, and won it. He just walks up to me and just gives me great advice about boxing. Yeah, I would just hang out with the boys watching them getting wrapped up.”

As to how she’s maximized her exposure in that field, pardon the pun, Thomas credits her publicist Kent Wallace, another fight junkie.

“He does his homework, and he’s got very good connections; that’s why he’s such a damn good publicist,” Thomas says.

In an interview she did for Ringside Report, it was mentioned that Thomas grew up in Sikeston, Missouri with eleven siblings and a single mother responsible for raising them. Her family moved around a lot making it hard for Thomas to establish any long-term friendships. The family ended up in Daytona Beach, Florida where Thomas broke into modeling.

Thomas describes herself as a very nerdy kid who wore coke bottle glasses and never got much attention. She kept to herself and didn’t have a lot of friends.

“But I always wanted to hang out with the pretty girls and date football players who didn’t want to give me the time of day,” she continues.

“I think that’s why, now that I blossomed as I got older, it makes me love my fans so much. I remember being that nerdy kid and being picked on all the time. So now I just want to give the love right back to them. I love people and I love my fans.”

Thomas’ first time in the sack was an instance she’d rather not relate.

“That was not a good story,” she recalls.

“The second time was with a best friend of mine. It was very romantic. It was raining outside. Pouring. And he was a very romantic kind of guy. He said come on let’s go outside. I was very nervous. So he just throws me down on the ground and starts making love right out there in the rain.”

According to the interview she did for Ringside Report, Thomas relates how she and Zach Adams later met, fell in love and moved to Los Angeles to make films. Looking back on that Thomas calls herself a gullible teenager who got swept off her feet and wanted to get away from her family.

“The name ‘Thomas’ was simply a name that I had always adored,” she said in the interview.

“I thought it sounded elegant and in fact, I’d always said if I had a son I’d name him Thomas, so that part of my identity was a no-brainer.” The Sunset part was more obvious. Adams came up with the name as they were watching the sun set in the Pacific Ocean.

Thomas’ first porn scene was for Mr. Peepers 25th Anniversary – a series created by the late Bobby Hollander.

“I used to hang out with Bobby and all those guys,” Thomas remembers.

“I’m laying on the bed and a camera’s on me. This is weird I thought. It was Lance Kincaid who was filming it. I had so much fun masturbating for the camera.”

It happened that Adams was on the set and Kincaid suggested that Thomas and Adams do a scene together for more money.

Thomas by this time had also been doing nude modeling and had done a layout for Larry Flynt.

“I decided okay, I’ll go to Mexico. I’ve never been away from family. I went there by myself and I just loved running around the beach butt naked. That’s really how it all started. After that I started doing the porn-stuff.”

Thomas answered an ad in the paper placed by Jim South.

“We went to meet Jim and he started hooking us up.”

Thomas recalls when she was hanging upside down from a tree and had to suck Peter North’s cock at the same time. Another time she was doing a threeway and eating the other girl’s pussy.

“All of a sudden she starts farting all over my face,” Thomas laughs. “I love pussy but not farting in my face.”

On another occasion, Thomas shot one of porn’s most memorable scenes for Michael Ninn in a project called Sex.

“You were out by a gas station in the desert…”

“There was an old man sitting there,” Thomas recollects. “I had so much fun doing that. I felt like I was on a regular movie set, not just a porno set. And I love artsy kind of stuff like that. Just like with Vernoca Hart when I did Misty Beethoven.”

Thomas has her final movie, “Into the Sunset” scheduled to come out February 10th. It’ll be distributed by LFP.

“The most amazing thing about that was that I had sex with Ron Jeremy the first time ever,” Thomas laughs.

[It was also Jeremy who introduced her to the Bunny Ranch and Dennis Hof. Thomas, who was romantically involved with Hof at one time, elects not to talk about that episode. Thomas also appeared in the HBO series Cathouse about life at the ranch which certainly swelled her existing fan base.]

At other times in her career Thomas has also owned and run strip clubs. She had one in Reno and one in Phoenix.

“Once my partner passed away I didn’t one to deal with that any more,” she comments. “Too many headaches. I loved it and had fun while I did it.”

“Then I did this big thing right before I shot my last movie where I wanted to give something back to my fans,” Thomas adds.

“I did this big contest to have a fan do my final sex scene with me. Once I picked him- his name is Chris- he’s from Pennsylvania and a lineman, one of those guys who climb the poles. A normal every day guy. I brought him in and he was all nervous about doing it right.

“I gave Ron a call and said I want you to be in the final scene with my fan. It’s so cute. When you see the movie Ron’s coaching him and showing him, this is how you do this; this is how you fuck her this way. Then Marco Banderas comes in. I was really horny that day! I end up doing three guys.”

It was around the time of the Bunny Ranch era that Thomas says more than a few people got the impression she had left the business entirely. But that was not the case.

In the Ringside Report interview, she has this to says “I never stopped making films…it’s just that I wanted to find another financial outlet for my career and since it was common for girls in the biz to ‘see’ fans on the side it was no great stretch. The irony was that the industry threw a hissy-fit when I went to work there! I was told I’d never make another movie. That I was making them look bad and all kinds of BS.

“I didn’t care what anyone said. I knew I could bank and I did. In doing so I opened the door for other adult stars to work legally as courtesans and make big money…that’s why some people call me the “Rosa Parks of Prostitution…”

“So I just took a break for about three years doing other things,” Thomas concludes.

There was also an announced deal with Vavoom TV that never got off the ground.

“You know how this goes,” Thomas sighs. “People come in and then they get out. But I have to give them one thing. They did make my movie for me. They produced it and did all that. But I’m not going to get into any details other than that.”

Which makes you wonder what details she saved for her book. Thomas has already written one and is currently shopping it around. The working title is called The Sunset Strip and Thomas has been sitting on it. More so, because everyone and his mother in the business was announcing one. So Thomas wanted to wait so that hers would stand out.

“I’ve been waiting for the right time,” she explains.

“So why not now, now that my movie’s coming out. It’ll be the perfect time to bring it out.”

Over the course of 17 years, Thomas figures maybe she’s done 200 movies. She says people are surprised when she recites that figure.

“But I was always a contract girl and would do about five movies a year,” she explains. “I never over did it.”

Thomas says it was “awesome” being a contract girl.

“Because you didn’t have to run around to all the companies for one thing. You didn’t have the stress and you didn’t overwork yourself.”

And not to forget the fact that when Thomas was active, there was a smaller pool of porn performers, and star status was way more attainable. Today’s performers get lost in the shuffle.

“I don’t think there’s really a big star out there right now,” she agrees. “Not like the Nina Hartleys or Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick.”

Now that she lives in Vegas, Thomas is always recognized.

“And I’ve done shows, too, here in Vegas,” she adds. “I do a lot of regular showgirl-stuff with the X Girls.”


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