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Final: Naked, Kora Cummings is Locked in a Bathroom; Hosting a Party Tonight

Porn Valley- Crash, boom, bam. Kora Cummings locked herself in a motel bathroom the other night. She was naked and she couldn’t get out. Cummings, who’s from South Carolina, is in town this week until Monday. Maybe the toilets are different down south, but Cummings is telling me this story which is pretty funny.

“I got up in the middle of the night to go pee and, by habit, I shut the door,” explains Cummings.

“Then when I went to turn the handle to come out, it kept turning and turning. It wasn’t opening. I kept messing with it and jiggling the door. Then I started hitting it, then slamming it. Then I started really panicking after 15 to 20 minutes wondering how long it was going to take them to realize I was stuck in the bathroom and screaming for help. There was no cell phone. No window.”

Cummings’ room at the Warner Gardens Motel was right above the office so she figured someone would hear the noise. But that didn’t happen, so she eventually kicked her way out. Afterwards the woman in charge told her she did hear some shaking but figured Cummings was “having a good time.”

“I annihilated their door,” laughs Cummings. “I’m like you don’t charge me for the door and I won’t sue you for locking me in the bathroom. I said don’t you think you could give me a free night and the lady’s, like, well, the manager’s not here.”

Cummings, who’s been in the Valley a couple of times before, was on her way to Gold Star Modeling Wednesday afternoon hopefully to sign with them when we had our chat. Cummings, who was working in construction and teaching massage therapy at night before she got into the business, has been in porn since March. Cummings has also toured with the band Candlebox and one of the guys in the band, perhaps half-jokingly, suggested that she should go to LA and make porn.

“I didn’t know about that,” says Cummings, recalling the story. “But I was willing to go and see if I was comfortable. So I flew out to watch Bethany Sweet [who she met through guys in Candlebox] film, and I thought I could see myself doing this.”

Cummings talks about how Sweet took her to different shoots.

“Then I did my first scene for Brandon Iron,” continues Cummings. On subsequent trips to LA, she worked for Naughty America, Blue Moon and Combat Zone.

Up till this week Cummings has been working independently but figured Gold Star could get her work.

“With things getting harder in the business, it’s easier to have someone else help you out.”

Unfortunately, Cummings flew out this time thinking she had work lined up by Absolute Models. Which wasn’t the case. She was told she had two scenes.

“And that turned out to be a fabrication apparently,” says Cummings.

“I found all this out when I got out here. They assured me, oh, you’ll be busy.”

It cost Cummings $800 for a ticket to fly out plus a cost of a rental car and the fact she’s got to eat. So it was a pretty expensive fabrication. Cummings was at least thankful for the fact that she knew the lay of the land somewhat and wasn’t entirely stranded.

“So I spoke with Joel [Lawrence] and he was straight up and honest. I like that and he didn’t sugar coat anything and I like that as well.”

“Maybe things will change around with the New Year and bring new opportunities,” Cummings hopes.

On the bright side, Cummings hosts a Redlight District party this evening at Blue Moon. Asked how she got that gig, Cummings admits she fucked Porno Dan when she first came out here.

“He asked if I would like to host and I thought, yeah, I could be seen by people. It is socializing and getting to know people which is always good.”

As a kid growing up, Cummings said she was a tomboy and did very well academically. She attended a private girls’ college on a scholarship.

“Actually I think this is fun and I enjoy sex- I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist,” Cummings states answering the question as to why she would choose porn over something more socially correct.

“The cool thing is I enjoy this but have an education to fall back on if and when it’s time to make my graceful exit.”

Cummings, who stresses the fact that she’s reliable and shows up to her gigs on time, will be back in town December 8th.


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