Final: PASS- Meet The New Boss, Same As the Old Boss; Chris Mann is the Architect of Doom

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Christian Mann figured the coast was clear. After a year of relative obscurity, Mann came out of his hole today, like Punxsutawney Phil, and announced that APHSS was now going to be known as PASS.

But what Mann was saying, is, nothing’s changed. It’s still the same-old, same-old. Rob Black revealed that Mann as Vice President of Free Speech is the real power behind the throne, and that Diane Duke was a sap and being played.

“The Rob Black Show and AdultFYI are the only voice that matters,” said Black.

“You’re only going to hear truth and the unfiltered brand of talk that will enlighten you and give you real facts that cannot be disputed.

“I see Christian Mann is peeking his dirty filthy head into the mix while performers are writing their own death sentence. If you think anyone’s safe you’re mistaken. Christian Mann is the architect of hiding disease if you listen to Diane Duke and Christian Mann that the business is clean and we trust each other.

“Here’s the thing I’m going to ask the attorneys. Can Cameron Bay sue the entire adult industry for not protecting her when there are laws on the books stating we need condoms?

“If you take this girl and put her in an interrogation room- funny when you have life altering experiences you go through a lot of shit in your head. Her life is forever altered. I can’t imagine that she has any interest in hiding and keeping secrets. She’s going to say, ‘I’m going to tell you about everything and who gave me HIV.’

“I suspect that Cameron Bay is still around and as we’re getting more and more reports about her- all it does is bolster every single point I’m making. Let’s forget that half the people in this business have a criminal record. In UAWA we would have background checks- just like other cities have- all of this shocking information about Cameron Bay- the UAWA would have screened that and Cameron Bay wouldn’t have performed in the adult business.

“You now have an industry that all of a sudden has APHSS- our health organization that tested like the World Council of Health- and now they’ve announced a name change to PASS effective today.

“They’re doing the same thing as APHSS with a name change. It’s simple and logical for the change they said. Now we’ll all be much safer with an easier acronym.

“If you change the name, you change the disease, I forgot that rule. Free Speech is dog shit, so the reasons for change are simple and logical. They wanted a name that wasn’t dog shit. They are contaminated and diseased.

“Everything that the lying scumbag Christian Mann is saying we already have- it’s the same crappy testing procedures. Everything’s the same. It’s still Manwin and Gordon Pachinko [Sixto Pacheco] sending your blood from Reseda to Miami.

“It’s the same cronies from a day ago but Chris Mann is back at the helm. Like LATATA with Shy Love who sold the company to Mark Sphincter [Schechter] then Derek Hay dropped the ball then Love stepped back in, now Mark Sphincter stepped back in- this is the guy telling us the girl he repped was positive for HIV antibodies, but it’s not HIV and you don’t know anything.

“We’re using the language because of John Stagliano and his general manger Chris Mann who’s back in charge of PASS- who’ve been fucking up our testing this past year.

“Chris Mann is general manager of a company whose owner tells us he’s got special HIV with a viral load so low he doesn’t have HIV any more.

“He performs with talent in the business and doesn’t tell them he’s HIV. He feels that jamming a woman‘s foot down his throat isn’t risky or inserting metal devices in women’s vaginas isn’t risky behavior. That guy performs with women and does not inform them of his HIV status. He has women sit on his face and he performs privately and engages in sexual relationships with talent active in our talent pool

“Sheena Shaw and John Stagliano had a lover’s spat and now she is nowhere to be found and has deleted her twitter. She was a regular in the Evil Angel library.

“She was a featured girl. Chris Mann is the general manager of that company, a guy who sat in a meeting with Tom Byron and talked to him and tried to get an understanding of why I was doing what I was doing and said that John Stagliano is not going to be doing that [Stretch Class] any more.

“Christian Mann said maybe it wasn’t a good idea to be doing that. Christian Mann also talked about John Stagliano getting an HIV test that would show he’s negative because our testing tests for a viral load count and his is so low, it’s undetectable. When you’re taking all that medication, you’re tricking your immune system and blood and you will pass an APHSS test.

“Then they decided against it because John Stagliano by passing the test would send the whole system into the trash, that you can fool the industry test. That is what Christian Mann told Tom Byron. Can I be paraphrasing using the words fuck and suck? Sure.

“But if you put Christian Mann under a hot light and ask him that question, that general manager, that guy who runs the John Stagliano empire he is also the vice president of Free Speech.

“He’s vice president of APHSS and now the vice president of PASS. He’s at the helm of a film company which is engaged in a lawsuit with Katie Summers where John Stagliano performed in a scene; Summers was not told of his HIV status and at no time, whenever they had meetings or lunch and when the scene was going on, was she told.

“Christian Mann is the vice president of APHSS and Free Speech. He always was, always will be and I guess Christian Mann wants to go down with another ship. This is a guy who has singlehandedly destroyed company after company.

“Christian Mann is now telling everybody about safety. He runs Evil Angel owned by a guy who does not inform anyone of his HIV status and his wife says it all amounts to shaking a hand. Oh, can I stick my hand in your wife’s vagina?

“What makes you think if you work for Evil Angel you’re any safer? The boss is HIV positive. The wife is HIV positive, and their general manager runs the entire testing facility. If you’re not disturbed by that I’m not sure what that means.”

Black notes that Mann specializes in bankrupting companies and is doing the same with the industry. But Black suspected he was parlaying too much complicated information for anyone in the listening audience to understand.

“You see the corruption in the business, the desperate lies and why we need intervention,” said Black.

“Mike South will shit on Diane Duke and Free Speech, but he won’t shit on Christian Mann. More corruption. Christian Mann has been a little rat shit piece of garbage before I ever came into this business. He’s been in the business longer than Diane Duke, but why is all the blame on her and not Marci Hirsch, Jeffrey Douglas or Christian Mann?

“Diane Duke is the president, but don’t you think Christian Mann gives her advice? If Free Speech opened their books for an audit, where would that money be? I want to know what Christian Mann gets and what Marci Hirsch gets. I’m so sick of our business creating straw men and establishing a system of corruption. With pimps, and lying owners who fuck whores, but at the end of the day the people in charge are people of honor?”

Black also pointed out that Mike South’s advice to wear condoms until it all gets sorted out [like it will] is as stupid as it sounds. The population knows that when you have sex you will have a disease and no one should put their health on the line. Don’t let these people bullshit you. The real bogeymen are Free Speech and Chris Mann.”

Black noted that people of influence on the outside aren’t stupid like people in the business and that’s where the changes will come from.

“We are beyond crisis and how do we fix this and get back to work? To sweep this all under the rug isn’t going to put everybody back to work. Christian Mann tells you John Stagliano doesn’t know if he as HIV any more- that’s what he said- and he runs the entire testing organization.

“Christian Mann gets a huge pay check from John Stagliano who is marred in a lawsuit, and talent will not come forward and tell us the truth.

“Christian Mann told Tom Byron that Evil Angel was floundering and he brought the company back with Internet deals. The guy who saved John Stagliano’s ass has been in charge of our testing facility the same guy who’s bankrupted countless other entities he ran.

“Christian Mann has been in charge with Diane Duke and APHSS and now this new thing called PASS. He’ll be part of this until we take him down. This sonofabitch should be in jail. He’s perpetuated crimes against the humanity of the adult business. The jig is up you slimy cocksucker.

“Isadore Hall, Michael Weinstein know you’re responsible for every cover up in this business because you’re used to covering shit up and what John Stagliano has been doing for years.

“That’s why you were put in charge of APHSS. You are a perfect soldier who covers shit up. You worked for a wannabe gangster over at Metro and now you cover up for John Stagliano. “Christian Mann, you are a cover up king. You are the architect of doom. You cover up for John Stagliano and Free Speech brought you in and you’ve been covering for them ever since.”

Black also noted that, today, AdultFYI officially beat AVN in traffic ranking, and there’s new traffic now being tuned into Mann’s corruption that four months ago would never have been aware of it.

“Today everybody in the US- our traffic ranking has skyrocketed- everybody today that didn’t hear our message four months ago,” Black said.

“Christian Mann, you are a piece of shit that has caused four infections in this business in the last year. You cover up- you should be going to prison right now. Instead of the angel of death taking the last breath from your lungs with that cancer- what the world needs is for you to have a slow, withering painful fucking death.

“Chris Mann, you motherfucker, Cameron Bay has HIV because of you. Lisa Ann almost got Hep C because of you. And when this business stops using Mike South bogeymen and starts wising up- they’ll get rid of you.

“Diane Duke has always been the patsy. Christian Mann is the one calling the shots. He’s been at the helm since Day One. You want to talk about being scared and frightened? You should all take a gasp of air and ask do I have it? The evil is here and I’ve finally shown you who it is. He’s poked his head back up.”


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