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Flexx Rejects Kennedy’s Proposal

Porn Valley. KSEX peejay Flexx had himself quite a Saturday night. Besides getting his knuckles slapped by Keri Windsor in an intense game of hot hands at the Staples Center during the Kings game, Flexx later got bitch slapped by Kennedy who came out of left field with a proposal he wasn’t expecting.

Flexx and Kennedy were among some of the KSEX notables who were enjoying the game from Laker owner Dr. Jerry Buss’ booth. Flexx told the story Monday night on his Ebony Nights show about how, later after the game, a group went to chill. It was then that Kennedy approached him. Flexx had been under the impression that the former Bunny Ranch girl had been flirting with him. But he was mistaken. “She was like, so how much are you willing to pay?” Flexx said wha!!!???

“She basically asked me how much I wanted to pay to have sex,” Flexx related. “I know she works at the Bunny Ranch. Nothing wrong with that. I know what she does. But it wasn’t a shock to me that she’d offer her services for money. What was a shock to me is that she would offer her services to me for money.”

Flexx said he told Kennedy that he wasn’t going to pay to have sex with her. With his co-host Sierra egging him on about how he’s surrounded by naked girls all the time and that he could have sex with just about anyone he sees, Flexx said he doesn’t try hard enough to say what has to be said to land the big tuna. “I’m too lazy for that,” said Flexx. “What makes you think I’m going to pay for some pussy?” Flexx said he works too hard for his money and admits he has paid for it in the past. “But I’m not in that position no more. There’s pussy everywhere.” In fact Flexx said he gets tired of too much pussy.

Flexx assumed that Kennedy might have had a light bill to pay. Sierra said though it irritates her when sisters go there, she sees nothing wrong in paying for pussy. “But I think you need to distinct [sex] between people who are your associates and people who are your tricks,” she said. “It doesn’t make sense to ask someone who’s in the same business that you are- soliciting adult entertainment to the public- and ask you to pay for it. I’m sorry. Not unless I gave you the indication that I was going to pay for it.” Sierra said she was sure that Flexx didn’t give those signals. “I know your wallet ain’t that big.”

“I’m a broke motherfucker,” Flexx agreed. Sierra laughed saying she’s been out with Flexx on different occasions and he makes that fact pretty obvious. Flexx said, not that broke, but not to where he can afford to be paying for pussy. “When I do get to that point, maybe I’ll let her know.”

“Doesn’t she realize where we work at?” Sierra said. Flexx said if he was making enough money to pay for pussy than he really didn’t have enough time on his hands to fuck someone. “I’m too busy working.” On other note, Flexx said he did offer to buy Kennedy a candy apple when they were at the Staples Center. “Maybe that’s it.”

Taking Kennedy’s side of things, Sierra said it’s sad when you have to work all the time. “I’m saying as an escort or someone who’s in the adult business, it’s sad when you have to work all the time. Don’t you hve sex for fun sometimes? Don’t you actually enjoy yourself sometimes?”

While he didn’t view the approach as disrespectful, Flexx said the thing that fucked with his head was the fact that of all the times Kennedy had been hanging out at KSEX, that she hadn’t been flirting with him. “She was just trying to get some money. I could be wrong. But that’s how I took it.”

Sierra was quick to point out that, as a general rule, a lot of black men feel that way about a lot of black women. “That we have caused that.”

Sierra asked if Kennedy was shocked when Flexx said no. “I said no and then she kind of said, okay, then she left. She came back and she said I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to you or anything. I said it wasn’t disrespectful. That’s your business. That’s your job. I being a web designer and if I came to you, like, hey girl, I can put a lot of metatags in your code on your website. I could do that and you couldn’t really be mad at me because that’s what I do for a living. But there would be a time and a place for it.”

Sierra pointed out that if Flexx had offered some metatags in a non business context and then afterwards said it was going to cost, that she’d be very pissed off. “That you were fooling me all this time. You didn’t really like me at all.” Sierra said, unfortunately, that’s the way a lot of African American women think today when they want a guy. “If I’m going to give up some pussy, you’re going to have to pay for it. It’s sad.”

Flexx said it was an eye opener for him and wondered how many other girls have flirted with him thinking he had money. Flexx said a situation like that would ward him off other women. Flexx said he’s talked to Kennedy before in a circle of friends but is now wondering if she didn’t have ulterior motives. Sierra said from the way it looks, yes. “But I don’t want to give anyone else the impression that all of us in this business are like that. Don’t get me wrong. I would not be doing this if I was not getting paid. But that doesn’t mean my whole life revolves around getting paid for sex. I like to have fun sex, too.”

Flexx said if you’re looking at him only in terms of money, don’t talk to him. “If you’re my friend, you’re my friend. If you want to fuck then we can fuck. If you want me to do your website just fuckin’ say so. Whatever the fuck it is, don’t front.”


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