From Pornwikileaks: Kandace Kayne aka Emily Santarsiero

Last week we asked why Kandace Kayne who claimed she hated the adult industry, still continues to use her porn name [[see full story here]].

Now she claims it’s because she doesn’t want any of you “creeps” ooops I mean her fans to know her real name is Emily Santarsiero. That’s her excuse why she continues to stay connected to porn.

Kandace Kayne aka Emily Santarsiero

Kandace Kayne aka Emily Santarsiero

Kandace Kayne


For months’s she been attacking anyone and everyone in the industry. She called New Sensations pedophiles. She talked shit about Greg Lansky from She attacked her past three agents, including the most recent Kendra Lust who rumor has it, she owes thousands of dollars to. The other day she attacked a professional industry reviewer Captain Jack for who knows what.

But now she’s actually making threats of a tell all book and a series of YouTube videos about her 5 minutes in porn. lol

Kandace Kayne aka Emily Santarsiero



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  1. This girl is a fucking idiot! She’ll be begging to comeback into porn very soon!!! No one will hire except for ads on Craigslist.

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