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From the Gene Files: Conversations with The Late Haley Paige; She Talks About Her Good Luck Dress

From the Gene Files, April 5, 2005:

Porn Valley- I’m introduced to the lovely Haley Paige on the set of What Happens Here Stays Here. Paige has been in the industry about two years and before this was working in a Radio Shack in Oklahoma, of all places.

Paige said she was starving to death doing that, although she was banging the store manager on a pretty regular basis. “I decided to do some nude modeling,” Paige states. “And then I got into video, decided I liked it and stayed.”

Paige explains that she was doing a road trip from San Diego and broke down in Oklahoma. She stayed there a year. “I got a job and everything to make enough money to come back.” Paige said her father used to take the family on road trips all the time when she was little, that’s how she got the idea. I was curious if anything else exciting happened to Paige between San Diego and Oklahoma.

“I wore my good luck Dorothy dress,” she tells me. “Which is a checkered dress with red ruby shoes. Luckily, nothing eventful happened.”

I ask her if she’s some kind of Wizard of Oz nut. Paige says, not really, she just thought it would bring luck. “And it did, but basically I was driving this piece of shit car and I made it all the way to Oklahoma in one piece.”

Paige is asked if the inclination wasn’t just to get the car fixed and move on. Why bother with Oklahoma. Paige says it has something to do with the fact of her having seen the film O Brother Where Art Thou?

“I got very interested in the folk scene,” she explains. “And I was just in time there for the Woody Guthrie festival. I went to that and I was hooked. I just loved it there. There’s so much folk music and the people I met were just amazing. I think I had a really good time there.” I also suspect that Paige makes friends quite easily. She agrees.

Asked how she wound up at a Radio Shack which turned into a love shack from the way she decsribes it, Paige said she applied everywhere she could think of. “And they were the ones who called me back.” Paige laughs about fucking the manager. “I got promoted very fast,” she says. “We would basically have sex in the bathroom while there were customers outside. And we’d go out all disheveled and try to help out everyone.” I asked her how this guy came on to her.

“We were doing inventory one night,” Paige explains. “I really liked him and he really liked me. He just put his hands on me. I didn’t stop him. That was his cue to keep going.”

Paige says, quite frankly, she always knew she could use her body to make money, that she was told this all the time growing up. “I always knew this was an option,” she states.

“I didn’t want to be a street hooker or a stripper because I can’t dance,” she laughs. “But the next best thing is porn.” Paige said she’d always get offers of money. “They wouldn’t exactly approach me but both men and women would talk to my friends in high school and say, oh, tell your friend that I’ll pay her a hundred bucks if she comes over to my house and suck my dick. That was always in the back of my head.”

Paige was 15 the first time she had sex. “It was a guy from high school. He was in my class.” But Paige said she was more inclined to get her virginity over with than anything else. “He kind of jokingly said do you want to come to my house after school and have sex, thinking I would never say yes. I said yes.” Paige said it was a casual thing. “But we practiced safe sex.

“Girls were a lot earlier,” Paige continues. “I went to a Catholic school. I found my dad’s old Playboys in a closet one day and I took them to school so my friends could share them with me. The five of us decided to go to the janitor’s closet which no ever went to and we all had sex.”

Paige says the group consisted of two sets of sisters.” According to Paige, one set of the sisters decided to go a little further. “They went home and had sex,” she says. “They took it further than what it was intended to be.” Paige said the closet trysts were pretty hardcore.

“Naked, humping, fingers, everything. We didn’t know what to do but we were definitely experimenting a lot and trying to do everything we could think of. We did it a few times and never got caught. It was lunch break. But after awhile we got sick of it.”

Paige says she had a boyfriend that she broke up with about six months ago. “We would have anal sex and he really liked all that kinky stuff. So I did it for him. It’s not something I’m personally into, but I like doing it on camera because it’s very interesting to explore your body and all your options.” Paige states that her first anal was actually on camera with Benjamin Bratt. “It went great. I actually really, really liked it.” Paige said she don’t know what to expect, but to her that’s an advantage. “Then I totally enjoy it more,” she says of the surprise element. “Because I savor every moment.”

Maybe not the wildest thing she’s done so far, but Paige says she’s discovering her foot fetish. “I don’t like sucking other people’s feetbut I like to have mine worshipped.” Paige discovered that when Rod Fontana deep throated her foot during a scene. Paige has just done a squirting video and that was a first for her, she says. “This guy [Axel Braun] made me squirt and I had never done that before. I never thought I could do it but I did.” I mention to Paige the debate that’s ensuing over this subject. “Yeah, they think it’s pee,” she says. I wonder if she drank a lot of water prior to that scene she’s describing. Paige says no. “And I had just pee’d right before the scene,” she adds. “So I know mine wasn’t pee and I know some girls do pee. There are some girls who trick people, and there are some girls out there who really do squirt.”

Paige says she was more shocked than anything else. “I didn’t think I could do it. I really didn’t.” Paige describes the scene as painful and uncomfortable. “But it was a really good experience.”

According to Paige, she maintains her career goal of wanting to be a psychologist. “I want to eventually get my doctorate and be able to do research on sexuality.” I suggest that she’s using her porn years as some sort of laboratory. Asked what she’s been observing, Paige says she sees where girls tend to build a tolerance. “It’s very interesting,” she says. “When I first started doing nude still I went home crying because I thought I was a dirty whore. Before I know it I’m doing anal sex and it’s no big deal. I don’t know what it is but you have to set a goal for yourself and not go past it, otherwise you’re going to find yourself doing triple anal and gangbangs.” For her part, Paige has set barriers. “I’ve only done a few D.P.s and I don’t think I’ll go past that. Anal is basically my limit.”

I asked her about rough sex and Paige say she’s no big fan of it. “I like a lot of energy and passion. As far as spitting and hair pulling and stuff I can do it,” she says. “But it’s not one of my strengths. I don’t exactly like to do it.” Paige tells me she plays Ariana Jollee’s girlfriend in What Happen Here Stays Here. “She takes her out on the town.” Paige and Jollee are friends in real life and Paige just shot a scene recently for Jollee. “I’ve know her off and on for a couple of years.”

Paige doesn’t have a website as yet but indicates that she’d like to affiliate herself with political activities. “Like the Green Party and stuff- I used to be secretary for them and I’d like to get back into that.”

Paige is repped by L.A. Direct. “I think they’re the best and they get the girls the most work,” she says. “And they probably have more girls than any other agency. They’re more on it. All the girls are on time and they run it really well.”

Paige loves the business so far and claims she’s never had a bad experience. “Not once. it’s treated me very well.” Among her favorite male performers, Paige counts Evan Stone at the top. “I’m really fond of him. I think he’d be my favorite. And Nick Manning is always fun to work with.” Paige also notes that the majority of her bookings tend to be features.

“It makes it more fun for me,” she says. “I get to play a character and it makes it more a fantasy.” Paige always think she’s had a flair for acting. “Before I got into porn I didn’t have any confidence and I didn’t think I was pretty,” Paige states. “When I got into porn I fixed myself up and I feel great about myself. But if I tried to get into acting I think they’d have a shit fit about my adult history. So I’m kind of torn now.”

Paige says there’s a project in the works- a porn version of A League Of Their Own in which she’d play the Madonna character. It’s supposed to be an Adam & Eve project with Nick Steele directing. Paige would get to play a loudmouth slut. “I think I would have fun with that one,” she says.


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