From The Vault : A Day in The Life of Extreme Associates

This is a fun little trip down memory lane.

Some of you don’t know that back in the day before Extreme Associates was indicted for obscenity, it was a huge company, a powerhouse.

We had huge offices in North Hollywood with several employees. It was a frat house type atmosphere where everyone worked hard and had a lot of fun.

Take a look at the behind the scenes clip of a typical day at Extreme with all the players that have come and gone, including Thomas Zupko, J-Bleezy, G-Man, Derek Newblood, Scott Snott and the rest of the cast of crazy characters, including yours truly with a big fat belly and Gene Ross right after he shaved his head.

You would think, though, with all that success and all those employees we could have had somebody clean up the place. Sheesh…

Enjoy this blast from the past.


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