Gay Polish child rapist Eddie Dzial spamming comments section

Failed XXX mope and gay Polish child rapist Eddie Dzial out of Detroit, Michigan is once again off his leash and spamming the comments sections with anti-Donny Long libel. This is how Dzial has spent his holiday season, posting no less than 30 messages on this site that have nothing to do with the articles at hand.

This isn’t Dzial’s first rodeo as he pulled this under numerous usernames on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum. He registered several names and luckily that forum went to registered members only as there are several bad seeds that would use it as their own personal dumping ground if unregistered were still allowed there. Unlike the lazy piece of shit drug addicts that want to turn PWL into a sewer, Eddie is motivated, dedicated and fueled by methamphetamine and can stay up well into the night and over holidays and weekends to try to get his point across and is willing to register many names and keep the party going even after one of his names gets banned.

Eddie has posted many racist messages here and we will not tolerate his or Monica Foster’s racist bullshit. We are not a hate site and not here to offend anyone.

You can read more about Eddie here:



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