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Gen Padova Signs on For Mainstream Venture

Porn Valley – “For some reason I just got lucky,” said Gen Padova Wednesday night on KSEX’s The Wanker Show. “Maybe it’s perfect timing.” Padova said she just signed a deal involving a mainstream production company in Australia. “They offered me a position as a producer to produce a new reality TV series coming soon.”

According to Padova, the series is titled Ecstasy Island Survivor which will take place in the Cook Islands off the east coast of Australia. Padova said Cook is one of 15 tiny islands out there in the middle of the ocean. “Scary isn’t it?”

Wankus noted that both mainstream and porn companies have produced derivative style projects such as these. “When you started telling me about this I thought, here we go,” Wankus said. “But when you explained it I thought this actually sounds pretty neat.” Padova said this is the same company that put together Big Brother. “That’s a show a lot of people know about that’s become very successful. This is strictly mainstream. It has nothing to do with the adult industry.” Nevertheless, Padova said the show has a twist to it that should attract porn fans.

“It’s about one man living on an island with ten other women,” Padova said. “Obviously all ten women aren’t going to be exactly the same. We all have our own personalities.” Padova said the guy’s required to live with the women on the island for 30 days. “Basically the guy has to last as long as he can on the island without going absolutely crazy and killing himself.” But it’s the task of the women to drive the guy out of his mind. To add spice to the stew, Padova said there was going to be some kinds of sexual gratification going on. “There’s going to be some hot steamy sex.” By the sounds of it, Wankus suggested that things could get pretty ugly irrespective of the guy being told that his feet smelled. Padova, however, said the prize was going to be $250,000 should he survive. The twist she said is, “anytime the guy’s approached for a serious sexual encounter with any of the ten girls, if he rejects them more than three times, he’s automatically evicted off the island. Three strikes, you’re out.” That being the case, Wankus suspected that there were going to be some heifers parading around in sarongs. Padova said if the guy gets booted off, another one will be put in his place. “But these guys have to try and eliminate as many guys as they can in that 30-day period. So basically it’s a war between one man and ten women.” Padova said the same rules applied to the women that if one of them walks off the show, she’d be replaced. “We’ve got girls lined up ready to do this, to drive the guy crazy.”

Wankus still subscribed to his heifer theory. “Who’s going to want to say yes on national television to Oprah? I’m sure they’re going to have a couple like that. And they probably don’t give you any alcohol to help you out, either No Viagra, nothing.” Padova definitely promised the women would be all different from one another.

The team of women who eliminates the most men gets to share $1 M among them, she says. “Basically they each win a $100,000. Not to mention the fame involved and all the possible opportunities after the show.” Padova said filming is scheduled to begin in May or “at the earliest convenience” and that the hunt is on for both men and women who are open-minded.

It was also pointed out that since this was a mainstream venture, genitalia would not be on display for the camera and that there would be 24-hour medical assistance. “Prior to the show everyone will be tested for STDs,” she added.

Padova said a registration form was available on While the idea was tempting to be one of the women on the island, Padova said the producer’s spot was an opportunity for her to explore different avenues. “If I want to fuck somebody, I’ll do porno. That’s what I’m doing.”


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