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Gina Lynn Teabags for Promo

In exchange for promo on the Howard Stern Show this morning, Gina Lynn had to take a huge whiff of ball cheese when she attempted to tea bag Benjy. Lynn was of the opinion that something smelled very foul and an on-air investigation was conducted.

Lynn along with fellow porn star Nadia Styles were on to plug a number of promotions. Stern seemed to think that he recognized them from somewhere, that possibly they had been on his show before. Stern wanted to know which of them bragged about having sex with Eminem. “I didn’t have sex with Eminem,” Lynn stated. Stern said she was claiming it. “I never claimed it,” Lynn replied. “Other people claimed it. He wanted to have sex with me.”

Lynn said while she made out with Eminem, the rapper was upset because he brought another guy on the set that looked like him. Stern then explained the deal. In order to get their plugs in, they had to spin the Wheel of Benjy. Neither of the women voiced enthusiasm about Benjy’s sex appeal. Tasks on the Benjy wheel included such activity as allowing him to dry hump them for ten seconds. Another task allowed Benjy to put a toe in an orifice of his choosing. Stern hastened to inform that Benjy had athlete’s foot. Nadia explained that she’s had neither toe nor anal in her films. Lynn, surprisingly has done no anal, either. “I’ve been a contract girl for three years and I’ve never done anal,” she told Stern. Besides rooting for jelly beans in Benjy’s underwear, playing naked leap frog and licking his bald spot, other tasks called for a make-out session. Lynn seemed particularly freaked out by that prospect. Stern asked why. “I like to kiss guys that are good-looking,” she responded. But Lynn didn’t seem particularly perturbed about having to lick his bald spot for ten seconds.

Nadia took the first spin and had to take a toe in her orifice. Benjy assured her that he showered. Styles insisted on a condom or a reasonable facsimile. Stern agreed that the whole idea was hideous. Styles slipped off her panties and, in turn, earned a chance to plug her website, Styles also plugged, explaining that there was going to be a $100,000 bikini contest. “We’re looking for the most beautiful girls we could find,” she said. Asked if it was as good for her as it was for Benjy, Nadia got bleeped. Lynn then spun the wheel and won the opportunity to tea bag Benjy. Stern earlier gave a graphic explanation what that would entail lest there was any doubt. Lynn stripped and assumed the position. One caller-in insisted on a stay-of-education, demanding that the proceedings stop immediately.

For visual proof, Benjy was required to squirt whipped cream on his balls. “Something stinks,” Lynn said, indicating something was cheesy-smelling. Benjy claimed it was the whipped cream. “It’s you, you idiot,” Stern said. Lynn plugged her website. Stern wanted to know more about the Bumble promotion. “We’re going from state-to-state to fin a Bumble girl,” Styles said. “It’s a $100,000 bikini challenge. As we go from state-to-state we find these hot girls and shoot them for the website. Basically they’ll go to Vegas and the AVN awards.” Asked if she had a boyfriend, Styles said no. Lynn said when you do adult movies you can’t have boyfriends.




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