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Gonorrhea Drama on Jewel De’Nyle Set

Porn Valley- The itch in Porn Valley’s crotch must have been begging for scratching Monday night when Ginger and Amber Lynn got on the subject of STD’s before introducing guest Teri Weigel.
But before they got on to that issue, Ginger said she had been intimidated by Weigel for a long time. “Big time,” she said. Amber said Weigel is her best friend in the whole world. “Everybody in the business knows that.” Amber said all she ever know was the fact that Weigel had these big shows. “And she had these big, giant crews that I would always follow.” As circumstance would have it, Amber and Teri were finally booked on the road together. “That’s how me and Teri first met. We had heard of each other and crossed each other’s paths.” Amber said as soon as the two met, they hit it off and Weigel’s husband Murrill literally had to pull them off people.

“We were humping each other; we were humping people. She was sticking things up my ass on stage,” related Amber. “We were at the Foxy Lady in Providence, Rhode Island, and there were lines around the place to get in. Our shows were getting wilder and wilder. More and more people kept showing up. They kept coming down stairs saying you guys can’t do that. We were doing everything. She’s got twirli-pops up my ass.”

Amber said there was another point during the week where Weigel rolled a wad of toilet paper and stuck it up Amber’s ass. When Amber hit her ass, the paper fell to the floor. Weigel then picked it up and stuck it on a bald guy’s forehead. “Of course I’m totally mortified hoping that it’s white, please let it glow. If it doesn’t glow, it’s brown. If it’s white it glows.” Amber said the guy then took the paper off his forehead and stuck it in his mouth.

On another note, Amber said she had lost her vibrator so wound up in a bath tub with her legs spread trying to get herself off. Ginger suggested laying on your belly and pushing your weight against your clit.

Getting to the issue, Ginger casuallyasked Amber how her girl stuff was. “It’s all clear,” Amber responded. “Here we are, guys, after 20 years in the industry, 100% clean in a lot of ways today.” For those who were interested in licking her pussy or eating things out of her ass, Ginger advertised that she was clear for chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV.

“I’m a little freaked out about the industry today,” Ginger went on to say. “Sexually transmitted diseases.” Lynn said that’s why she invited Weigel on the show. “Teri and I did a movie this week for a female producer who is also talent [Jewel De’Nyle]- a star who’s doing her last movie. And then three new girls- they are all new or have done a couple of things. One of them is from Germany [Katka Kassin].” [The other two were Bisexual Britni and Julie Night.]

A lot of the girls today that come over are really beautiful,” Ginger went on to say. “They jump in and do a lot of stuff right away.” Ginger said there’s a mandatory procedure to follow, but one of the girls pulled out her test and it had “a big old positive” for gonorrhea.

“I have a problem with that,” Ginger said, although the girl claimed she had a note.

“You know when you wrote notes from home? It was from, like your mom, but you really wrote it. This is typed out but it wasn’t on the testing facility’s paper. Maybe it was, but it just didn’t look professional to me. It said that she had been diagnosed on this day and medicated on this date and that she should be cleared up by now. But they can’t re-test because it’ll show up positive for two weeks. I’m sorry. If you’re testing positive, until you test negative, I don’t want to have sex with you. So I brought it up to the cameraman. He says it’s just gonorrhea. You go and you get a shot. I’m going oh my God!”

Amber said she had a problem with the cameraman’s attitude. “But more than that I have a problem with the health care facilitator who wrote that letter and said it would be okay for her to perform that day in that movie. Probably she wasn’t positive. Probably.” Ginger said there should be more than one place for people in the industry to test. “I’m a big believer in safe sex.”

“When somebody’s got a monopoly we’re relying on them and are basically at their mercy,” Amber added. Ginger said there should be more options for performers. “This was a big eye opener for me. I actually had to go back and test again just for my own peace of mind even though I didn’t go anywhere near this girl.”

But Ginger wasn’t going to say the girl’s name. “We don’t want to mention any names.” But she was obviously flabbergasted by the cameraman’s blase attitude as was Amber. Ginger said the only thing she had in her entire life was at 16 when she got crabs. “I didn’t know that I had them.” Ginger said she was dating a 21 year-old biker as a perfect fuck-you to her family. “I was rebellious.”

Ginger had him over when her parents were out of town. “We fucked in their bed the whole weekend.” Ginger said it was about a week later when her dad came running into the kitchen in his underwear yelling that he had crabs. Pretty soon her mom had crabs, as well as her brothers and sisters. “Everyone in the family got crabs. And I only found one in my eyebrow. It was so nasty. We had to wash all the sheets in the house, all the clothes, everybody’s underwear…”

Lynn said that was her only experience ever. “And I’ve done movies for a long, long time.” Because she had worked with John Holmes who died of AIDS, Lynn said she became paranoid and started testing every six months. The point being, she said, is that if a performer’s test shows positive for gonorrhea, that performer shouldn’t be testing. “Until you’re cleared up, in my opinion, you shouldn’t be working in the industry.”

Amber said that when she had her operation for a tumor in December she was told that she could have possibly been affected early and didn’t know it. “It would have gone through my uterus. That could have caused pelvic inflammatory disease. Which did not happen. But had it have done that, the possibility existed that I could be sterile; I could literally die and you could go blind from this.”

As a result of what happened, Ginger said she was going back to her old rule about condoms. “When we did this scene I was with Teri and this other woman; and I just stayed clear of everything. Teri and I both put our foot down.”

Amber said she had her test a week ago and had to call AIM to get them to fax it over to her. “They didn’t do it within the 24 hours they promised.”



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