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Grand Vision: Vanna Bardot Discusses ‘Influence’ Vixen Media Group Showcase

As reigning XBIZ Female Performer of the Year, Vanna Bardot has fully capitalized on her skyward momentum since earning her crown this past January, bringing her highly professional rep and glamcore bona fides to bear on hitting newly triumphant strides in 2023. Now, she has teamed up with the creative minds behind Vixen Media Group’s cinematic machinery to unleash mega multi-brand feature “Influence: Vanna Bardot,” the latest installment in VMG’s award-winning showcase series.

“Overall, my favorite experiences in this industry have always been ones where I’m given the chance to do more than just perform, and Vixen Media Group provided me with that opportunity in the best way possible,” Bardot shares. “It truly was a huge collaborative process from start to finish. Getting an opportunity like this is genuinely rare, and I knew from the very beginning, when we first began discussing the idea of doing a showcase, that I wanted to be deeply involved in as many aspects as I could, beyond just performing.”

Sharing Bardot’s perfectionism is fellow XBIZ Award winner Derek Dozer, crowned Non-Feature Director of the Year at the same ceremony. Like Bardot, he was not content to rest on his laurels, instead flexing decidedly feature-level creative muscle for “Influence.”

“When we first collaborated with Vanna back in 2019, it was obvious that she would become an icon of her time,” Dozer confides. “Just a few short years on, we are beyond thrilled to be here now, coming off the back of launching such a monumental project. Not only is she a natural, timeless beauty with a signature style that fans all over the world have fallen in love with, but she also has an incredible charm and charisma that just radiates out through the screen.

“From the jump, the team at VMG recognized her stardom and we understood quickly that Vanna had a drive and presence as a performer that is simply impossible to ignore,” he continues. “In our view, Vanna’s passion and influence are unprecedented, and stars like her don’t come around very often, so collaborating with her on this is an honor.”

Since Bardot wanted everything in the film to be perfect and to reflect who she is as a performer, there were numerous meetings from the outset to discuss her vision, go over the script and make changes she believed would enhance the story. During shooting, she found everyone to be incredibly understanding, allowing her to have a say even when it came to wardrobe, hair and makeup.

“While most of the story in the movie is fictional, my character in ‘Influence’ is strongly inspired by my real story and events that have taken place in my life,” she reveals.

When they first started brainstorming ideas for the script, multiple XBIZ Award-winning director Kayden Kross asked Bardot detailed questions about her life, background, family, interests and more to understand who she was beyond just her stage name and brand.

“Ultimately, as an actor, it’s best when you can really identify with the character that you’re playing, and when coming up with the screenplay, she made sure I would be able to do exactly that,” Bardot notes. “My character in the movie is very strong-willed and determined to make things happen, and I definitely would say the same about myself. Things have never been handed to me in life but when I have a goal in sight, I do what I need to do to get there. In the movie, and even in real life, I just happen to really enjoy the methods of influencing people to get what I want.”

Dozer agrees that fans will get to know Bardot on a deeper level thanks to the interweaving of fact and fiction. He predicts that viewers will enjoy not only watching her highly anticipated first experiences with anal sex, but also the depth of character she conveys via her acting skills.

To really pull off the ambitious showcase for release across prominent brands Tushy, Blacked and Slayed, the project also needed a roster of ultra talented performers to fill out the cast and support Bardot.

“With such a fast-paced, dynamic and playful script, our head of casting, Mike Moz, knew that it was going to take a seriously professional and talented cast to execute on the unique vision for this installment of ‘Influence,’” Dozer shares. “Vicki Chase, April Olsen, Jax Slayer, Dante Cole, Alex Jones, Little Dragon, Maximo Garcia and Jason Luv took things beyond the initial scope and surpassed expectations. When developing a project on such a scale, it’s not only about what each talent brings to the table individually, but about a collective energy that can make or break the magic.”

Dozer explains that carefully curating talent pairings for sex scenes is a challenge in itself, but the fiction/reality mix on this project added even more complexity, making the caliber of the cast matter that much more. The team worked closely with Bardot on selecting co-stars with whom she shared a tense sexual chemistry yet also felt a sense of ease and comfort around.

“We wanted to use this showcase as a springboard, not only for Vanna but for her entire supporting cast to challenge themselves professionally,” Dozer says. “Our team really took the time to carefully cast this project with a select blend of the industry’s elite, all-time fan favorites and highly skilled performers. Everyone came to set swinging every day, and it all just came together like a force.”

Scene by scene, the cast comes together — in more ways than one — to deliver on that vision. As a result, Bardot feels, every segment of the movie offered a unique filming experience. The plot delves into a steamy underworld of organized crime, crypto scammers and the complex entanglement of personalities, sex and the power of influence.

The opening scene kicks things off with the first official anal scene of Bardot’s career, with co-star Maximo Garcia.

“Maximo really understood how to ease me in, but then brought so much power to the scene,” Bardot shares. “As a female performer, it’s a dream to be able to bounce off such good energy from your co-star. The next scene in the movie is a BGG scene with Little Dragon and Jax Slayer, for Blacked. This was my second time performing with Dragon after doing a GG scene together for Slayed, and it was such a pleasure to shoot with her again while sharing Jax. Dragon was truly the perfect fit for her role in the movie.”

For the third part of the story, Bardot shot what she confesses is now her personal all-time favorite scene: her first-ever double penetration scene alongside Alex Jones and Dante Colle. She trained extensively in the anal arts in preparation for this all-anal showcase, but because she had never done a DP even in her personal life, she was determined to save her genuine reaction for the camera so that fans could watch her experience the thrill authentically.

“Dante and Alex were such an amazing duo,” she shares. “They are both really amazing performers and all-around nice, genuine people. Both of them made me feel so comfortable and excited. I couldn’t have asked for a better first-time experience.”

For yet another first, her first-ever lesbian anal scene, Bardot wanted to have girls whom she considers absolute anal pros.

“Coming from being a Slayed contract star this past year, I knew, and we all collectively agreed, that there should be some kind of all-girl scene in the movie,” Bardot recalls. “We did just that for the fourth scene, with my two partners in crime in the story, Vicki Chase and April Olsen.”

Bardot says the scene flowed smoothly, with real chemistry, and that the added element of performing in front of a crowd of people heightened the eroticism of the experience.

“The grand finale in the movie is my scene with Jason Luv,” she continues.

“Jason is really one of the nicest and most down-to-earth male performers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I was beyond excited when I found out he’d be making a return to performing for my movie. I love that he’s this super-strong man, but can be so sweet and sensual. I don’t want to give too much away, but he was the perfect performer to finish off the whole story with.”

Bardot believes her fans will be very pleased with the variety the showcase offers. Dozer agrees, noting that its multifaceted nature made the shoot an exhilarating journey that spanned several weeks, across various locations and sets. He felt completely submerged, huddling alongside his producers and crew in umpteen creative war rooms.

“Our production design, wardrobe styling and creative teams worked tirelessly to create immersive environments that transport the audience into each brand’s world,” he underlines. “It involved a delicate balance of props, color schemes and branding elements that seamlessly integrated with the storytelling. We had countless pieces of carefully curated wardrobe for this project, ranging from high-brow designer lingerie, glimmering glam gowns and accessories, right down to more avant-garde and edgy pieces, which was fun! Wardrobe fittings were essential to ensure that every piece fit the talent flawlessly, with no exception.”

Bardot highlights that she wanted a very glam look to everything, and was pleased with how the VMG styling team brought each character’s look to life.

“For my own character in the movie, we really wanted to keep the iconic Tushy look that the site is known for, while still staying true to my own style,” she explains. “It definitely was not easy when it came to narrowing down each look, but we ended up on some really incredibly sick outfits that you won’t see anywhere else. The same can be said for hair and makeup that was done exclusively for me. The team really took the time out to understand my vision for what I wanted each look to be.”

To achieve the desired aesthetic, Dozer partnered with director of photography Set Walker, who he says brought admirable skills to meticulously crafting lighting schemes that made each frame feel like a work of art.

“We used a combination of natural light, studio lighting and practicals to create visually striking compositions that are crisp and clear,” Dozer observes. “The camera setup was equally as important and we opted for a combination of high-quality cinema cameras and lenses to capture every detail and nuance. We also used a mix of handheld and steadicam to create a dynamic visual narrative.

“Creating a film of this magnitude requires a truly skilled and experienced set of professionals,” he adds. “The team at VMG are some of the most talented people in our space and the outcome of their work has proven this time after time. Having a dedicated crew with a sincere commitment to quality, even down to the smallest detail, matters. In the end, it’s the sum of everyone’s efforts and so the weight of each effort and contribution counts. It all begins with a clear vision.”

By defining the purpose and goals for the project at the outset and meticulously curating all facets, from pre- to post-production, Dozer, Moz and Kross ensured that everyone working on “Influence: Vanna Bardot” shared the same vision.

“In essence, our success in producing a multibrand showcase while meeting our high standards is a result of thorough planning, unwavering dedication and a commitment to continuous improvement,” Dozer points out.

Bardot praises this devotion to artistry and execution, and says shooting with the crew at Vixen Media Group is like being on a mainstream Hollywood set.

“Every little detail is so meticulously thought out,” she enthuses. “They make sure you have every single thing you could possibly need, and really cater to all the talent on set, making sure everyone is happy and comfortable.”

She praises Dozer in particular as someone with whom she has always really enjoyed working, given how many of her scenes he has directed across VMG’s network of elite brands.

“I really love the way he directs,” Bardot says. “He trusts me to do things in my own style, giving the right amount of direction to guide the scene without being overly controlling of the flow. I really appreciated that Derek frequently checked in with me throughout filming to make sure that I was happy with everything and to see if there was anything I thought could be adjusted, which was a unique first for me that I am very grateful for. I’ve always identified with Vixen Media Group because I feel like my own brand is very much a reflection of everything they stand for, so it always made sense that something as big as my first anal would be for Tushy.

“Earlier in my career, I had an opportunity to do my first anal scene for another company,” she reveals. “I almost did it, because I thought my career needed it, but I ended up declining because I knew I wasn’t ready yet and I didn’t want to have any regrets. I’m so happy I followed my gut because VMG gave me the opportunity to do not just my first anal, but my first DP and first showcase, all in a way that was uniquely tailored to me. It was exactly what I wanted. The project is truly a dream come true.”

Even given the prolific output of both Dozer and Bardot, the sheer production scale and budget of this “Influence” showcase makes it a standout film for them.

Dozer states, “VMG has always held itself to the highest standard, and we are committed to continuously learning and challenging ourselves through progressive and innovative storylines, demanding locations and setups, right through to our renowned styling and production design. ‘Influence: Vanna Bardot’ is no exception; it boasts a high-end quality that rivals mainstream productions, paired with a riveting story and crisp visuals, making for a high-value offering for viewers.

“We are always in pursuit of connecting to a wider audience while also keeping true to our members’ tastes and expectations, so there’s something there for everyone in this film,” he elaborates. “Not to mention the most anticipated anal debut and first DP experience from the industry’s biggest starlet, on Tushy.”

Another unique touch to the project is the custom soundtrack. “Influence” features an original theme song by Queenie Sateen, titled “Under My Influence.” The track was written and produced specifically for the film, and Sateen even makes a special appearance in the movie to perform the track.

“We also captured some behind-the-scenes fun for the audience to enjoy, including candid interactions between talent, exclusive interviews and spontaneous, unscripted moments that add authenticity to the showcase,” Dozer says. “Viewers will get a candid look into what goes into the making of the movie.”

Speaking of candid moments, Bardot says that the most unexpected challenge came in the form of filming the getaway scene for the fourth part of the movie. It was not only the longest shoot day in the whole production, but also the last scene she had to shoot that night, stretching into the wee hours of the morning.

“Little Dragon’s character is chasing me through this house during a party and I have to quite literally make a run for it to escape her,” Bardot offers.

“The scene involved a couple of stunts where I jump over things and around people — completely naked, mind you. The most memorable part was the very end of the scene where she chases me down an alley and I jump and roll into the back of a moving van.”

For the shot, the van had to tear out of the driveway of the house and onto the street while the back doors were swinging open. Because it was already 2 a.m., all Bardot could think about was the potential misunderstanding if someone happened to be driving home down the same street and witnessed her speeding off into the night in the back of a creepy van, totally naked.

“Thankfully, no one was driving down their street at that time,” she says. “But it will definitely be my most memorable on-set story!”

While she has done her fair share of acting in other movies, this is her first lead role in a feature. According to Dozer, Bardot rises to the occasion with absolute finesse and mastery.

“Beauty, talent and passion — she’s a real triple threat,” he declares. “Vanna is a consummate pro who always brings her A-game to set. I’ve known her for a while now, and she has become one of the top stars in the business, bar none. Her performance was just phenomenal from top to bottom, from her screen presence as an actress to the stellar scenes. Vanna is an absolute rising star and we are incredibly proud to elevate her and spotlight her unique talent in this monumental way.”

Like its “Influence” predecessors, which have showcased the likes of award-winning performers Elsa Jean and Emily Willis, “Influence: Vanna Bardot” keeps its focus on the theme of the power of influence. With this installment, however, Dozer thinks VMG has stepped up its game even more.

“The script is action-packed and demanded a lot from our cast, and wow, did they deliver!” he enthuses. “This is one of Vixen Media Group’s biggest productions yet, and seeing how everyone’s hard work translated to the screen is something we’re incredibly proud of. The amazing thing about VMG is that every single person here pours their heart and soul into our films day in and day out.

“We’ve got an amazingly dedicated crew, and the awards to prove it,” Dozer concludes. “But what really matters to us is making sure our talent feels the love throughout the entire filmmaking journey and beyond. We feel truly honored to bring their dreams to life and to showcase their incredible beauty and talent the way they absolutely deserve. This is just one of the many ways VMG stands out from the competition.”

Now, with the dazzling cinematic flair of “Influence: Vanna Bardot” available to the public and the marketing crew unleashing hype at max velocity, both Vixen Media Group and the showcase’s titular star can enjoy the fruit of their labors. Judging by the response so far, with fans ravenously lapping up the eye-catching flood of sexual fire, this newest installment of “Influence” should stand as testament to VMG’s ever-ascendant ambitions, throwing down a gauntlet in the realm of glamcore wizardry.

Photos courtesy of Tushy, Blacked, Slayed and Vixen Media Group.


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