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Gwen Diamond: Craven Moorehead [Allegedly] Slapped Her Across the face at a Party

Porn Valley- Gwen Diamond, who begins a new show next Monday night on KSEX with Jack Lawrence,, stopped by The Wanker Show Monday night for some chit chat. And she had some drama to relate.

With no intention of naming the name of a porn producer who allegedly struck her and humiliated her in front of other porn people, Diamond, obviously worked up, blurted out the name “Craven.” This is what happened.

Wankus began the discussion by mentioning Diamond’s show next week with Lawrence. Wankus, obviously clued in to what happened to Diamond, said, “without mentioning any names you can tell us what happened to you this weekend. You had a dramatic porn star weekend.”

“Oh my God,” Diamond agreed. “I had a dramatic porn star weekend. So I shot for this guy [Craven Moorehead]who has a reputation in this business for being an asshole. Everyone knows he’s an asshole. He’s not shy about it or anything. Anyway, he shoots me. We get along fine. We go out to dinner. We go out to a bar. We meet some people, everything’s cool, go home, everything’s fine.

“The next day is his birthday so we go over to [she mentions some place]for my other friends’ birthdays; he shows up, let’s go to the club, we go to the club, everything’s fine, we come home. He has an after party at his house.”

Before Moorehead’s name was even brought up at this point, Wankus interjects by noting that Moorehead likes to have a lot of parties at his house.

“So I go up there and I was bending over talking to somebody when all of a sudden he comes up and slaps my ass,” said Diamond, continuing her story. “I’m not usually offended by this. I have no problem with my ass being slapped. I like my ass being slapped, personally. In a setting where it’s fine. But I was bent over talking to somebody because I couldn’t hear them because the music was loud. He comes over and slaps my ass so hard, it left a welt. I had to cancel work because of this.”

Tyler Faith, who was co-hosting, commented that it was degrading.

“Trust me- it gets worse,” Diamond continued. “What happened, later in the night I was staying away from him because I didn’t want to be around him. It wasn’t a nice slap. Later on in the night he comes up when I don’t see him, he turns me around, grabs me by the neck and slaps me across the face. This was at his house. It was just horrible. But I dodged it and it ended up hitting my eye and I had a bruise on my eye- thank God for makeup.”

According to Diamond when she made the attempt to dodge the slap, Moorehead supposedly admonished her by saying, “you shouldn’t have dodged it- I would only have hit your face.”

Wankus wondered if Diamond was with friends who might kick the shit out of Moorehead.

“Because he’s got all this money and is a big time director, everybody was sucking up to him- people were laughing,” Diamond replied. “Like my friends were laughing.” Wankus thought that was fucked up and Diamond said you never know who your friends are. Asked if she fought back, Daimond said as she was leaving Moorehead came up to her.

“He literally rips my shirt off,” she added. “He just grabs my shirt and literally rips it off. I’m standing there in a bra and everybody’s laughing.”

Again without mentioning Moorehead by name since it hadn’t come up, Wankus said the guy obviously has anger management issues or problems with women.

It was then that Diamond mentioned the name “Craven” which sounded like she didn’t mean to. But once that was out of the bag, Diamond called Moorehead a little fucker and said at that point she was in sheer rage and didn’t know what to do. She did stomp one of his plants in front of his house.

“What was I supposed to do? Hit him? He’d hit me back. He’d kick my ass. You look at him and he could kick my ass. And he would have. At that point I was scared for my safety if I would have gotten back to him in any other way. So I smashed his plant and he comes running after me. I’m running out in the middle of the street. Justin Syder gets into it with him. He really had my back and I appreciated him being there for me.

“Later on Craven texted me- he didn’t even call- he texted me to apologize. I’m, like, I accept your apology but it doesn’t make it okay. It doesn’t make it right. I was so close to filing a police report. But there was so much I didn’t want the police knowing.”

Wankus assumed that meant the subject of drugs or alcohol.

“I didn’t want to call the cops,” Diamond continued. “But I have been telling people to watch out for him. I knew he was an asshole. I knew that he was blatantly rude sometimes. That’s a part of his personality. But I didn’t know he’d take it that far and actually beat a woman.”

Diamond noted that when they went out to dinner, Moorehead did pick up the tab and so reciprocated by buying him drinks at the club for his birthday.

“I’ve been nothing but nice to this guy but you just never know,” she said. “So I’ve been telling people to watch out, just watch your back around him. Seriously, he will beat women.”

“Under the influence of something recreational, he might snap,” Wankus conceded, noting that he attempted to get Moorehead on the phone but apparently he didn’t pick up.

“I’m sure he’ll respond tomorrow after he reads Adultfyi.”

Diamond said she did appreciate the fact that Moorehead apologized and said she didn’t mean to start shit.

“I’m not a mean person.”

“And you had all the intentions of not saying his name- that was a slip,” Wankus pointed out. “But I love accidents like that.”

Consequently Diamond said she had to cancel work but thanked God for a homeopathic remedy that heals bruises.

Wankus pointed to an incident with Hannah Harper several months ago involving Moorehead.

“He tries to have this whole tough guy image but he takes it too far by beating women up,” Diamond added. “It’s not okay.”


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