Heather Deep is of age, proves it in Youtube video – fag hag Monica Foster and her fag fan bois can shut their fag fuckholes!

Well, HIV positive Alexandra Mayers street walker name Monica Foster has been made an asshole of again. Mayers, who is a pedophile herself and is obsessed with youth and childhood hairlines on men, has been accusing Donny Long wife Heather Deep of not being of age. None of this makes sense of course because they have been working on web cam sites for years with no problems and those sites require verification in order for performers to be able to work there and being a web cam performer herself, Foster goddamn well knows this but chooses to spread lies anyway. The Foster fan bois got torn a new one on a recent video of Heather taking a shit all over Foster when they posted lies about Heather’s age. However, just for complete and total proof, Heather took time out of her busy life to upload another video that completely closes this and proves once again that Foster is a liar. Have a look:

Born in 1995, 2 years after Ivan Mayers came out as a homosexual and dumped his wife and soon to be failed daughters and threw them out of their Houston home, Heather has many more years of youth ahead while Monica Foster will pass her 38th year next week and gets older, uglier and geekier looking all the time. In fact, Foster is so scary to look at that her videos are even more unwatchable now.

Foster is jealous because she could go to work for 8 hours a day at some shitty $9/hr job and bust her fat butt and still not make as much as Heather, who could roll out of bed at noon and stay naked all day and make hundreds more. Foster would love this lifestyle but it is not in the cards as she failed at sex work for being boring, lame, passive aggressive and then launching an all out war on the adult industry while still trying to make money from it. Hey Foster, FUCK YOU!





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