Heather Deep owns Monica Foster HARD part 10 NEW AUDIO INSIDE

Heather Deep owns Monica Foster hard part 10 Video inside

Monica Threatens Heather in anger rage and makes racist remarks and calls her a whore lol


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  1. Funny recording. So the ‘poor oppressed black woman’ proves that she’s a bigot by calling Heather ‘ching-chong’ and then goes on to threaten Heather with physical violence “If I ever see you.” Here’s what’s funny about that little tidbit – Monica has no passport and can’t travel so she knows damn well she’ll never see Heather and can’t hide behind the phone and make threats. BUT what tough guy Foster should do is try that shit in Thailand where Thais fight in packs when one of their own is attacked. How would you enjoy being attacked by about 10 Thai’s Monica? As opposed to fighting in front of blacks in your country where the blacks would whoop and holler and record it on their phone while yelling WORLD STAR! WORLD STAR! Lmao!

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