Heather Deep takes a steaming shit all over Monica Foster and then rubs it in her face, then spits on her and kicks her while she’s on the ground

Heather Deep once again makes a fool of old lady Alexandra Mayers prostitute whore name Monica Foster in a YouTube video that has everyone rolling.

Foster was so upset a few months ago when Heather called her and toyed with her through the phone that Foster threatened to maim the young Thai performer before going after her husband. Of course, we all know Foster is a shut in and is in hiding and will live in hiding for the rest of her days so nothing ever came of that. Now, as she did last holiday season, Heather has made another video mocking the vile black herpes infected and potential HIV+ infected Florida hooker and her failed alcoholic and criminal sister Victoria Violet Mayers.

Music: Bensound – “Cute

Oh, one more thing – this video already has DOUBLE the views that Foster’s piece of shit Tompkins video that she has been spamming all over this site has. Give it up, Mayers. You suck at everything.

Wigger YouTube commenter Gary “Run on sentence” Murtagh: Learn to use punctuation, get some subscribers and upload some videos if you want to be taken seriously.


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